10 Addicting Podcasts to Listen to Over and Over Again

Do you have a favorite podcast that you listen to regularly?

Recently someone stated, “Imagine you are only allowed to listen to one podcast for the rest of your life. You could go through old episodes multiple times and listen to the new ones. But you'd never be allowed to change podcasts. Which podcast would you choose?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know” was the number one voted podcast. “Yeah, it spans so many topics I'd never think of learning about on my own. Josh and Chuck are also cool people with great chemistry. Great stuff all around!” 

2. This American Life

This American Life. I used to listen to it on the Radio. Now the Podcast form, and I've heard many episodes more than once already. The hilarious ones still make me laugh,” one admitted.

Another added, “I love This American Life. Did you know it was on TV? It's on Showtime.”

3. No Such Thing as a Fish

Someone suggested, “No Such Thing As A Fish. It isn't my favorite (top five) show, but it would provide the most versatile, regular, and entertaining content.”

Another said, “I wish I could pick more than one. But with my back in a corner, I'd choose No Such Thing As A Fish.”

“It's funny and interesting, and I like the hosts/QI elves. There are over 450 eps, which I have listened to at least three times, maybe more, and I'd be absolutely fine with going over them again.”

4. American History Tellers

One person admitted, “American History Tellers. It's very well done, and I am Canadian, so the first time I listened to it, it was all pretty new stuff. And there is so much to understand. So it's ok if I have to listen to each one a few more times.” 

“They should make a Canadian History Tellers,” one user joked before the OP responded, “Don't worry! I tried to find similar for Canada, but our history isn't as interesting as yours.”

5. Last Podcast on The Left

Last Podcast on The Left,” one replied. “It's one of the few podcasts I dig into older episodes sometimes.”

Another agreed, “The JFK, Plague, Aum Shinrikyo, Children of God, and Heavens Gate episodes are phenomenal. JFK, it's the most detailed account and best theory I've heard by a long way. Also, the Ant Hill Kids episode if you want the most terrifying cult of all time.”

6. Knifepoint Horror

Knifepoint Horror,” shared one. “It's a short story podcast with a very individual style, and I have listened to all the episodes several times and will listen to them again.”

Another confessed, “By default, I ignore any mention of Patreon or podcast sponsors. But this podcast never mentions any of those.”

“It is so indescribably good that I sought out its author's Patreon to give money to support it and keep it going for as long as possible. I like many other podcasts, but nothing comes close to Knifepoint Horror.”

7. Hey Riddle Riddle

One person suggested, “Hey Riddle Riddle. They're still putting out bangers after five years, and it's the only podcast I'll go back and relisten to old episodes.”

“I never get tired of Hey Riddle Riddle. Erin is a treasure too good for this world. Even if her sweater choices are questionable,” a second user agreed. 

8. Dear Hank and John

One user exclaimed, “Dear Hank and John! It gives me good vibes going into the work week every Monday morning. Or, Lovett or Leave It, which makes me smile every Saturday morning.”

Another agreed, “Dear Hank and John doesn't get mentioned enough here. I love those guys! I've been a John fan since his Mental Floss videos back in the day.”

9. The Blindboy Podcast

“I could not live without The Blindboy Podcast,” admitted one user.

“It makes Wednesdays the best day of the week for me. A close second would be Art Holes– the only thing that lets it down is the slightly sporadic upload schedule. Still excellent, though. You should check it out!”

10. Heavyweight

Heavyweight is my favorite piece of media by far,” one person confessed.

“Everything about Heavyweight fits me. The tone, the melancholy, the humor, the stories, the writing, and Jonathan Goldstein's narration. My fave current piece of media in any form,” a second agreed. 

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