Minimalist Challenge Update / 01

minimalist challenge

Yesterday, I wrote about how I'm undertaking The Minimalist Challenge for the month of June. Here is an update for ya:

Day 1, Get rid of 1 thing:

  • SELL – Old Dell Laptop. It's been sitting in my closest for far too long and everytime I see it I think, “I need to do something with that thing.” Maybe I can sell it to a family that wants something for their kid to learn to type on? It feels good to finally be taking some action to get that thing out of my life. Just by deciding to take some action I'm starting to feel lighter.

minimalist challenge

Day 2, Get rid of 2 things:

  • SELL – These 2 rugs. They are cute and work fine with one of those grippy, rubber things under them but they don't feel like the safest things to be on your floors when you're carrying around a baby and they gather up under your feet. It's time to let these bad boys spread some wings and fly far, far away from here! Buh-bye.


Do you think you're going to do the challenge too? What would you get rid of first?

Also! On Twitter, @sathlondonshona, told me that there is a hashtag #minsgame where you can follow along with everyone else who is doing the challenge. So fun!

P.S. Looking to declutter and minimize? CLICK HERE to learn about the Fearless Minimalist Guide