Meijer Check Cashing Policy FAQs: Fees, Limits, Hours, etc.

If your search is check cashing then you are on the right page. Here is the information about the Meijer Check Cashing store. Reading through this you will be informed on what check cashing is, where can it be done, limits, types of checks they cash, the fee they charge and do’s and don't.

About Meijer

Meijer Inc. is an American grocery super chain and has its corporate headquarters in Walker, Michigan. There are a total of around 200 grocery stores in Meijer. It supplies consumer products like dairy, electronics, furniture, toys, clothing, and many more home needs at the best prices. They also have Cash Check services as of 2021 for those with no or limited access to bank accounts. You can connect with them through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram.

meijer check cashing policy limits hours

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Meijer Check Cashing Policy Details

Some companies convert check to cash by taking some fees is called Check cashing. Usually, banks do this for us free of cost when we have an account in their bank. When you can’t reach the bank immediately or you cannot cash a check in the bank you can get these services done at some stores by paying a certain fee for check cashing.

Steps to cash a check at Meijer

  1. Visit the Meijer store nearby
  2. Register for the Certegy verification system at the customer service counter.
  3. Wait for seven days for the process to complete.
  4. Once verification is completed you can cash your Payroll and government checks at any location of your choice.
  5. They accept personal, business, and traveler’s checks as per their home page information.
  6. You should own a valid ID for verification and its status should be active. Valid ID should be a government or Military ID.
  7. You may get the transactions done on any day as a guest at the client service counter.

What is the fee for Cashing service at Meijer?

  • As a customer, you need to pay a certain amount to get your transactions done at these stores.
  • The fee varies from $3.00 and $5.00 in different locations.
  •  For payroll/personal checks the limit of cash check is $1,000.00 and for government checks it's $1,999.99.
  • If the amount is more you can divide it into two checks or get it done in locations where that amount is allowed.
  • The date of the Check should be within 30 days.
  • They will be declined if it’s more than that in all the store locations.

Is there any timing for the check cashing process at Meijer?

  • You can know the store’s open and close timing by connecting with local store agents. Make sure you are not visiting the store on a holiday.
  • Some stores operate 24/7 and usually are located near security organizations for a safe operation.
  • Most Meijer stores work from 6 am to 12 am.
  • If the location is having any previous history of crime it may close early.

Things to remember for payroll check cashing

  • Take care to sign the checks on time to make sure that you want them cashed.
  • You can sign a check using a computer or get it stamped as very few stores allow handwritten signatures.
  • There is a customer care team that you can reach out for any query about check cashing.
  • Look for the bank logo on the cheque to know the bank involved.

Safety at Meijer Check cashing

It follows strict measures during check cashing to avoid any fraud. They also offer free cash checks for Meijer Credit Union members.

What if there are not sufficient fund

The insufficient fund may lead to check to bounce and the company will take legal action against it. There will be penalties written on checks that one need to pay if the check bounces.

Personal Checks  and Business/Organization Checks policy at Meijer

  • Cheques must be used for the purchase.
  • You can write for up to 25 USD over the actual purchase amount for in-store and for up to 5 USD for purchase in a gas station.
  • Telecheck verification system processes personal checks by electronic means.
  • Once the account information is taken check is given back to the customer.

Traveler's Checks

  • Cheques must be used for the purchase
  • The maximum limit is 100 USD
  • Need to be counter-signed in the presence of the cashier

Conclusion: Meijer Check Cashing Policy Details

Now you are aware of Meijer check cashing policies, fees, and other related information. You can now check the amount that will be deducted from your check as a fee and see if it’s good for you. Before going to these stores make sure to check if they cash the cheque type you have.