Mistplay Review: App To Play Mobile Games and Earn Rewards

Mistplay Review

Do you want to make easy money playing video games? Have you heard of Mistplay?

If you have, you may be on the lookout for resources to learn more. Or, if you've never heard the name, you may be curious about what it is. In either scenario, you've come to the right place.

This Mistplay review will show you the ins and outs of Mistplay, and how you can use it to earn free gift cards, money, or Google Play credit.

Mistplay Review

What is Mistplay?

Mistplay is one of the most popular apps that pays you to play online games; discover new free games, choose from your list of games, and start earning units. Redeem your units for cash rewards at any time. Mistplay offers an easy way to get paid to play various games.

Mistplay is a mobile application that allows users to play games in exchange for monetary rewards. The app launched in 2017, focusing on providing users an environment where they can participate in games in exchange for real prizes.

Users can play any Mistplay game on their mobile device to earn Mistplay points they can trade for gift cards from various retailers such as AmazonGoogle Play, and even virtual Visa cards.

If you have ever played a mobile game like Star Wars Commander or DragonSoul, you may be familiar with Tapjoy.

Tapjoy lets users earn in-game currency for completing specific actions like signing up for Disney Movie Club or trying out new mobile strategy games. So, if you have ever played a few rounds of Solitaire, online bowling, or taken a spin at the virtual casino to earn free diamonds or crystals, you already have an idea of how Mistplay works.

Mistplay is a favorite of mobile gamers since you can earn Google Play, Xbox gift cards, and more. Yet, unfortunately, Mistplay is for Android devices only and is not available if you use an iOS device.

Mistplay Highlights

  • Discover new games on your Mistplay games list
  • Collect units – the more you play, the more you earn
  • Redeem your units for awesome rewards
  • Chat with your friends, or find new ones in the game chat
  • Level up your avatar to unlock achievement badges and earn units faster
  • Invite friends to Mistplay and earn more together with the referral program
  • Stay connected and follow your favorite players
  • Compete with other players to rank in the game leaderboards

Who Uses Mistplay?

Anyone with an Android phone can download and use Mistplay, and few parameters limit any user's ability to generate income.

Mistplay also supports user communications by offering a chat feature to encourage connections among participants. Another inclusive feature is the app's lack of associated expenses. Users pay no fees to download, join, or play games in Mistplay.

Age Requirement

You must be 18 years of age to use Mistplay. Previously, people as young as 13 could set up a Mistplay account; however, the company has recently instituted different requirements. If Mistplay discovers you're an underage user, your account will be suspended.

How To Become Eligible to Monetize Mistplay

Have you ever wondered how to make money from home and also love playing games? The great thing about Mistplay is that it allows all Android users over 18 to make money in their spare time.

Like many gaming apps, there are no strings attached, age requirements, or minimum follower requirements on social media. However, once you download Mistplay, you must make minor adjustments to your phone settings. This includes avoiding power-saving mode and allowing Mistplay to run simultaneously with other applications.

These changes allow Mistplay to track your play time, which is essential since that is how they reward your efforts.

Another critical step is to create an account when you download the app, as it will allow you to maximize your earning potential. Mistplay allows you to sign up using your Facebook account or Google account, like many other apps.

However, you can sign up using your email if you'd rather not publicize your gaming habits.

How Mistplay Users Receive Compensation

The good news is that you are eligible for compensation as soon as you begin playing o. It's as easy as browsing the list of available games and selecting one to play. However, playing games with higher-value rewards is the best way to increase your earnings.

Earning points will earn you rewards through Mistplay, and some games enable users to earn higher amounts than others. If your goal is to generate as many points as possible in little time, spend as much time as you can playing high-value games.

What is a Unit?

A Mistplay unit is similar to that of bitcoin in many other gaming platforms. It is the language of currency, specific to the Mistplay universe. When an individual plays a game, they receive a number of units in exchange for their time and effort. Remember that simply being in the app does not earn you any rewards; you must actively play to win units.

A word of caution concerning units: the unit's value can alter at any time throughout your daily play. This means that earning a high volume of units today in one single game does not guarantee that the same offer will be available tomorrow.

What is GXP?

GXP is an acronym for “Game Experience Points,” the point system associated with your units. The longer you play, the higher the amount of GXP you earn. So, your rewards will increase when you play a game for extended periods because Mistplay recognizes that you've committed to a specific game.

For example, when you start a game, you may only generate one GXP for each minute you play. However, if you play for an hour, you may see an increase in your GXPs to two or three per minute. Remember, these numbers are for example only; we can't promise this will be the case when you're using the app.

One caveat is that your talent in the game does not reflect the GXP you are eligible to earn. If you love to play, you'll still receive a reward even if you aren't exceptionally talented. GXP is about time spent playing, and not mastery acquired.

What Are PXPs?

PXP stands for “Player Experience Points,” which is the form of points that indicates the novice level you have achieved in Mistplay. But, again, it is not a determination of your skill.

PXPs measure the time invested into the Mistplay platform and award you for being a consistent user. The higher your PXPs, the higher the GXP level you'll earn during playtime.

How To Monetize Activities Outside of Mistplay

While you must actively play games to earn rewards, there are a few additional ways to boost your earnings and earn bonus units.

Referral Program

If you know of a friend or family who may also enjoy playing games on their Android smartphone, you can earn rewards for referring them to Mistplay.

When a friend or family member signs up using your referral code, you'll earn bonus points, contributing to your overall unit amount. In addition, referring individuals allows you to increase your accumulated units, thus coming closer to reaching your desired threshold for cashing out.

How To Redeem Units on Mistplay

Once you've reached a specific threshold of units earned, you can redeem them for prizes. As mentioned above, these prizes include various items, including credits for other Android-related applications and Google Play gift cards.

Retailers can earn gift cards to include AmazonGoogle PlayiTunesXboxPlayStationGameStop, and Facebook.

One of the only cons of Mistplay is that it does not offer a cash option when you're ready to redeem your units. So, while your gaming can earn you some great rewards, cash isn't one of them.

Additionally, once you've selected items to redeem, there are no “take-backs.” Your commitment to the specific redemption method you choose is “set in stone,” so make your selections carefully.

All gift cards or credit delivery is electronic, so another area to be cautious about is entering your email information. You should receive your redemptions within 48 hours of making your selection – if more than two days have passed, check to ensure you provided the correct information.

How Much Do Mistplay Users Make?

Technically, Misplay users don't earn an income since it does not pay in cash. However, if you're like most of the United States, you're probably a very active Amazon user. Therefore, cashing out for Amazon gift cards will save you money on your Amazon purchases and pay you in a roundabout way.

Typically, users earn through two methods. These two areas are when users spend on the app and the PXP they generate.

Because units and PXPs can vary from day to day, and even by the hour, the one aspect you can control is the amount of time spent in the Mistplay app and the specific skills developed in a game.

So, if you have a shorter attention span, you'll want to spend more time in the app rather than bouncing around from game to game.

However, sticking to one game and honing your skills may be preferable if you're competitive. Still, either process will involve investing time and energy into using Mistplay.

Once you've committed to using Mistplay, your units will accumulate in the following methods. For a $5 gift card, you'll need to generate 1,500 units. Therefore, to earn a $20.00 gift card, you'll be looking at upwards of 20,000 units. The pace at which you earn these rewards depends on your time investment.

If you have a lot of idle time throughout your day, you may be able to allocate specific hours to playing some of the different games. We envision these types of people as college students who have time to kill between classes or employ public transportation to commute to and work.

However, if you don't have much downtime due to personal or professional obligations, you may struggle to find adequate time to put toward earning units.

Those with more time earn up to $30-$40 in gift cards or app credits per month. It could make for a significant side hustle that supplements your income. Others, who have less time, may only make $5-$10 in-app credit or gift cards, which may still be worth it to you. 

Mistplay is an excellent way to discover new games and make extra money while watching a movie or TV. If you enjoy playing mobile games like Solitaire Grand Harvest, then you will dig Mistplay. Remember there are no cash rewards, and you will earn free gift cards only.

How Does Mistplay Make Money?

You may be wondering if Mistplay is legit. Or you may be asking yourself why an app exists solely for the benefit of others.

The obvious answer is that there is some perk for the app's creators, too – and this holds true for Mistplay, also. Mistplay serves as a “testing” app. This means that when you play the app's games, you provide a service to the developers by testing their product.

Your use will provide feedback to the app developers, and you may receive requests for feedback on the game you play.

Your feedback will provide valuable insight and may serve to improve the game in significant ways. Who knows, the game you're playing today could be a colossal hit tomorrow. Game developers are willing to pay extra cash to get this insight and create a fantastic game experience.

Rules of Engagement

As mentioned above, you cannot use the app if you're under 18. Here are a few other rules that may affect you as a Mistplay user.


Depending on your region, you'll have access to specific games. Sometimes your location will provide you plenty of choices.

However, there's a chance you'll live somewhere with a limited selection. If this is true for you, understand that opportunities change often. You may find that tomorrow you have access to better choices than you had the previous day.


If you enjoy Mistplay, make sure that you use it regularly. If you don't use the app for 180 days, you may find that your account has disappeared and lost any units earned.

This can be frustrating for some, so it's good to know going in. You can make legitimate quick money on the app, so make sure it doesn't slip away. Perhaps it's worthwhile to schedule specific cash-out dates to prevent you from losing access to your hard-earned units.


Using a virtual private network (VPN) on the app is strictly prohibited. Since your game selection depends on your location, you'll get the boot if you attempt to confuse the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mistplay Legit?

Mistplay is a legit money-making app that allows you to earn money for playing games online. The more you play, the more you can earn cash rewards. Don't expect to quit your day job from the cash you can earn, but if you're looking to make a little extra money each month, Mistplay is definitely an option.

Does Mistplay Payout Real Money?

The points you accumulate through Mistplay can be traded for gift cards at several retailers and online stores. The only drawback is that you can't redeem them for actual cash. If you're looking for more flexibility with what you can purchase with the Mistplay units you redeem, consider a Visa or Amazon gift card or something similar.

How Much Can You Make From Mistplay?

Mistplay earnings vary based on a couple of different factors. First, the more you play, the more you earn. Second, you'll earn more if you are a skilled player and continually reach a higher in-game level. Experienced gamers earn rewards at a higher rate, so be sure to check the potential rewards on the games you're interested in. You can also earn extra cash by referring friends and family.

How Soon Can I Redeem My Rewards From Mistplay?

You can redeem your Mistplay rewards once you have accumulated enough units. Check the app regularly to confirm the unit's value and how much you have earned. Once you redeem your units, you'll receive your gift card via email in approximately 48 hours.

Mistplay App Review Wrap-Up

It's safe to say you will not become a multi-millionaire or earn much money using the Mistplay app. In fact, you may not even make a side hustle income substantial enough to brag about. However, if you enjoy gaming in your free time and want compensation for your efforts, Mistplay is a great way to earn money from home.

If you search Mistplay online, you'll find many curious individuals looking for a way to make money online and question the app's legitimacy. Despite its low profitability, rest assured the app is legitimate. You won't find any hooks or endless sales funnels, just some gameplay in exchange for gift cards.

The biggest highlight of the app is its accessibility – you'll never be forced into spending money to advance to the next level. Another perk is the variety you'll experience. Since the games are mostly restricted to testing phases, you'll have the opportunity to see a lot of different developers' creations and try them firsthand.

However, it's worth remembering that where you live will significantly impact your access to specific games. When traveling, it may be fun to discover what new games become available to you in different locals. Likewise, if you're more of a homebody, you may find that your selection is somewhat limited and uninteresting.

Lastly, remember each game's unit value changes often. So, it's probably wise not to become too attached to one game as it changes often.

If you're interested in earning free gift cards for some gameplay time, Mistplay is a valid option.

Note: If you're interested in learning different ways to generate income in gaming, you can reference our article here. It will give details on how to retire your suit and tie.

If you aren't married to the idea of professional gaming for income, you can also look over our details on how you can use various online platforms to support a side hustle and learn more money-making opportunities. That article is right here.

Finally, if you're all about Mistplay but aren't interested in gift cards, you can always learn ways to sell your gift cards online and earn extra income.

So, get started today, download Mistplay to earn extra money playing games, and jumpstart your adventure in android app income generation.



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