Michael Mann Confirms ‘Heat 2’ Is Next Movie

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Director Michael Mann confirmed he will direct Heat 2 as the next movie on his docket. Mann wrote and directed the acclaimed 1995 crime drama Heat starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

Entertainment Weekly reports on a recent panel discussion Mann had with Deadline Hollywood. “Meg Gardiner and myself wrote the novel Heat 2, which came out right when we were shooting Ferrari,” said Mann. “It did very well. I plan to shoot that next.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, “Heat 2 serves as both a prequel and a sequel to the first film, following younger versions of Robert De Niro‘s Neil McCauley, Val Kilmer's Chris Shiherlis, and Al Pacino's Vincent Hanna in the years leading up to the L.A. crime saga, as well as chronicling what happens to the surviving characters in the years after.”

Deadline adds, “The storyline takes readers back to Chicago in 1988 when McCauley, Shiherlis and their high-line crew are taking scores on the West Coast, the U.S.-Mexico border and in Chicago. At the same time, Hanna is cutting his teeth as a rising star in the Chicago Police Department chasing an ultraviolent gang of home invaders.”

It Is Possible That Adam Driver Could Play a Younger Version of Robert De Niro's Heat Character

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In April, Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Mann entered talks with Warner Bros. about bringing Heat 2 to the big screen. Around the same time, Deadline suggested that Adam Driver was under consideration to play the younger version of De Niro's character, Neil McCauley. When asked during the Deadline Hollywood panel if Driver — who worked with Mann on Ferrari — was a contender for Heat 2, Mann said, “Perhaps. We don't talk about that yet. Let me put it this way: Adam and I got along like a house on fire. We have the same work ethic – which is pretty intense. We like each other and we had a great time working together artistically.”

Mann is known for the highly stylized action in his acclaimed crime dramas. The four-time Oscar nominee directed movies such as Manhunter, The Last of the Mohicans, The Insider, Ali, Collateral, Miami Vice, and Ferrari. Heat was a critical and commercial success, earning $187 million worldwide against a budget of $60 million. Since Neil McCauley died at the end of Heat, De Niro is unlikely to appear as the character in Heat 2. Pacino is expected to return as LAPD Lieutenant Vincent Hanna, although the character is likely retired since Pacino is now 83 years old.

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