WordPress Mistakes Most Common Ones Beginners Make on WordPress

In this post, I will discuss how I learned all WordPress mistakes as I will describe my journey when I started back in 2009 building my first WordPress site, I worked hard to find a very nice looking WordPress theme till I finally found one.

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First WordPress mistake for ignoring WordPress security

I worked hard in putting all the contents and writing regular posts till one day I found that someone hacked my WordPress site.

What did I do wrong? I asked myself then I realized that I completely ignored security.

It is hard to believe that I have to build it up again starting from scratch

Looking for a backup was my only option

So I started searching for a backup but unfortunately there was none.

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Luckily I had most of my posts saved in word documents as I was outsourcing most of my posts.

Wordpress mistakes when you start as a beginner

Anyway I started building my website again, I took good security measures by installing WordFence and Sucuri plugins and also I was doing regular backup

I had overcome the first obstacle any WordPress user faces when they start-up.

Second WordPress mistake for missing WordPress contact us page

After that I started thinking that I was getting popular as my inbox was flooded with hundreds of emails on a daily basis.

Wait I realized that I was bombarded by tons of spam messages

It was because I did not mask my personal email in my contact form.

Then I learned to either use one of the Contact Form plugin(s) or mask my email as shown now on my Contact page.

After that my emails went down to almost nothing and I started thinking what to do?

Third WordPress mistake for not using social media plugin(s)

I realized that I was not using Social Media platforms through WordPress Plugins at all.

And so I immediately started using them like adding the sharing buttons, newsletter subscriber forms..etc

I liked the idea of trying every plugins till I installed a lot of them that I completely lost track of which plugins do what!!

Fourth WordPress mistake for installing so many plugins at the same time

Until one day I had a conflict with all of these plugins

Then I had to spend extra time to figure which plugin was causing the conflict.

I corrected the issue and I woke up from the plugins dream to remove most of them and only keep my plugins to what I really use before that I used to install 2 or 3 plugins doing the same functionalities to compare between them and I always forget to remove what I don't use.

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Then I started having good contents and good social followers and I though I was going to be safe and stable for a while.

I realized that my WordPress website was getting slower

Fifth WordPress mistake for not optimizing my WordPress for faster performance

Actually I found that I never optimized my WordPress site for faster performance.

Later on I realized that there is something called CDN which stands for Content Distribution Network like Cloudflare where it can store your pages and serve them to users based on their location to speed up the loading time and thus the performance of your website

e.g. If a user in the US east cost visits your blog, Cloudflare will detect the location and then serves your cached page from the east coast servers

Plugins like W3 Total Cache and Cloudflare CDN which integrates with Cloudflare can really boost your performance

To Recap this post for most common mistakes beginners make when using WordPress, I will list below all the highlighted with yellow mistakes and my action which I took to fix these mistakes

Mistake one: I completely ignoring security.

Action taken: I had to install Wordfence security plugin

Mistake two: my inbox was flooded with hundreds of emails

Action taken: I learned to use Contact Form plugin(s) or mask my personal email address in Contact page

Mistake three: I was not using Social Media platforms

Action taken: Install Social Media Plugin(s) like installing SumoMe plugin

Mistake four: I had a conflict with all of the plugins

Action taken: I decided to always make sure to check on the plugin page before installing if it says compatible with your copy of WordPress and also I recommend to never allow the auto-updates of plugins and/or your WordPress theme

Mistake five: I never optimized my WordPress site for faster performance

Action taken: I learned to install W3 Total Cache

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