Melissa McBride’s Carol Makes a Cameo on ‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’

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Melissa McBride, who plays Carol Peletier on The Walking Dead, made a voice cameo on The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. She appears on episode five, titled “Deux Amours,” during a flashback sequence on the spin-off show starring Norman Reedus.

(Spoiler alert: The following contains details about episode five of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.)

In the flashback scene set in Maine, Daryl takes a brief break from collecting walkers in exchange for fuel to give Carol a buzz on a radio. The two exchange some meaningless small talk until the radio starts cutting in and out just as Carol tells Daryl that something or someone “came back.” The radio goes dead before we find out what or who came back. “Deux Amours” is also a significant episode in that we finally learn how Southern-fried Daryl — who has been kicking around on the East Coast of the United States for his whole life — suddenly washes up in France on season one of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

Melissa McBride Was Supposed to Have a Much More Substantial Role on The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

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Melissa McBride's Carol Peletier arguably had the most interesting character arc of all the core The Walking Dead characters. Introduced in season one as an abused housewife lacking in survival skills, Carol became a regular in season two and, as the years went by, evolved into a complex warrior woman who tapped into an inner strength she never knew before. She developed a close bond with fellow zombie-apocalypse survivor Daryl Dixon. 

Entertainment Weekly reports, “The Carol cameo is a significant event indeed considering that McBride was originally supposed to costar in the spin-off with Reedus, before the action moved to Europe and the actress dropped out of the project. However, Reedus has hinted strongly in several interviews with EW that the pair would be reunited at some point, and this could be the first step in that process.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner David Zabel discusses McBride's voice cameo. “We were always excited with any ways that we could kind of kiss up to the legacy show, to the franchise, and to the history of the characters,” says Zabel. “And this was obviously a very exciting way, because it was the first time in our show where he had actual real-life literal contact with the world that he was stranded from, and with ostensibly a character who's as close to him as anybody. So it was an exciting way to send out a life raft, so to speak, and connect him to what everybody knows about his past in the United States.”

Will fans see more of McBride as Carol? “You'll have to watch and see, but we love the character and we want to keep her in the world of the show,” adds Zabel.

The season finale of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon airs on October 15 on AMC.

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