Are You Singing These Songs Correctly? The Answer Will Surprise You

Some song lyrics are open to interpretation, while others are simply misheard by millions of listeners around the world. Jimmy Fallon took to Twitter to get to the bottom of this phenomenon by introducing the #MisheardLyrics hashtag to the social media platform.

Thousands of Twitter users have joined in on the nostalgic comedy, recanting stories of their childhood (and in some cases, adulthood) when they misheard some of the most iconic song lyrics that have ever been written. Responses ranged from pop songs to religious songs and everything in between. Jimmy Fallon also made sure to mention that some responses would be included in an upcoming segment of his late-night show, which helped motivated people to participate in the trending hashtag.

Fallon himself kicked off the trend, commenting on his initial tweet that “For the longest time I thought ‘When Doves Cry' went, ‘Maybe I’m just like my mother, she never sits inside.' #MisheardLyrics” and setting the tone for the rest of the internet to chime in and participate in the fun.

Popular Songs Are Perfect Candidates to Be Misheard

Hot Chocolate's R&B hit “You Sexy Thing” hit the airwaves in 1975, but this user admits that she still believes her version of the song's lyrics is correct:

Even the iconic title track from “Footloose” isn't exempt from being misheard, as Twitter user aliakberhabib confesses that she mistook the song for being way more animal-themed than it was intended to be:

Some bands leave a lasting impression on their fans. It seems like the Beach Boys have had a very big impact on this Twitter user, who misheard the lyrics to the Uncle Kracker song “Drift Away” as a child:

Not even Michael Jackson was exempt from this particular hashtag as user KvAntoineWilson embarassingly admits that he misheard the lyrics to this famous MJ track:

The most popular song in Don Henley's catalog was constantly misheard by this user. Even Henley himself would admit that “Poison Summer” has a very different feel to it compared to “Boys of Summer.”

Even Religion Isn't Exempt From the Hashtag

Many children don't question what we're told to say in church. User 72GymMom reveals that she never knew she was supposed to say “thanks be to God” until she was seventeen years old:

Some Songs Invoke Embarrassing Childhood Memories

Some users have responded to the #MisheardLyrics hashtag with embarrassing coming-of-age comments. User sjespers has admitted to mishearing the lyrics of “Killing Me Softly” while attending a school talent show:

Some users' responses are genuinely funny, like this user's response, revealing that they grew up thinking Boyz II Men loved playing outside in the snow:

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