MegaFX Signals Review – Is it legit?

Are you looking for a MegaFX Signals review? Perhaps you are wondering whether buying signals is worth it.

If this is you, then you are at the right place. Just continue reading this comprehensive review of MegaFX Signals.

Trading has become a go-to option for investors. The highly risky forex market has attracted a lot of users over the past two years.

This was followed by the eruption of various businesses claiming to have a good prediction cycle. Getting these signals accurately for a bigger portion of time is challenging.

That is why we pay professionals to handle our investments for us. Another way to deal with it is to teach someone as they trade. This has been the strategy adopted by MegaFX Signals.

This is one of the forex signal businesses online. In this article, we shall explore all there is to know about the platform. This can help us formulate a view on how well the company operates.


MegaFX-Signals Review – Key Takeaways

  • Product Name: MegaFX-Signals
  • Website
  • Free Telegram PlatformMegaFX Signalss
  • Overall Rank: 4.9/5
  • MegaFX-Signals Legit: Oh, Yes. It is.
  • Who is it For: Newbie to Expert in Forex Trading


What is MegaFX Signals?

megafx signals review

This is a platform that specializes in offering trading signal services in markets for forex, indices, commodities and metal signals.

The platform began its operations within the last two years and there has been a shift in the way competitors have brought in their products.

It can be used by professionals and novice traders looking to join the trading game.


Keys Features of MegaFx Signals

The features that make the platform stand out are:

  • Risk management. The platform ensures that all its users follow a strict risk management regimen as they trade. This was compounded when they decided to create a trader bot with accurate risk management procedures. This ensures that all of the traders are properly hedged against any kind of risk that can occur as you trend so as your losses are minimal.


  • Accurate signals. The platform ensures that it gives accurate signals for all its products including indices, currencies and commodities. The signals are backed up by technical analysis reports that show trends and charts that resonate with why the signals will follow that order.


  • Video library. The platform has a collection of videos that educate the newbies on the platform. The videos contain technical analysis for the trades posted in the group. They can also teach you how to setup your account with an MT4 trader so that you can make money with the signals posted.


MegaFX Services and Products.

megafx signals

The platform has listed some of the products as described below. Keep in mind that they are sold individually and you can make purchases of all services individually and not bundled as a group. They include:

a) Forex Signals.

The platform has a service that is fully focused on offering accurate forex signals to its clients. This means that the traders that work for this service are not utilized anywhere else.

This is intended to provide the best real time forex signals on a regular basis without any distractions.

As a customer, you should know that the forex signals are accurate 87% of the time. This means that you are mostly making money.

The price of the service is paid depending on the length of the subscription period.


b) Indices and Commodities Signals.

This service caters for traders that are interested in trading commodities like precious metals, global indices, energies and stocks.

The platform mostly deals with gold. The signals are posted in the telegram group so you can always copy them to your MT4 trading platform. You can also subscribe for this service differently.

When you buy this product on its own, you only get signals for indices and commodities.


c) Automated Trading Solutions.


The platform has designed an application to help you execute your trades for you. The application is known as the Mega trader robot.

According to the platform, the app is designed to eliminate all emotion in the decision making process as you speculate. It does not require any kind of training and quite easy to setup.

You have the chance to trade with the most stable pairs in the market by taking on a mixed approach of grid, hedging and candlestick pattern to trade.

You can get access to this app by using the different subscription packages available online:

  • 6-month subscription. This is the cheapest option. Purchasing this type of subscription gains you access to the robot for 6 months. In addition, you get free VPS for 6 months, zero profit sharing, 24/7 customers support, automated trading and an estimated monthly return of 7 – 20%. At the moment, the product costs $119. It regularly costs $128. This means that there is a discount of 7% on the normal price. You have to renew your subscription every after 6 months.


  • Lifetime subscription. This is the best value option if you are purchasing the product. You have access to the robot for a lifetime. You also get free VPS for 12 months, zero profit sharing, 24/7 customers support, automated trading and an estimated monthly return of 7 – 20%. The best thing is you only pay once. The regular price is $218. However, at the moment, you can get it at a discounted price of $199.

Keep in mind that the robot can be installed onto your local storage. This means that you have to download it to your device and install it so that you can start using it.


d) Signal Copier.


This is an automated tool that adds signals from your chat group. Most of the signals are pasted in the telegram group from which you are expected to copy them to your MT4 platform.

This tool can do this for you within seconds.

It is downloadable to your local storage and you are also taught how to make use of it. At the moment, there is a 63% discount on the price of the product.

Therefore, it has been reduced to just $55.


e) Forex Trading eBook.

megafx ebook

The platform has compiled a lot of knowledge and trainings into an eBook. The book is called Forex Mastery: Newbie to Pro.

With this book, you get access to proven Forex trading strategies to apply to your own trading strategy.

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It is split up into several sections to ease the transition from a Newbie to a professional.

At the moment, you can buy it at a discounted price of $1.99 (97%).

You can also get access to this e-book for free when you purchase the lifetime subscription.


f) Mega Trade Controller.

mega trader

This product was designed to manage risks and maximize profits. It is used to manage all the trading activity of an active investor including scalping and standard day trading.

It is the best alternative to monitor and manage trades for you. It has 16 unique click features that a designed to help you secure your partial profits. It can assist you in modifying existing trades in a limited time.

The controller can set executes trades on your behalf following the limits that you had set at the beginning of the trading section.


How does MegaFX Signals work?

The platform has been utilized by newbies to learn the basics of forex trading. There are a lot of products that can be of use to you.

If you are new to MegaFx, you can make use of the platform by following the steps below:

  • Join the channel. The channel has a lot of products available to it users. To get access, you have to create an account that verifies you as a member of the platform. After you join, you can make a selection of the trading program you would like to be involved in. You can also join the telegram community where all the trades of the day are posted. You can also get access to the mega school so you can learn about forex.


  • Copy the signals. Upon joining the telegram group, you can begin investing actively. The platform uses an MT4 trader and you are also encouraged to get one for yourself. With the backing of experienced traders and perfectly collected analysis, trade signals are posted in the telegram chat group. You can now copy the trades to your trading account.


  • Make profit. According to the platform, the trades are 87% accurate every month. This means that of all trade signal posted in a month only 13% do not make profits. Keep in mind that the platform posts over 8 – 12 signals a day. This means that you have a high chance of making a profit at the end of the day.


Mega School.

mega school

The school has various courses designed to turn any newbie into an experienced trader. The courses are designed to cater for the different investment needs of traders.

As a student, you get access to over 24 online well-crafted lessons and experienced traders that walk you through the course.

The main aim of the schools is to get its students to develop the right trading plan.

Other benefits of the course include:

  • Learning back testing
  • Building the mindset of a trader
  • Gathering vast knowledge on the forex market.
  • The course can be accessed anywhere and at any time.
  • Helps to master technical analysis
  • Risk management during investing

The school is structured to teach trading for two kinds of forex investors.

They include:

  1. Institutional trader.
  2. Pro trader.

The course on the platform has over 24 lessons split up into 150+ videos including 50+ containing analysis. It is designed to turn you into a complete trader.

You are expected to progress through the course in this order:

  • Market observer. This is taught is the first two modules of the course. As a novice trader, you have to learn how the market moves. The module also covers the basics of trading forex.


  • Advanced risk manager. This is covered in the 3rd and 4th module of the course. You have to learn how to deal with risks in forex trading. After completing this section, you are considered to be an intermediate trader.


  • Maestro of psychology. This is designed to teach you about the psychology of trading. You learn how to deal with your emotions when making trades. You also get insights on the psychology of the market. This is covered in the 5th and 6th modules of the course.


  • Calculative speculator. Since you are learning how to be a speculative trader, you get insights into what drives the best speculators out there. Keep in mind that you can also make calculated moves while you speculate. This is covered in the 7th and 8th modules of the course. Upon completion, you can start being considered an expert trader.


  • The complete trader. This covers the last 4 modules of the course. You get to see all the advanced trading techniques used by experienced traders on the platform. you also get to interact with other students that teach you more about forex trading and speculation overall.


How does it work?

When you visit the website, you can find the mega school at the bottom of the home page. It is quite easy to get setup.

When you check out Mega school, you shall see an option of purchasing the course.

At the moment, the course only costs $49.

You shall be directed to another page where you fill in your personal information including your payment information.

After you have entered everything, you are given access to all the courses.

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How much does MegaFX Signals cost?

The platform is accessible to customers for free or with a paid subscription. For free customers, you can get access to the free telegram channel that only gives you one or two signals every once in a while.

However, you get all signals from paid subscriptions.

The packages include:

  • $45 per month billed monthly. This is the most basic and cheapest program on this platform.


  • $24 per month. You pay $96 to work for the three months and billed every three months to renew the subscription.


  • $20 per month billed every six months. This means that you have to pay $156 for the six months.


  • $12 per month billed every year. This means that you have to pay $192 for the year.


  • $245 lifetime payment. This is paid once and you have access to all of the features on the platform. You also get an EBook known as Forex mastery: Newbie to pro.

You get access to features like analysis of every signal, risk management guide, 8-10 signals per day, 24/7 query support and a free E-Book.

If these were to be bought at cost, you would incur a cost of $1,575.

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MegaFX Signals Affiliates

The platform has an affiliate program through which you can make money. You are entitled to a reward for each new customer referred by you to the platform.

You can get setup for the program by creating an affiliate account. It is done by checking out the home page and going to the affiliate section.

There, you can create an account if you do not have one with the platform. You shall be requested for basic user information like your email address and name plus a password that you will be using to log into your account.

Upon signing in, you shall see a personal dashboard showing referrals, customers, clicks and unpaid earnings. This is where you shall manage your account. When you scroll down, you shall see where to generate your customized link from.

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For every referral brought using your unique link, you get 15% first order commission. This means that you get a reward on the first product that they buy.

You can share the link on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Payments are made to you when your unpaid commissions exceed $50.

They are processed through PayPal at whatever time is convenient to you. All you have to do is refine you marketing skills so that you can reach out to your friends and members in the community.

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Pros of MegaFX Signals

  • Provide Technical AFulnalysis. For each subscription you pay for, you get access to the technical analysis for each trade that is made on the platform. This helps you make informed decisions backed up by well researched data. This is a benefit to novice traders as you can learn while you trade.


  • 24/7 Client Support. The platform has all round live chat support to help you out with any queries you might encounter as you execute your daily trades. This ensures that you get all the assistance you need. You can also check out the blog area and the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to get any basic information you might need.


  • Unlimited Learning Tools. You have a lot of products that you can use to refine your skills in the forex market. Tutors, technical analysis and an EBook guide you as you mature from being a novice trader to an expert. You can also take a course with the Mega school where you interact with tutors to get opinions about the market.


  • Professional Mentors. With the platform, you have access to seasoned investors. They help you navigate the day to day trades including strategies like scalping. This helps novice traders learn how to trade as they make money actively in the market. Inherently, you develop a winning trading strategy overtime.


  • Free MegaFX Signals Telegram Community. When you sign in to the platform, you are prompted to join a telegram group where all signals are posted. This group usually has free tips each day and you also get to interact with other traders using the platform like you. Such a community improves your chances to learn and get accustomed to the forex market quickly.


Cons of MegaFX Signalss

The platform has been subject to a lot of criticism from its customers. The biggest issues with the platform include:

  • Poor customer support. A lot of people using the platform have complained about the lack of offline support. as they give credit to the live telegram support team, there is almost no help to people that need any kind of help after trading hours.


  • High fees. When you carefully look at the subscription prices, you might notice that you also have to purchase other products instead of having a bundled subscription. This endless purchases make the overall investment in subscription high enough to blur investor expectations and decisions.


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Conclusion: Is MegaFX Signals Legit?

MegaFX Signals is legit and you should try using the platform. They offer good signals that have been of great help to most of its users.

The team ensures that their products are packaged in the best way possible for its customers. Even if you do make losses, you can take advantage of the educational material so that you can come up with better trading strategies.

I hope you found this MegaFX Signals review helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

If you have any questions or concerns at all with this MegaFX Signals review feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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