We Illustrated 15 Awesome Mind Flayers in Popular Culture

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Since season 3 of Stranger Things promised new and exciting information about the Mind Flayer, we decided to take a look at mind flayers in popular culture and discovered this mystical figure appears in many video games and other media, always similar but never quite the same.

Since their creepy appearance is one of the best things about mind flayers, an infographic illustrating some of them seemed like the best way to go, and so that's what we did.

Without further ado, here are 15 representations of mind flayers in popular culture. For disclaimers and more information on how we put this together, see below.

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How We Did It

After inspiration struck and I started researching mind flayers, I became quite obsessed with them. They are one of the coolest D&D monsters ever (praying our dungeon master reads this and will make us face a mind flayer sometime in the future when we won't die in the first 2 minutes), and their powers are fascinating.

So, I started looking at video games featuring mind flayers and I chose the ones I thought were the coolest and most memorable. During my research, I also came across a webcomic featuring a mind flayer that I knew I had to include, The Order of the Stick.

Of course, since Dungeons & Dragons started it all, I had to feature all 5 versions of D&D mind flayers from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manuals. The same goes for Stranger Things since the show helped me come up with the idea. Plus, the Stranger Things mind flayer is quite different from the rest.

Other notable representations are the mind flayer in Bloodborne, the one in Baldur's Gate: Dark Allegiance II, or the Demon's Souls mind flayer.

After I decided which mind flayers I wanted to include in the infographic, I settled on the information I wanted to feature about each of them.

Since the focus was to show representations of mind flayers in popular culture through the decades, the year was crucial. The medium was important as well, and the characteristics had to be featured just based on how cool and interesting they were. You'll notice I also included things like allegiance or did-you-knows every now and then when I found it necessary.


These are not ALL the representations of mind flayers in popular culture, just the ones that stand out the most. The ones that made the cut are entirely subjective, so if you know of another cool mind flayer that's not on this list, feel free to leave us a comment and tell us all about it. We'd love to know more!

When illustrating them, we kept the core features of every mind flayer, as different as they were, but used the same style for all of them to create a cohesive infographic.


If you enjoyed seeing these representations of mind flayers in popular culture, make sure to share this infographic with your friends or any Stranger Things fans out there.

Tell us what your favorite mind flayer is in the comments or tweet me @andreeaa_voicu.

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