Mom Cancels Teen Son’s Birthday Bash Weekend After Out of Pocket Comment About Women

Being a parent isn't easy and sometimes the choices we make can seem right at the moment, only to haunt us after.

Reddit mom @loopingtossaway wanted to know if she went too far when she embarrassed her teenage son and canceled his 17th birthday weekend.

Here's The Story

The OP explains that her son is about to turn 17 and is openly bisexual. No one in her family has an issue with his sexuality, but during a recent conversation with friends, his peers wanted to know if the boy had a preference for boys or girls.

Her son answered that he “didn't have a preference as he is attracted to both girls and boys equally.”

When pressed, however, he made a comment that didn't set well with his mother.

Apparently, the teenager said, “After dating both girls and guys, I can say that women aren't worth the trouble.”

This seemed to grate on the mother's nerves, considering she's a woman and in her offense, she replied to her son, “Well since women aren't worth the trouble, neither am I, so I won't be doing anything for your birthday.”

Her son was obviously stunned and just stared at his mother.

She added, “That's what happens when you're a sexist jerk.”

Her son hasn't spoken to her since the disagreement and she's taking heat from family members who've chastised her for canceling his birthday celebration.

OP wanted to know if others think she's TA.

Was the Mom Wrong?

User @StumpyKitties definitely thinks OP is TA. “I mean, yeah, YTA and probably made him double down on his beliefs there considering your overly dramatic response to a child saying dumb teenager things.

Canceling his bday party seems like an overly harsh punishment.”

Another Redditor @10SEMS01 thinks OP has some serious baggage. “In this context he was also talking about romantically not worth the trouble and you took it to mean all woman in general are not worth the trouble.

You may want to unpack whatever subconscious stuff is going on there because it has little to do with him and is all about you.”

User @MayorCleanPants thinks OP likely ‘reinforced her son's beliefs.'

“Yup this would have been a really good opportunity for a teachable moment (meaning a non judgmental, private conversation after the friends leave) and instead OP overreacted, blew the whole thing up, and only reinforced her son’s beliefs.”

@FelinePrincess93 definitely thought OP was TA. “Yeah OP is the YTA because all she really did was teach her son not to voice things in front of Mom, not why the comment may have been perceived negatively about a whole gender.”

@Bubbly-Kitty-2425 thought OP was TA and clearly didn't remember high school. “YTA did you forget what girls are like?? Drama, gossip, backstabbing, more drama, out of whack hormones….as a female who was once in high school I agree with your 17 year old son….girls are not worth it. (At his age!!)”

User @Embarrassed_Pain7247 couldn't quite figure out why OP got so upset. “I'm really at a loss why she finds this so offensive. There have been many times in my life where i just haven't been in a place where i want to deal with dating and the drama involved in that. Since I'm hetro that would be me feeling guys aren't worth the trouble. If some guy heard me say that and reacted like this i would think he was a psycho.”

Clearly, OP knew she overreacted based on her offerings on why she might be TA. Having people reinforce your own findings, however, can sometimes be the catalyst to positive change. What do you think? Would you have canceled his birthday for such an honest response?

You can get the whole story here.

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