Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Top 10!

Attack on Titan was one of the top series of anime in the survival genre. They all were haunted and hunted by the titans. So in order to survive, they need to put fearless terms deeply in their heart. Of course, not everybody can do that. Every passing second is a blessing and can turn into a nightmare in a flick. 

The walls can’t keep them safe forever. So the Eldian citizens, especially the Guards must keep themself ready and geared up to protect the remaining existence of humanity, of course, that includes their beloved ones. So, here are the Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters ranked from Top 10!

TOP 10: Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters

10. Willy Tybur 

Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Willy Tybur
Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Top 10! 12

This character in the Attack of Titan, Willy is not one of the soldiers or people that have military training. In the story, he faces other types of challenges and burdens. Willy Tybur is an Eldian noble that controls Marley from the shadows. His character rotates around the brutal abuse and suppression of his own race, that burden Willy has such a responsibility to carry his family name.

He experiences a great deal of guilt over the atrocities committed by his ancestors. Seeing the future decline of the Marleyan system, he deliberately arranges for his proclamation of war to be in a very public place. He is well aware that he's setting himself up to die, hated, and all the resentment. But he's willing to sacrifice himself for his cruel but honorable ideals. 

9. Hannes 

Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Hannes
Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Top 10! 13

In a term of fearless character, it's very easy to overlook less noticeable ones. Hannes is a member of the Garrison Regiment, and during the Battle of the Shiganshina District, he was shown as a person that was too afraid to fight. He could do nothing to save Eren's mother Carla, and he felt ashamed of his cowardice. One of the most hated characters in early episodes probably?

But many years later, he made a stand against the Smiling Titan, the very same one that killed Carla. It takes a particular kind of courage to face one's fears. He is trying to protect Mikasa and Eren to put revenge on his past life, and it costs him his life. Hannes’s last choice of his life protects our Mikasa and Eren, what a truly fearless hero.

8. Gabi Braun

Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Gabi Braun
Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Top 10! 14

A member of the Marleyan Warrior unit, Gabi was originally meant to inherit the Armored Titan from her cousin Reiner. Despite being very young, her physical abilities and intelligence make her a match for people much older and more experienced than her. During the Battle of Fort Slava, she was able to destroy the armored train with her homemade bomb, preventing the far more dangerous plan suggested by her Marleyan superior Magath.

After she watches the attack on Liberio, she charges into the Eldian blimp armed with nothing but a rifle, killing Sasha Blouse. This act has made many fans despise the character, but few would be able to argue against her competency as a soldier. Later on, Gabis found out that she was killing innocent people and spreading hate towards something that was manipulated.

7. Historia Reiss

Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Historia Reiss
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The rightful Queen of the Walls, Historia was born the illegitimate daughter of Rod Reiss. After witnessing her mother's death, she was forced to abandon her own identity and join the Survey Corps under the fake name Krista Lenz. During the training, Krista built up her character, strength and had a lot of influence to become strong and fearless.

Krista is a kind and cheerful person besides having been very traumatized. Later graduated from the 104th training corps and joined the survey corp. This action makes her find the courage to surpass her past. Krista or Historia thwarts his father’s plan and kills him. She later takes her rightful place on the throne and becomes the queen of the wall.

6. Ymir Fritz

Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Ymir Fritz
Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Top 10! 16

Much of Ymir's history revolves around a mystery. She originally came from Marley, where she became a figure of worship for a group of rebels. After being caught by Marleyan authorities, she was turned into a Pure Titan and exiled to Paradis. Many years later, she stumbled onto the group of Marleyan Warriors led by Marcel Galliard and ate him, thereby becoming the Jaw Titan.

She finds a new purpose behind the Walls in her relationship with Historia and risks her life to save them all during the battle at the tower. Finally, she willingly returns to Marley with Reiner and Bertolt, sacrificing her life to help them. She was fearless to protect friends that she cherished the most although her face almost doesn’t show any emotions at all.

5. Armin Arlert

Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Armin Arlert
Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Top 10! 17

Armin starts out the series as the somewhat more shy and physically weak friend of Mikasa and Eren. He joins the Survey Corps with them but is always plagued by feelings of self-doubt. That changes significantly with time as his strategic genius makes him an unquestionable asset. But even with that talent, he is still pretty nervous and fears if a titan comes near him.

During the final confrontation with Bertolt, he attacks the Colossal Titan on his own, facing his fear and pain of being burnt into a crisp to give Eren the opening he needed to approach. He later becomes even greater by gaining the power of the Colossal Titan himself. What a true strategic planner that he doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself!

4. Erwin Smith 

Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Erwin Smith
Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Top 10! 18

Commander Erwin Smith is the leader of the Survey Corps and perhaps the greatest strategic thinker in Attack on Titan alongside Armin. He's willing to sacrifice anything to win victory for humanity. This desire is strongly connected to his burning need to find out the hidden truth about the Titans, but even with that selfish goal in mind, his leadership skills remain unparalleled.

He urges his men to stay focused on the mission even though he's being eaten by a Titan. By doing that, his death gives Levi Ackerman a chance to assassinate the Beast Titan. His final stand is one of the most powerful scenes in the anime and secured him as a permanent favorite in the hearts of fans worldwide. He still put his role as a leader on top of everything even if it means his fear, death, comes into his eyes.

3. Levi Ackerman 

Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Levi Ackerman
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Humanity's strongest soldier Levi Ackerman is the leader of the Special Operations Squad, participating in countless battles against the Titans. He is one of the husbando for fans all over the world. His skill was on top and has a cold personality.

Despite his personal feelings, he's forced to watch Erwin Smith and their followers come to the path of death during the fight with the Beast Titan. Those events make his urge and intention to kill Zeke's Titan higher. He was one of the scout soldiers that doesn’t know what fear is. His talent and strength that build up all this time is a beacon of courage for the Scouts team.

2. Eren Yeager

Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Eren Yeager
Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Top 10! 20

Our main character, Eren Yeager starts out as a fearless and naive young man. He was determined to seek revenge for his mother's death. Even at a young age, he's willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal of killing Titans. He dives into the mouth of the Bearded Titan to save his friend Armin during the Battle of Trost, turning into the Attack Titan for the first time shortly afterward.

But his true courage doesn't come from his original quest against the Titans. Eren is a tragic figure because in his desperation to become free, he abandons his humanity. He did this because that was the only way to complete the mission. His constant struggle takes a lot of courage and in the end, he does transform into a villain. But that doesn't undermine his value as a character or the depth of his feelings. He is one of the most fearless characters in this series, he sacrifices his humanity for others.

1. Mikasa Ackerman

Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Mikasa Ackerman
Most Fearless Attack on Titan Characters: Top 10! 21

The strongest soldier in the 104th Training Corps, Mikasa is well known for her fearlessness in combat. Her main motivation for joining the Scouts is protecting Eren, and when she briefly believes Eren is dead, she loses all will to live. We all know Mikasa has had a crush on Eren since they were little. 

But she neglects the moment and decides to fight on, continuing to be Eren's guardian. Even though Mikasa loves and wants to protect Eren, she's still able to end Eren's life to stop his rampage. That kind of sacrifice takes a huge amount of courage, especially for Mikasa to end the life of her dearest person.