10 Most Irritating Fanbases That Annoy Everyone

Are there any fan bases that annoy the living daylights out of you? I mean, like so obnoxious it boggles your mind? Get in line!

One Reddit user asked, “What is the most annoying fan base?” And over 25,000 people responded. So here are the top-voted choices according to Reddit.

10. Elon Musk's Fanbase – 8.6K

FinalGamer14 shared, “My current boss is a massive Mush fanboy. To the point where it's freaking annoying everything we do, he tries to compare to what Musk would do.”

They elaborated, “His approach to the company is What would Musk do? And this is so bad that I'm searching for a new job. It's annoying and makes the workspace very toxic. To the point where in the last two years, seven people have quit.”

9. Gacha Life Fans – 9.1K

When many people asked what the heck a Gatcha fan was, Redditor poisonous-pickle12 informed, It's like an Original Character (OC) building the app, the app itself it's good, and you can make good things with it, but its fandom (8-13 yo girls) who make annoying stories.”

8. Crypto-bros – 10.2K

Redditor funkgerm added, “The worst are the ones that have just a superficial knowledge of tech/finance and rattle off buzzwords they learned watching some random shill's YouTube video.”

They joked, “Bro, you gotta get into WhateverCoin (WC). It's going to be the next Bitcoin killer in every way. IMO, Bitcoin's gas fees are just way too high, man, and the tech is so outdated.”

They continued, “But WC tho, it's like totally decentralized. And no gas fees. It's the future, bro; do you think the banks will last forever? WC will become the new global currency, and nobody knows it yet.”

Its only trading pair is with RC on this one exchange in Zanzibar, but it's totally legit. It'll be on Coinbase any day now, and then it'll moon. I'm talking 1000x gains, bro. And even better, it just did a 78.6% fib retracement, so now is the perfect time to buy the dip. Anyway, can I borrow five bucks?”

Finally, vinoa joked, “No fair, you can't just post the Crypto-bro Manifesto as if it were your own creation!”

7. Swifties – 12.7K

MiniatureAppendixAs stated, “As a Taylor Swift fan of 15+ years who knows every word to every song, dang, her fans can be awful. I listen to her music and actively avoid the rest of the fan base.”

Accomplished_Tie1426 added, “They believe she has a secret lesbian relationship with Diana Agron and Karlie Kloss. They need to get a grip!”

Redditor discerningprevert joked, “There's just too much Bad Blood.”

ThreeSummersNowHoney confessed, “I am a Swiftie, but spamming the Gyllenhaal's with red scarf emojis is some next-level cyberbullying.

Rand_Altreides added, “Fun fact! I used to work in CCTV systems, and Taylor Swift's security detail helped pioneer facial recognition technology in cameras.”

They elaborated, “She is harassed and stalked so severely that she has advanced surveillance technology to combat these psychos!”

6. Fanbases With “Shipping Wars” – 12.7K

This answer garnered initial confusion in the comment thread. For example, DuckFreak10 stated, “Before reading the responses, I assumed you were talking about Shipping Wars, the A&E show.”

They continued, “It's about freelance truckers shipping exciting items around the country. So I was curious why you would hate the fan base of such a simple, kind of obscure show.”

Many others didn't understand that “Shipping Wars” in fandom is a split in the fan base. Seedless_Melon explained, from my POV, it's basically:

Group A: Person X should be with person Y.

Group B: Well, I think person X should be with person Z.

Group A: How dare you! Person Y is the best for person X. Person Z has <insert random flaw for no reason>!

Group B: Well, person y has <insert another flaw that's honestly not necessary> And then the two groups go at it.

5. K-pop Fans – 12.8K

Caprisalkpop answered, “K-pop fans who take things a bit too far. I had friends who'd have fights over who was ‘worthy' to be called the wife of one of the K-pop idols, and no, they weren't joking.”

Gukkielover89 added, “I love K-pop, among many other genres, but it involved meeting a few toxic people. For example, a now former friend and her sister literally would get pissed if you liked their favorite because that idol is theirs.”

They concluded, “That's such a nasty thought process. The first person in 2010 to introduce me to it was so attached to one specific idol that I wasn't allowed to like them because, again, that idol was hers.” 

4. Serial Killer Fans – 16.6K

Volfgang91 agreed, “This. I am interested in true crime, and serial killers fascinate me because I'm very interested in their motives and what happened that made them the way they are.”

They continued, “But to actively call yourself a fan of someone like Bundy or Dahmer, as though you somehow admire them and what they did, that's gross.”

Wooden_Artist_2000 concurred, “It's disgusting to see people fawn over the worst of humanity, feeding into their egos.”

Finally, lemonhoneyari stated, “Yes! Easily the worst. The amount of merchandise you can buy, coloring books for example, yes COLORING BOOKS, of the vilest people on the planet disgusts me.”

They continued, “Even worse is when they view victims as characters and use them in merchandise. For example, Elizabeth Short.”

They concluded, “People often use the likeness of the brutal injuries as Halloween makeup, and her death photos have been ‘stylized' and printed onto t-shirts.”

3. Star Wars  – 17.5K

Kenobi_01 admitted, “Nobody hates Star Wars as much as Star Wars Fans. If you haven't seen it, there is a documentary called The People Vs. George Lucas, that is great.”

They continued, “They are interviewing some guy outside of a Phantom Menace showing, and he says something “like, “this movie is awful, and I've seen it six times.”

Snappleabble added, “If you say you enjoyed a Star Wars film that isn't one of the original three, prepare to get your world blown up because it's about to get volatile!”

2. People Who Romanticize Joker and Harley Quinn – 17.6K

Byrdman1251 shared, “I used to live with a guy in college who legit called his fiancée Harley Quinn, and she would call him Joker. It made my stomach drop hearing it every day when they video-called, and yes, it was mostly them yelling at each other.”

JJDubayu added, “That's part of why I like the Harley Quinn TV show on HBO. It shows that it's a toxic relationship and how Harley Quinn deserves better.”

Finally, shebringsdathings added, “Or Sid and Nancy/Romeo and Juliet. Like really? Just because you're in a toxic relationship doesn't mean you need to advertise it to the world.”

1. Politician Fan Bases – 27.9K

First, 8.5k people voted that politician fan bases shouldn't even be a thing. Next, KimonoDragon814 added, “For real, politics should have the same sterility as math.”

They continued, “Instead, you got people killing themselves and their families over memes!”

SirisAusar stated, “I agree that it should be sterile. But I don't believe that mathematics is sterile. I have zero evidence to back my theory, but I think mathematicians can be petty and tribalistic.”

SPAMSCAM007 disagreed, “Um, no. Politics is class war. It's not solving an equation on the math board but a fight between classes, visions, and values in allocating resources. So thinking it should be similar to math is a very neoliberal way of looking at politics.”

Finally, many people did that back and forth, arguing over politics that proved the OP's point. What do you think? Did Reddit get it right, or are the more annoying fanbases than what made this list?

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