12 Mediocre Celebrities That People Still Love to Death

A recent online discussion is asking people to name their favorite mediocre celebrities that people still follow with admiration. God loves a trier, so let's honor some of the world's favorite so-so celebrities who still keep us smiling. 

1. Chris O'Dowd

The Program
Image Credit: StudioCanal.

“I don't think he's a very good actor,” says an O'Dowd fan, “but he has an adorable charm to him.” What's not to love about the affable Irishman who always seems to play himself in some memorable TV shows and comedies? 

2. Dakota Johnson

Cymbeline Dakota Johnson
Image Credit: Lionsgate.

Don Johnson's daughter now has a string of medium to low-budget films, though she is more famous for calling out Jimmy Fallon live on TV than for her acting. “I feel she's always average in her roles, and yet I can't not love her!” one fan purrs. 

3. Matt McGorry

How to Get Away with Murder Matt McGorry
Image Credit: ABC.

The prison guard in Orange is The New Black, also appeared in How to Get Away with Murder, isn't renowned as a top-level actor, but his reputation as a good soul follows him. “One of my sorority sisters is his cousin and he's a total sweetheart in real life!” claims a fan with inside knowledge.

4. Ryan Cabrera

Miz & Mrs Ryan Cabrera
Image Credit: USA Network.

“I saw him perform live in a small, intimate venue in Virginia (The Birchmere) years back and he sounded good,” recalls someone who claims they were hooked on his romance with Ashlee Simpson. He hid this talent well. 

5. Mila Jovovich 

Survivor Milla Jovovich
Image Credit: Lionsgate.

I agree with this poster's choice. Mila was a pin-up for me when she was young, and I think she is a talented actress. “I think the Resident Evil movies weren't good for her career,” agrees another fan, “but I think she was a great action actress.”

6. Coolio

A Wonderful Night in Split Coolio
Image Credit: Jozo Patljak.

A fan of the late rapper loves his earlier material. However, he also remembers how in his later years, Coolio did “a tour of towns in the Australian Outback that no international touring acts ever go to.” The contributor is most fond of Coolio's interviews “because he was such a loose cannon.” 

7. Emma Watson

Noah Emma Watson
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

The actress J.K. Rowling dubbed “an ungrateful little witch” is not renowned for her superior acting ability. Some people find her political activism a little vain, while others mourn her hypocrisy on environmental issues. However, one fan “can't help but like her,” adding a sorry-not-sorry “Oops!” in for good measure. 

8. Rita Ora 

Empire Rita Ora
Image Credit: Fox.

Not many will replicate this one as complements go: “If it weren't for Dua Lipa's future nostalgia, Rita would have been my favorite Albanian pop star.” It is better than the preceding comment, in which Ora gets the moniker “hard-working flop.” However, the same commenter waxes lyrical about the singer's music. Confused much? 

9. Julia Stiles 

Riviera Julia Stiles
Image Credit: Sky Atlantic.

“Julia Stiles!” Where did she go?” rues a Save The Last Dance fan. “I was obsessed with her in the late ‘90s and early '00s.” The last time I saw Stiles was in a supporting role in Dexter. Her movie career has slowed, but she is still working, which is not easy. 

10. Richard Ayoade

Submarine Richard Ayoade
Image Credit: The Weinstein Company.

I had to include the deadpan specialist comedian, actor, and director. He never plays a big role and barely appears in big-budget films but for curious, little cameo roles. In The Mandalorian, he is the mercenary protocol droid, Q 9-0; in Lego: The Movie, he is the ice cream. One just needs to hear the man speak to know why he has so many fans. 

11. Fred Durst

The Education of Charlie Banks
Image Credit: Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Durst was a nu-metal pioneer in the late '90s as a frontman for Limp Bizkit. His trademark red baseball cap gave him iconic standing despite never being a great vocalist. I saw him perform with Limp Bizkit once, and he was electric. He knew how to work the crowd — the whole set was based on fan requests. 

12. Will Smith (The Rapper)

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Smith
Image Credit: NBC.

“Will Smith as a rapper,” admits someone a similar age to me. “Big Willie Style and the Men in Black theme are my whole childhood.” That slapping moment has affected Smith's overall public image, though we must remember all the happiness he gave Gen-Xers as teenagers. 

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