Monstrous Delight: 15 Creature Features for Little Jumps and Scares


Creature features have captured audiences for decades. Monsters come in many forms — so whether you're terrified of tentacles, teeth, or claws, you can find a creature feature that haunts you to your core. From Slither (2006) to Cloverfield (2008), there are plenty of creepy creature horror flicks that will make you shiver.

1. Tremors (1990)

Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

When two repairmen grow tired of their lives in rural Nevada, they decide to skip town, only to happen upon the body of a man stuck on an electrical tower. The two decide to investigate the details of his death when they discover terrifying man-eating worm monsters living in the ground below their feet.

2. Eight Legged Freaks (2002)

Eight Legged Freaks
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

After a barrel of toxic waste accidentally falls into a pond, a rare spider collector visits and harvests some crickets from the water, not realizing the spill ever occurred. After feeding his spiders the mutant crickets, the spiders grow in size and soon take over the town.

3. Attack the Block (2011)

Attack the Block
Image Credit: StudioCanal.

Attack the Block is an extraterrestrial horror film about a group of delinquents who discover a strange alien and take it down. Soon, they learn that there are many more powerful aliens roaming the Earth and they decide to be the ones to kill them all. But are they strong enough to take out a force they know nothing about?

4. Grabbers (2012)

Grabbers 2012
Image Credit: IFC Films.

This comedic creature feature takes place on a remote Irish island home to a terrifying tentacled alien that feeds on human blood. When a woman who had a few too many drinks survives an attack, the islanders begin to wonder if drinking alcohol can ward off the monsters.

5. Save Yourselves! (2020)

Save Yourselves!
Image Credit: Bleecker Street.

When a chronically online Brooklyn couple takes a vacation into the wilderness to get away from social media and their screens, strange, fluffy aliens that feed on ethanol begin a rampage in New York City. As the couple attempts to escape a lone alien loose in their cabin, they realize the creatures have already spread farther than the city.

6. Slither (2006)

Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Slither is an alien body horror film that takes place in a small town where a meteorite infected with alien parasites crash-lands and a wealthy man investigates. Soon, the parasite takes over the man's mind and body, slowly transforming him into a tentacled monster on a disturbing mission to replace humankind with alien parasites.

7. The Host (2006)

Gwoemul (The Host)
Image Credit: Showbox Entertainment.

The Host is a Korean monster thriller featuring a giant creature that emerges from the depths of the Han River a couple of years after the American military dumped toxic waste. After the terrifying underwater monster kidnaps a young girl, her family does whatever they can to save her from a horrible fate.

8. Sputnik (2020)

Image Credit: Sony Pictures.

This Russian sci-fi horror film takes place during the Cold War when a spaceship on a return mission to Earth malfunctions and crashes, killing one of the two cosmonauts on board. Taken to a guarded research facility, the surviving cosmonaut has no idea that a parasitic alien lives inside his esophagus and comes to life every night.

9. Pitch Black (2000)

Pitch Black, Vin Diesel
Image Credit: USA Films.

When a ship traveling through deep space crash-lands on an exotic alien planet, the survivors attempt to repair the ship to reach their destination. But the real horrors begin when the survivors learn their lousy luck is even worse than they thought. The planet they're stuck on is about to have a rare eclipse when the hibernating creatures on the planet awaken and feast.

10. Monsters (2010)

Image Credit: Vertigo Films.

Monsters is a sci-fi film about a man on a mission through an infected alien zone of Mexico. He must transport and protect his boss' daughter, getting her to the United States before the government completely cuts off people's access to sea and air travel.

11. Life (2017)

Life (2017)
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing.

When a space probe lands at an international space station, the crew discovers evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars. But the exciting news turns into a disastrous discovery when the alien life proves more powerful and sinister than anyone expected.

12. Cloverfield (2008)

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

This found footage horror film is about a group of friends celebrating each other at a going away party in New York when they witness a harrowing alien invasion. As the gigantic creature descends upon the city, the friends must run, hide, and stick together for any chance of survival.

13. Nope (2022)

Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

When a brother and sister who run a failing ranch in California discover a UFO flying through the air above and eating their horses, they hatch a plan to catch the UFO on camera to make ends meet. At the same time, a strange amusement park owner attempts to use the UFO as an attraction.

14. Black Water (2007)

Black Water
Image Credit: AV Pictures.

Inspired by a true story, Black Water is a terrifying Australian horror film about a woman, her sister, and her boyfriend who go on a fishing trip in the mangrove swamps of Northern Australia. What begins as a relaxing day on the water turns into a fight for survival when their boat capsizes and a hungry crocodile devours their tour guide.

15. The Reef (2010)

The Reef
Image Credit: Lightning Entertainment.

When their boat capsizes after crashing into a coral reef, a group of sailors are swept far from land by a powerful rip current. In pursuit of a nearby island, three of the friends leave the safety of the overturned boat and swim through shark-infested waters in the hopes that they will reach land before they become dinner.

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