17 Exact Moments When People Realized They Were Dating Utter Fools

Sometimes we regret dating someone because of how they made us feel, but other times we look back on past relationships and think, “Why did I ever date such an idiot?”

Someone recently asked in an online forum “When did you realize you were dating an idiot?” Hundreds of people flooded the comments section to share their real-life dating stories.

1. Pre-Heating The Microwave

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One member says that their partner would attempt to “pre-heat” the microwave before cooking a meal. How does one even manage to do that?

2. Keep Refrigerated After Opening

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One member says that their partner would take the labeling literally. When a label says, “keep refrigerated after opening” their wife would open the food and pop it in the fridge when unloading the groceries. Priceless. 

3. Allergies

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I hate being outside in the cold weather, but I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm allergic to it. However, one person's ex-boyfriend wholeheartedly believed he was allergic to the cold and broke out in hives whenever he went outside on a brisk winter day. It turned out the things he said were hives were goosebumps.

4. Spaghetti Trees

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Apples grow on trees, blueberries grow on bushes, and grapes grow on vines. But where do they grow spaghetti? Most of us know that spaghetti is a food product made from ingredients like wheat instead of growing naturally from the ground itself. But not this respondent's ex!

5. Do You Smell Gas?

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If you ever smell gas in your home, you probably know it's time to hop off the couch and ensure your stove is off to keep everyone safe. But some people don't understand the danger of a gas leak in the home. One commenter says they realized their partner was an idiot on “The night I said that I thought I smelled gas, and they grabbed a lighter and struck it without hesitation.” Yikes!

6. Magic Credit Cards

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While credit cards are confusing, even the most financially illiterate people tend to know that you eventually have to pay for your purchase. However, one person's ex had no idea and thought her credit card's monthly limit was free money she could spend on whatever she wanted without paying it back.

7. Dinosaurs and Dragons

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During a discussion about dinosaurs, one woman realized her ex wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Her boyfriend at the time was shocked when she told him dinosaurs were real creatures that went extinct millions of years ago. “Then he proceeded to ask me if they really breathed fire. He thought dinosaurs and dragons were the same thing,” she adds.

8. Shower Time

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Staying hydrated is essential, so knowing how to consume water is imperative to survival. I'm not sure how this next person made it through the first few years of his life. He believed that every time he showered, he would absorb the water through his skin, which to him meant that it wasn't necessary to ever drink water. His partner was baffled and urged him to have a glass of water on the spot.

9. Favorite Restaurant

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One woman shares a story on the thread about an ex who “would bang on my dashboard and scream the name of a certain restaurant whenever I drove past it.” After startling and almost crashing the car a couple of times, she asked him why on earth he behaved in such a manner. His reply? “It's my thing.” She never let him back into her vehicle.

10. Knife Throwing

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When I was little, I learned the phrase “Don't run with scissors” in school. But apparently, some people either don't learn this advice or at least can't apply it to similar situations. One man asked his ex to hand him a knife while they were cooking together, and the woman decided to toss the knife in his direction instead. When he was like, “Oh god, please don't ever do that. I'm scared,” she refused to admit her behavior was unsafe.

11. How We Think

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I was blown away when I learned that not everyone has internal monologues. But some people wholeheartedly believe all humans think much more similarly than logically possible.

12. Step Siblings

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One respondent learned their significant other was slightly stupid when they introduced him to their family. While meeting their stepsister, he said, “Weird, you guys look nothing alike.”

13. Giant Platypus

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While we can't expect everyone to know everything about wildlife, there are some facts that most people know without really thinking about it. Like, for instance, the size of a platypus. But one person's husband believes platypi are the same size as golden retrievers.

14. World War II

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When an event or person is deemed the second of its kind in its very name, it goes without saying that something or someone else came before it. That concept went over the head of one woman, who was shocked when her partner mentioned World War I. She asked, “Is that why they call World War II the Second World War?”

15. Pancake Mix

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While I prefer whipping up some homemade batter, pancake mix from a box can make some pretty delicious pancakes. That is if you follow the instructions laid out plainly on the back of the box. But some people don't understand how cooking works, like one man who poured the dry powder from the box directly into the hot pan and expected pancakes to appear like magic.

16. Lou Gehrig's Disease

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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a serious neurological condition that gained more visibility when it was named after famous baseball player Lou Gehrig after his death from the illness. However, some people don't make the connection between Gehrig and the disease. One commenter says her date was, “Shocked that Lou Gehrig died of something called Lou Gehrig's disease. I remember him asking, ‘What are the chances of that?!'”

17. Cats and Dogs

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Two of America's most popular household pets are cats and dogs. But some believed they were part of the same species. Someone's ex-girlfriend thought cats and dogs were the same animal but that dogs were male and cats were female.

Source: Reddit.

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