40 Creative & Special Money Gift Ideas for Any Occasion – 2022

Gifting money can quickly go the wrong way for several reasons, which is why there are tons of creative and fun money gift ideas to make money gifts memorable and fun that’ll leave the receiver smiling.

Choosing to give cash gifts is one of the best gifts in this age, and it is universally acceptable. You don’t need to think too hard about getting the perfect gift idea; cash itself is already perfect. 

There are exciting ways to gift money to your husband, wife, child, and friends. Most of the money gift ideas I have in this post are suitable for any occasion, including birthdays, graduation, and weddings. 

Why You Should Give Money as Gifts

  • Everyone loves free money: People will always need and appreciate money in whatever form.
  • You can’t go wrong with it: Money gifts are always on point, compared to coming up with other gift ideas that might not be what the receiver wants or needs.
  • One cannot regift it: You rarely see people regifting money gifts, except when given to a charity. 
  • It gives the recipient a choice: A money gift is like telling the receiver, “do what you want with it.”
  • It is more valuable: Money holds more value to the person than any other gift.
Money Gift Ideas
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Need Some Extra Cash?

40 Creative and Special Money Gift Ideas

  1. Money rosette

This money gift idea is perfect for a graduation ceremony. DIY a money rosette and present it as a prize to the celebrant, which is sure to light up their event.

  1. Money lei

If you’re not fond of rosettes, you can go for the money lei and bring a touch of Hawaiian culture to the party! Have the receiver wear it and snap a picture to keep the memory through the years.

  1. Money tree

Attach the notes or take down the branch of a real tree and get to DYing. Add a coin-filled pot for effect. 

  1. Fortune cookie

You can hide cash in a fortune cookie and make it more fun. You can also create your cash-filled fortune cookie and write the fortune yourself. Maybe even turn it into a love letter.

  1. Money cake

There are two ways to do this. You can use cardboard or an empty pan to make a fake cake base and attach the money. Or you can make a real cake and use a cake money pull-out kit.

  1. Emergency stash

Create an emergency stash for emergencies. You can give this to your best friend going on a long trip or your child going to college. The most common is a glass-framed money stash, and this gift idea is strictly for emergencies.

  1. Money dispenser

You can get unique and cute money dispensers on Amazon at affordable prices.

  1. Chocolate money

Hide money in a box of chocolates for chocolate lovers. This idea is unique and will definitely be appreciated.

  1. Business card holder

To your business-minded friends and close pals, roll up some bills into a business card holder and add some nice notes. 

  1. Candy jar money

You don’t have to empty all the candy; just enough to add your cash or coins. The receiver gets free candy, cash, and a jar that they can reuse for years. What a fantastic idea!

  1. Money maze puzzle box

This gift brings in a bit of intrigue. You can find these puzzle boxes in several online and even physical stores around you. The idea is to hide some prize money in the puzzle box for completing a puzzle.

money gift ideas
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  1. Cash-wrapped gift boxes

Instead of wrapping your gift boxes with fancy wrappers, you can envelop them with cash. It makes a lovely gift, and you might decide to put an extra gift in the gift box.

  1. Wallet

Gift your friends and loved ones a nice wallet filled with cash and watch their faces glow up with joy.

  1. Graduation cap money

Fill in their graduation cap with cash or make a cash cap for them to wear on their graduation. It brings loads of fun to the party.

  1. Pizza money box

You can get an empty pizza box from your local store or DIY your own pizza box. Fill it with some cash and arrange it like you would a pizza, and you can add coins for the pepperoni effects.

  1. Mason jar of cash

You can fill a mason jar with coins and cash and make it look fancy by adding a bow. This is a unique, simple, and well-appreciated gift.

  1. Piggy bank money gift

Like the mason jar of cash, you can switch the mason jar for a cute piggy bank and fill it up with coins to make a pleasant sound when shaken up. This gift is perfect for youngsters.

  1. Money wreath 

Use styrofoam or wreath foam to make a wreath out of money and attach your dollar bills to it.

  1. Money bouquet

Create a bouquet using dollar bills for your flower lovers. Add in your personal touches like glitter and a bow.

  1. Lighted Christmas money tree

Similar to the money tree, you can make it look like the 25th of December by adding lights to your money tree.

  1. Money notepad 

Whatmommydoes has step-by-step instructions on how to make these money notepads. Yes, they are real money made into a notepad, which is unique, fun, and creative.

  1. Money birthday cards 

Keep rolls of bills in a personalized birthday card with a sweet note. Wrap up the card in a nice card holder to keep the element of surprise.

  1. Money balloons with confetti

Put money in multiple confetti balloons and hang them up. Give the celebrant a stick to pop these balloons and pick up their gifts. It will end with lots of laughter and a confetti-filled floor.

  1. Money crayons

If the receiver is an art lover, you can try wrapping each crayon stick in a box with dollar bills, making it a money crayon.

  1. Play-Doh money stash

Empty your play-doh containers and fill them up with cash or coins.

  1. Cash gift basket

Gift baskets may be too big to fill with cash, so you can add cash equivalents like gift cards that the receiver can exchange for money.

  1. Money chain gifts 

Make a money chain from your dollar bills and present it as part of the clothing accessory for the day.

  1. Money fries

DIY a McDonald's french fry box and add in your dollar bills as the fries. It is a cute, thoughtful, and fun way to present money.

  1. Money origami

The fantastic thing about money origami is that you can create anything with it—maybe even an entire wardrobe or a complete soccer team. Watch the receiver unfold this origami with pleasure.

  1. Money bath bomb

For leisure lovers, you can gift them a money bath bomb that surprises them with some dollar bills after use. You can find some cute ones on Etsy.

  1. Money box 

A box filled with money? Yes, please. Attach the dollar bills so it seems like an unending supply of cash. You can find out the instructions to create your own money box here.

  1. A book of money 

Martha Stewart explains how to make a book of money in her blog post. It is a creative way to give money to your loved ones. 

  1. Exploding money box

With some cardboard and glue, you can set up your money box to pop up with cash and surprise the receiver.

  1. Money hunt

Create more fun memories and add a bit of work to your gift-giving by making a treasure map and hiding a money box or a stack of cash as the prize reward. You can even add cryptic messages and inside jokes for more effect.

  1. Deck of cards

Sneak in some dollar bills or gift cards into a deck of cards.

  1. Money album

How about we make an album filled with money instead of pictures? Perhaps you can take the receiver through the various bills in the country or world.

  1. Money envelopes

Literally, an envelope filled with money; yes, it is an old-school money gift idea but still exciting.

  1. Money umbrella

Attach some bills to the umbrella and close it up. When they open it, it’s like raining money. 

  1. Money gun

Buy a money gun and become the cash supplier. It is an exciting way to gift money to your friends and loved ones and livens up the party.

  1. Money matchbox

Insert some rolled-up bills into a matchbox. Imagine giving a matchbox as a gift and watching the puzzled faces become excited. It is indeed a fun way to give money as a gift.

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Conclusion – Money gift ideas

Giving money gifts instead of buying a gift ensures that the receiver gets what they most need for themselves.

Besides, a load of cash feels good, even if it's in $1s.

CTA: Which of these exciting money gift ideas will you be trying? Any more ideas on gifting money?


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