Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters: Top 11!

With a long storyline and lots of conflict in it, Seraph of the End has many characters that people cherish and dislike. So here we compile the Top 11 Most Hated Seraph of the End Character! Are they really hated tho?

Top 11 Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters!

11. Shinoa Hiragi

Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters: Shinoa Hiragi

Shinoa started off as being a quirky and extremely likable character who listened to nobody but herself. She was strong, opinionated, and a fierce warrior. However, she soon fell into the “I'm randomly in love with this Shounen's protagonist for no good reason except for the fact that he exists.”

Needless to say, this ticked off a lot of fans, especially considering how Shinoa and Yuuichiro were supposed to be one of the main ships of the anime, which meant fans expected more development than they received. Just because she keep bothering the fan’s shipment of our protagonist, she was on this list.

10. Mitsuba Sangu

Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters: Mitsuba Sangu

Mitsuba was another female character who had great potential but was ruined because she, too, was bitten by the “I'm crushing on the Shounen's protagonist for no good reason” bug. Not only that, but she also gets jealous easily, has a selfish streak, and behaves as if Yuu is the only boy to ever exist.

Let us also not forget that because of her actions on the battlefield Horsemen of the Apocalypse attack, her entire squad got destroyed. But after that, she becomes aware of the harsh realities of the world and ready to fight back against the rising vampire threat also willing to sacrifice.

9. Krul Tepes

Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters: Krul Tepes

Krul's looks are extremely deceptive because behind that innocent little face lies a monster. She is manipulative and selfish, and she has many secrets that she's kept from her vampire brethren, including the identity of her brother. She also saved Mikaela's life not out of mercy or pity but because she has a hidden agenda, and worst of all, she disregarded his consent and turned him into a vampire.

As one of the highest-ranking members of the Progenitor Council, Krul made promises that she will destroy the human organizations involved with experimentation. She did all of that without her victim’s consent make her on top 9 on the most hated Seraph of the End Character.

8. Chess Belle

Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters: Chess Belle

Chess is exactly like her appearance: childish, immature, and careless. These are not the kind of qualities one looks for in seasoned warriors or people who hold high ranks in one of the many vampire groups. She often makes her partner, Horn face difficulty due to her behavior. Chess also gets jealous easily.

Not only that, but she has also shown on multiple occasions that she lets her blood lust get the best of her, making her an extremely unreliable partner on the field. Her desire for blood can’t be controlled so she tends to kill humans that she drinks from.

7. Crowley Eusford

Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters: Crowley Eusford

In the anime, Crowley is an excellent vampire leader. However, as a person (or non-person), there is not a single redeeming quality or likable feature about him. He is ruthless, considers humans as nothing more than livestock, and is shown to be emotionally detached to even his own kind.

Crowley rarely shows his emotions during the battlefield even he is in a tight spot. After surviving the Crusades, he suffers from PTSD and refuses to rise in the ranks of the Knights which can indicate that he lacks ambitions as a person. 

6. Mahiru Hiragi

Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters: Mahiru Hiragi

Mahiru once used to be a human, but now she is a demon. Not a lot of information is shared about her in the anime but the manga is a lot more detailed explained, but it is sufficient to say that as a demon, she is totally consumed by her bloodlust. 

Making matters worse, she lusts the most for the blood of Guren, a man she once loved and wanted to marry. She manipulates his mind and controls his actions, and also enjoys watching him do her bidding. Mahiru is hated or becomes a villain because she needs to deal with her inner demon. She is a perfectionist that carries all of her family’s expectations. 

5. Asuramaru

Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters: Asuramaru

One of the most notable demons we witness first-hand is Asuramaru’s intent to possess Yu. Hard to not judge Asuramaru when she is imitating precious ones and makes it very clear she is out to overcome Yu at his weakness. The desire for revenge makes Asuramaru 10% more villainous as well.

She is a very strong demon and we have yet to see Asuramaru deliver on the full extent of her powers, and who else but to show it but Asuramaru. The fact that she is a ticking time bomb inside Yu makes it all the more ominous, and that her powers can overcome seraphs. Seraph of the End shows there are far worse fates than dying after all especially when you died possessed.

4. Yuuichiro Hyakuya

Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters: Yuuichiro Hyakuya

Judge alone by appearance, he is often compared with Eren Yaeger from Attack on Titan, and get the same criticisms are used for him as well. Yuuichiro is hot-headed, moody, and often lets his emotions cloud his judgments. This type of emotions come due to his childhood

Maybe he is good at using his weapons and wants to protect the people that are vulnerable to him. But he shows regular disregard for authority, and he often goes into battle alone causing his friends to be forced to accompany him, as well as clean up his mess after him.

3. Ferid Bathory

Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters: Ferid Bathory

Despite his devilishly good looks, Ferid is a merciless killing machine. In the first episode itself, he is shown slaughtering young children for no other reason than to terrorize them and to entertain himself. Not only that, but he also sucks their blood in front of the other children.

Apart from that, he is cunning, manipulative, and has no sense of loyalty. He is self-serving and selfish. He is exactly like those rats that are the first to abandon a sinking ship. His eccentric behavior irritates Third Progenitor Krul Tepes and Mikaela Hyakuya to a dangerous level.

2. Guren Ichinose

Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters: Guren Ichinose

Hate for Guren makes more sense to those who have read the manga. Without giving away spoilers, he is hated because of how easily he lets Mahiru influence him, and how his actions on the battlefield cost him the lives of his loved ones. His complete selfishness also practically doomed the lives of the beings who did manage to survive.

1. Kureto Hiragi

Most Hated Seraph of the End Characters: Kureto Hiragi

Consumed by power and arrogance, Kureto's ego cannot tolerate disrespect. He is ruthless and manipulative, like others on this list, and does not think twice before abandoning his own men on the battlefield if it serves his own purposes. His ultimate goal is to “rule” the world and needless to say, that is exactly the kind of ambition that villains dream of coming to fruition.

Kureto doesn’t tolerate any disrespect from lower-rank families. He will not hesitate to abandon his comrades if he no longer finds them useful. In fact, he finds that being able to abandon one’s own friends is a strength. He also expects everyone to submit an absolute loyalty to him and would even go so far as to threaten them to do his work.