Is Merrick Garland Guilty For Not Charging Anyone for January 6th?

If dereliction of duty is a crime, Merrick Garland may be guilty in the court of public opinion. His assumed refusal to try any public official for crimes relating to the Capitol incident on January 6th, 2021, and his appointment of a special counsel in President Biden's classified documents case hasn't sat well with people.

While he may have faced pressure in the case of the classified documents, his apparent refusal to charge any political figures has left a sour taste in the mouth of many Americans. Even his promise to, “Follow the facts wherever they lead,” may be too little, too late.

Award-winning actor, John Cusack is incensed by Garland's inaction on the January 6th riots.

User @bobinepa agrees with John, calling Garland the ‘wrong man for the job.'

On the flip side, @kevinmdye1363 thinks John has ‘no idea what he's talking about.'

Another user, @univrsl_burrito makes a point that there's a difference between charging someone with a crime and being able to convict them in court. The evidence has to be there.

@heythats_mytaco thinks Garland may be in former President Trump's pocket or at least aligned with the former leader.

@dlonorse knows that most of those left unindicted on Jan. 6th, Garland and Special Counsel, Jack Smith, have ‘only one shot' to secure convictions.

User @NovelishThomas thinks Cusack should ‘stick to acting.'

In the same tone, @flipflop121 thinks Merrick Garland is a ‘waste of space.'

Two years can seem like a long time when considering the atrocities of the January 6th riots at Capitol Hill. It can be enraging when Trump's subpoena to testify was withdrawn, but if there are indictments to come, Garland has to have the evidence to back them up.

Without solid, undeniable facts in each and every case, the American people will never see the convictions they're waiting for. And with ‘double jeopardy' still being law, if a conviction isn't secured the first time, they'll never be another chance.

This ‘one shot' is all Garland and Smith have to make charges stick and with potential players as big as public officials and politicians, each case is even more precarious.

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