Monster Girl Doctor Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon?

It’s been a year since fans last saw Monster Girl Doctor and now fans are waiting for the debut season of Monster Girl Doctor Season 2. The series itself actually got a lot of mixed responses but this series is not your ordinary monster anime. With mixed fantasy and echii, there are still a lot of fans of Monster Girl Doctor. No wonder they are waiting for the sequel right away. Monster Girl Doctor or also known as Monster Musume no Oishaan in Japanese

This anime is actually an adaptation of Yoshiro Origuchi’s light novel series of the same name back in 2016. The story still continues until now with the current story having 9 volumes released so far. Two years later, Tetsumaki Tomasu illustrated the story in a manga adaptation in February 2018, and in July 2020, the story had its debut into an anime adaptation. Arvo animation, directed with Yoshiaki Iwasaki produced the first season that run with 12 episodes until September 2020. Now we wondering for next season

Monster Girl Doctor Season 1: Plotline

Monster Girl Doctor Season 2

Not actually a plotline because this anime still skipped a lot of content and worldbuilding detail while making it into twelve episodes. Even though it still has a pretty similar plot from the light novel. But fans still think the anime adaptation was better due to the solid progression and development of the romantic relationship compared to the manga where it relies only on the echii stuff.

Taking place after a long war between humans and monsters ended, the story focuses on the human Dr. Glenn Litbeit and his Lamia assistant, Saphentite “Sapphee” Neeikes, as they run a clinic in the city of Lindworm, which is home to many species of monsters living alongside humans. The story develops from there and leaves us in the monster world.

Monster Girl Doctor Season 2: Source Material

Monster Girl Doctor Season 2

The first season of this anime adopted three volumes from the light novel with 4 episodes capturing 1 volume. Surprisingly, with that shortlisting episodes, they received a good impression on the plotline and pacing that “put where it’s meant to be”. With the current light novel that released nine volumes, the next volumes will be the last of this story. But we know, the Arvo ANimation still has a lot of content for the second even third season of Monster Girl Doctor

The makers, Yoshiro Origuchi announced that the 10th volume of the light novel will be the ending of this series that runs for 5 years more. This is quite predictable when we saw the light novel leave us into a cliffhanger ending in the ninth volume. As a result, fans can’t wait for all volumes to be released this year and the studio can concentrate on adapting it into anime series.

Monster Girl Doctor Season 2: Release Date

Monster Girl Doctor Season 2

With the mixed response but more toward positive feedback, fans now are waiting for the announcement of Monster Girl Doctor Season 2. The debut season gave us a good blend of the harem and romantic comedy. This anime is also quite popular with its own fanbase and has a 6.5 rating on MyAnimeList.

With the current rating, demand also enough source material, fans see some good signs of Monster Girl Doctor Season 2. It’s just one year since the debut season came off. We know anime sequels sometimes do not come until years later. So there is a high chance the makers and studio will soon renew the hit for the second run.

Fans mostly guess Monster Girl Doctor Season 2 will come out in two more years at the fastest. The Arvo Animation is still pretty tight-lipped regarding this series. They did not give us any official announcement either. So we can only hope for the best of the Monster girl Doctor Season 2.