10 Surprisingly Dangerous Things That People Don’t Realize Are Dangerous But Should

While on my daily scroll, I came across an interesting question. What is the most dangerous thing people don’t realize is all that dangerous? There are not surprisingly many things people dismiss the danger. Here are the top-voted responses.

10. Stress

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“Stress. I remember reading someone else talking about how they took a college class on stress. They said it would be stuff like how to deal with stress, but no. So instead, it was a class explaining how stress slowly destroys your body on a molecular level.”

Many agreed, and one volunteered, “This past year has been the most stressful year of my life with my new job. I was sick more this year than I have been my whole life.”

9. Wild Animals

wild animals

Someone replied, “It's probably not the most, but a disturbing amount of people seem to think wild animals won't try to hurt or kill them.” “My guiltiest pleasure is the old show Fatal Attractions,” one admitted.

“It is about people who keep exotic animals (commonly big cats or venomous snakes) who think their special bond with the animal protects them from any injury. Then they (or other innocent people) are mauled/killed by said animals.”

8. Using Non-Ladder Objects to Reach Things


One person replied, “When people use non-ladder objects to reach things out of reach.” “As someone who just used a bar stool to fix my blinds, I feel targeted,” another admitted. 

7. Pressure Washers

pressure washer

“Pressure washers,” one stated. “The more powerful ones can inject water into you through your skin if you put a body part too close to the nozzle.” Another user clarified, “2000 PSI pressure washer operator here. I showed a colleague that was using it barefoot (yikes!) a stack of cardboard (maybe ten layers). The stream sliced through all of them in a single pass, clean as a razor cut.”

6. Crowds


Photos of the people at the fence during the Hillsborough disaster are haunting. A massive crush of people desperate for air on what should have been a typical day out,” shared one. “Ah yes, I recently got reminded of it from the Travis Scott incident and the one here in my country in South Korea at Itaewon, a massive crowd surge for a Halloween party and nearly 120 killed.”

5. Water


“I'm not even joking,” someone said. “I've been sent photos by people who had the grand idea of placing a swimming pool on the balcony of their 3rd-floor flat and showing them filling it.”

“They get annoyed when I tell them to stop immediately and empty it before they kill someone. Because some people don't understand that water is freaking heavy, so when you put a 5000L swimming pool on your balcony, you've essentially parked a tipper truck on it.”

4. The Ocean


“The ocean. One change of the tide and you can be a goner if you're not paying attention,” shared one. Another said, “My first sailing teacher told me that the ocean wasn't trying to kill you, but it was aggressively indifferent to my survival.”

“People also underestimate the Great Lakes around Michigan. It seems like every other weekend. I read a story on the news about how a few people get taken out by a rip current/undertow,” a third user commented.

3. Pin Setters in a Bowling Alley

pin setter

Another user shared, “The pin setters in a bowling alley. They are well over a thousand pounds of mechanized death by steel and moving belts. Some of my life's scariest moments have been running/ slapping the 6′ between me and the emergency shut-off behind the front desk.”

“As someone's toddler runs, slipping and sliding, down the lane while their parents or guardians laugh by the table because they think it is cute. Even experienced pin-setter mechanics have been crushed to death during scheduled maintenance. Pinsetters are machines of convenience, entertainment, and death.”

2. Getting in and Out of the Shower


“Getting in and out of a wet shower or bathtub,” said one. Several people shared their close calls and disastrous falls. Many agreed that “Rails are one of those things you didn't even think about before you had them, but once you do, you feel double naked in a shower that doesn't have any.”

1. Car Headrest


One user shared, “If you set the headrest in your car too low, it can break your neck during a car crash. It shouldn't even be called a headrest. It should be called a head stop. It can act as a wedge during whiplash, breaking your neck on the return swing.”

“The middle of the headrest should be aligned with your ears. It is crucial for women who often set it too low, so it doesn't cause discomfort when their hair is tied in a ponytail or a bun.”

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