Mayor of Kingstown: Why did Iris go back to Milo?

Mayor of Kingstown: Why did Iris go back to Milo?

In Mayor of Kingstown, Iris went back to Milo because she did not fully trust Mike yet and Milo is familiar to her.

Mayor of Kingstown is not a western like Taylor Sheridan’s other shows, but it  follows the McLusky family and the happenings in their town.

Iris shocked fans of the show when she decided to go back to her old boss, Milo.  But this is not so shocking when you consider that she does not trust anyone and how alone she must feel.

What is Mayor of Kingstown about?

Yellowstone has only been growing in popularity since its first season.

Furthermore, with the fifth season becoming the most-watched show on television for the year of 2022 and the various spin-offs also attracting their fair share of viewers, it seems like Taylor Sheridan can do no wrong.

When Mayor of Kingstown premiered in 2021 it was evident that although the show differed from the neo-western genre that had brought Taylor Sheridan so much success, it still featured many of the same complexities and the general rugged feeling that his shows are known for.

This story follows Mike McLusky as he navigates the complex social and political circles in Kingstown, Michigan.

Mayor of Kingstown: Why did Iris go back to Milo?

The first season of Mayor of Kingstown was successful enough for it to be renewed and after an anxious wait, the second season of the show premiered on 15 January 2023. The second season started off with a bang.

One of the most shocking parts of the series so far occurred near the end of the second episode, which was titled “Staring at the Devil,” when Iris decided to make a run for it and somehow wandered right back to Russian mobster, Milo, her former boss’s arms.

Although Mayor of Kingstown fans and Taylor Sheridan fans in general are fairly used to expecting the unexpected when it comes to his shows, Iris’s decision to go back to Milo after everything really surprised and confused just about everyone who was watching the show, and some of the writers too, as it turns out.

Fortunately, Hugh Dillon, who is the co-creator of the show explains that although he was shocked by this unfolding of events at first too, he is aware that Taylor Sheridan understands how Iris’s past and broken personality play into her bad decision making, like the one to leave the safety of Mike’s protection and return to Milo.

In the end, it is evident that Iris does this because she just cannot get herself to trust Mike fully and she feels uncertain and alone. This is why she goes back to Milo who she knows and understands, and who feels familiar.

Why did Mike leave Iris alone?

While Mike had been keeping an eye on Iris where she was hiding on the seized yacht for much of the first episode of the second season, this all changed when they hear gunshots and spot a chopper heading toward them at the start of the second episode.

The only safe place that Mike can think of to take Iris next is his brother’s house. However, he has to leave quickly after she is settled in order to go and investigate the crime scene at Tent City.

However, he does not leave Iris completely alone as his mother, Miriam, Kyle (reluctantly), and his wife, Tracy, are also in the house.

What is the significance of Iris going back to Milo?

While Mike is trying his best to control the carnage and bloodshed inside and outside of the incarceration camp, things are getting out of control.

As such, it is clear that many of the residents of Kingstown default back to violence and darkness in uncertain times without their leaders to guide them, just as Iris did at the end of this episode.

What to expect from the next episode of Mayor of Kingstown

The second episode of Mayor of Kingstown may have left many viewers with their jaws on the ground, but the third episode is likely to have even more action than the first two did.

With the escalation of the shoot-outs and violence, both inside and outside the encampment, it is evident that this season of the show will have many do-or-die deciding moments for Mike.

As for the third episode, which is set to premiere on 29 January 2023, it promises to be an interesting one.

Audiences will likely find out whether Mike’s plan to get the gang leaders arrested plays out as he thinks it will. They will also find out what happens to Kyle after his shoot-out on the side of the road.