The 10 Important State Elections You Can’t Miss

The battleground states are going to war this November. Primaries officially kicked off in Texas this past March, with other high-profile primary elections being held throughout the summer. These primaries set the stage for the main event on November 8th. Democrats and Republicans will be grappling for control of the House and Senate, and there will be several highly anticipated gubernatorial races in key swing states.

New Hampshire

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The final primary in New Hampshire ended on September 13th. The races to keep a close eye on were the ones looking to fill the Republican nominees for the Senate and the House. After Republicans failed to recruit Chris Sununu to challenge Maggie Hassan, the attention diverted away from New Hampshire. Republicans do seem to be fairly confident that their other nominee, retired Army Brigadier General Donald Bolduc, will be a strong competitor in November.

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Republicans dominated the scene in the Florida primaries on August 23rd. 195,000 more Republicans voted than Democrats despite the fact that there were no competitive statewide races at the top of the ticket.

Senate Minority leader Lauren Book managed to hold off a tough primary challenge and will remain a state senator representing Broward County.

The biggest surprise of the night was the sound defeat of a large number of incumbents on various school boards across Florida. Candidates throughout the state battled over ideological issues with regard to teaching about race, gender, and politics. Governor Ron DeSantis emerged victorious in the schoolboard scuffle, as the vast majority of the candidates he endorsed won in their districts.


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On August 9th, polls opened for the primaries in the state of Wisconsin. There is increased scrutiny in the state thanks to there being three major positions up for election: the governor, state House, and state Senate.

In the Republican primary race for governor, Tim Michels took the victory with 47.2% of the vote. Michels secured an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, which helped solidify his victory over his opponent, former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. Michels will face off against current Democrat Governor Tony Evers in November.

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The Arizona primaries kicked off on August 2nd. One of the key races was the Republican nomination for governor. In this race, another Trump-endorsed candidate battled a Pence-endorsed primary candidate. After the ballots were counted, Kari Lake, the Trump-backed candidate, won the nomination. Lake will face off against the former Democratic secretary of state, Katie Hobbs, this November.


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The Kansas primaries also began on August 2nd. Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly took the win. She will face a tough race in November since Trump took Kansas by 15 percentage points in 2020. She will be up against Derek Schmidt, the current attorney general, who claimed the majority in each county and won by 80.6% of the vote.


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The Nevada primaries started on June 14th. The key races in this state are in the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, as well as a gubernatorial race. Adam Laxalt was victorious in every congressional district besides one in the U.S. Senate Republican primary.

He won the primary with 56.1% of the vote against retired Army captain Sam Brown. Laxalt is also a Trump-endorsed candidate. He will face the incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, who is the first Latino to be elected to the Senate. Masto won 90.1% of the vote in her primary.


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May 24th was the day the primaries kicked off in Georgia. Voter turnout in the state was a lot higher than in the previous midterms. The Republican Gubernatorial Primary saw a major landslide victory by incumbent Brian Kemp, despite the fact that his challenger, former Senator David Purdue, was endorsed by Trump. Kemp will face a rematch with unopposed Democrat Stacey Abrams.

In the U.S. Senate race, Herschel Walker secured the Republican nomination with ease. He is another candidate who was backed by Donald Trump. He will be going toe to toe with freshman Senator Raphael Warnock, who also easily secured a victory in his primary. This race will be crucial in determining who controls the Senate.

North Carolina

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The North Carolina primary set the stage for key midterm races that will help decide the makeup of both the House and the Senate. North Carolina is a battleground state that has all of its House seats up for election, as well as one of its Senate seats. The state's congressional districts were redrawn in 2022, which resulted in an added 14th district. The seat was split evenly between both parties, making this district highly competitive going into midterms.

In the primaries, Trump-endorsed Republican Ted Budd emerged as the winner with 59% of the vote. On the Democratic side, North Carolina Chief Supreme Court Justice Cheri Beasley easily secured the party's nomination with 81% of the vote.


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The Pennsylvania primary kicked off on May 17th. The Democratic nominee is the current Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, who beat out Congressman Conor Lamb. Lamb was a fan favorite but ultimately ended up losing the primary to unconventional candidate Fetterman in every county.

The Republican race is headed for a recount between Trump-backed candidate Mehmet Oz and CEO Dave McCormick. Despite the recount, Oz has already claimed to be the presumptive nominee. McCormick is suing over “undated” ballots, and the suit has the potential to go to the Supreme Court and could shift the gap between the two candidates.

The governor's race in Pennsylvania was a lot less complicated. State Attorney General Josh Shapiro won unopposed on the Democratic side. He will be up against Doug Mastriano, the Republican primary winner who secured a last-minute endorsement from Donald Trump. Mastriano won the majority of the state except for the northeastern region surrounding Scranton, which went to Lou Barletta.


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The most highly anticipated race in Ohio was the primary for the U.S. Senate, where former author and venture capitalist J.D. Vance took the nomination. Vance was backed by both Donald Trump and Peter Thiel. On the Democratic side, Congressman Tim Ryan easily solidified his victory in the primary. He won every county in Ohio. Former Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley dominated every area of the state except the Cincinnati suburbs and counties surrounding Toledo on the Democratic side of the gubernatorial race.

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