10 Most Festival-Obsessed States in USA

With new lineups announced daily, festival season is fast approaching. Fan demand is ‘tremendous,' according to entertainment company Live Nation, reporting record results in 2022 and continuing to see strong performance in 2023. But some states are more excited by festivals than others.

The Most Festival-Obsessed States in USA

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New data finds Wisconsin is the most festival-obsessed in the United States based on Google searches, scoring 40% higher than the national average. 

The data was compiled by analyzing specific search terms by fashion retailer Boohoo. Boohoo analyzed Google Trends data from the last year for search terms used by festival-goers. The search terms combined give each state a total score to discover the country's most festival-obsessed states.

Study Analyzed Google Trends for Festival Searches

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The study revealed that Wisconsin ranks as the most festival-obsessed state in the United States. Wisconsin topped the list with a score of 602, 40% greater than the national average. Its population searches for ‘festival' and ‘festival near me' the most, indicating a higher percentage of its population actively searching for festivals than other states.

Right behind Wisconsin is Ohio, with a total score of 594. The Buckeye State has the highest proportion of its population searching for the term' festivals' and ‘festivals near me.' Additionally, Ohio residents search for the phrase ‘festival,' the fifth-most in the country.

States Looking Forward to Festivals Include Louisiana and Illinois

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Louisiana ranks as the third most festival-obsessed state in the country, with a score of 587. Louisiana has the highest searches for ‘festivals 2023' and the second-highest for ‘festivals' in the country. Louisiana residents search most for ‘festival outfits' of the top ten states. This finding suggests they are the most fashion-conscious in the study. Despite this, Louisiana has some of the lowest searches for ‘fall festival' and ‘summer festival.'

Illinois ranks fourth overall with a score of 549, 28% higher than the national average. The Prairie State ranks in the top ten for most search terms. ‘Music festivals' and ‘festivals near me' rank seventh nationally. Statewide searches for ‘festivals' and ‘summer festival' rank third and fifth in the country. Following in the footsteps of Louisiana, Illinois' ‘Festival outfits' searches are fourth, indicating fashion-conscious residents.

Indiana and Kentucky Tied for Fifth 

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Indiana and Kentucky rank jointly fifth in the country with a total score of 546 each. Both states scored similarly on each analyzed term. Indiana and Kentucky rank first and third highest for ‘fall festival.' Both states also rank in the top ten for ‘festivals' and ‘festivals near me.'

Yet, Kentucky has the second-highest proportion of its population searching for ‘music festivals.' In comparison, Indiana places 25th for this term. Kentucky appears to have more fashion-interested residents; searches for ‘festival outfits' rank eighth compared to Indiana's eighteenth ranking.

Neighboring States Pennsylvania and Maryland Close on The List

Pennsylvania ranks sixth most festival-obsessed state in the country. Its score of 541 is 26% higher than the national average. ‘Festivals near me' is Pennsylvania's most popular search, ranking third nationally. Its geographical neighbor Maryland ranks seventh after scoring 540. Maryland has the third-highest search levels for ‘festival near me' and fourth-highest for ‘festival.' ‘Festival outfit' searches are the eighth highest, indicating Maryland residents have an eye for fashion. 

Interesting Observations From The Study

Vermont, Michigan, and Colorado rounded out the last three sports. Vermont has the highest percentage of searches for ‘music festivals' and ‘summer festivals' in the country. But, unlike others on the list, Vermont was not interested in ‘festival outfits.' Michigan scored 532. Its most popular search is for ‘summer festivals,' ranking fourth. Its second most popular search was for ‘festival,' ranking eighth. 

Finishing off the list at number ten is Colorado. Colorado's third-highest portion of its population is searching for a ‘festival.' The state has the fourth-highest percentage for ‘festivals 2023' and ‘festival outfits.' Colorado scored 528, 23% higher than the national average. 

Not All States Are Interested in Festivals

In contrast, North Dakota ranks as the least festival-obsessed state in the country. The state has the lowest national search levels for the phrases' festivals' and ‘festivals 2023'. Terms like ‘summer festival,' ‘festival near me,' and ‘festival outfits' scored zero, the only state to do so. North Dakota ranked in the bottom ten for almost every search term analyzed. 

Nevada, Texas, and Florida, all states known for partying, didn't make the list. These states have well-known festivals, so there's less need to use search or travel.

Did your state make the list? If it didn't, there weren't enough searches that included the specified terms from your state. However, just because it's not highly searched doesn't mean people aren't discussing it.

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