Review: Mindful Trader (Stock Trade Alerts)

Mindful Trader has recently released a Stock Trading Alert program.

It’s an easy-to-use program designed to send you text and email alerts so that you can make profitable trades based on profitable trading strategies for wealth creation. With data-driven strategies built on historical probabilities, Mindful Trader boasts a 147% median annual return based on a backtest performed over the past twenty years!

Mindful Trader Alerts

  • Company: Mindful Trader
  • Tool: Stock Trade Alerts
  • Genre: Investing/Trading

The stock trading alert program is straightforward to use. The trading alerts are sent through texts and emails and specify the following details:

  • The stock ticker purchased (e.g., SPY)
  • The entry purchase price (e.g., $340.16)
  • The target profit price to sell at (e.g., $ $352.18)
  • The stop-loss price to sell in case of a loss (e.g., $ 336.12)

What’s interesting about this stock trading alert program is Eric, the Founder of Mindful Trader, has set up the alerts in a way where you have plenty of time to get into these trades. So, there’s no worry that you have to look at your phone all the time to conduct these trades. On top of that, these trade alerts focus on swing trades instead of day trades.

This stock trading alert program heavily utilizes mathematics and statistics. It’s exceptionally quantitatively driven, which is imperative to trading success. These strategies focus on long and short trades to create diversity within your trades and ultimately to potentially earn you higher compounded returns.

What’s great about the strategies used is the amount of research performed. These trading strategies have had numerous statistical tests performed. Eric has conducted extremely thorough backtests going back twenty years so that these trading strategies can trade through recession-driven drawdowns. Lastly, there is no worry of these trading strategies being unprofitable after paying transaction fees, as the backtest have conducted commissions and slippage tests.

Furthermore, some critical statistical tests performed include the following tests:

  • Monte-Carlo Simulations are employed to forecast the current trading strategy’s future returns based on the existing historical returns and reducing volatility risk.
  • Statistical Correlation tests are run to ensure trading strategies are not too similar. Similar trading strategies run the issue of being not diverse enough and falling ill to concentration risk.
  • Cross-Validation or Out-of-Sample tests are employed to ensure trading strategies are not overfitted based on the current data, which reduces the existing data’s risk.

Overall, the statistical tests employed have covered risks privy to most trading strategies.

Unique to these trading strategies is they are traded on the MES futures (S&P 500 with leverage). This trading medium is excellent as there are more profits to be made when the trades are right. However, this could be problematic if the trades are incorrect. But with proper risk management, this is no issue at all.

Bottom Line

To conclude, Mindful Trader’s stock trading alert program is extremely quantitatively driven, easy-to-use, and backed by prominent research used in the industry. You won’t see most of this stuff in other stock trading alert programs, as they’ll usually be in the form of a stock tip. You also have details about when to sell in case of a loss and when to take profit.

For further details about actual transactions conducted, you can look at the past six weeks’ results. There is currently a 51.1% win rate of trades and a total return of 5.7% on the account. Eric’s stock trading alert program shows great promise, and I hope to see more stock trades in the long-term to see these trading strategies’ success.




Stephen Yao is a writer, ex-Deloitte financial engineer with expertise in the life insurance, pension, and capital markets industry. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, and writes about investments, personal finance, and career fulfillment on his blog, GenZ Money