10 Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Characters Of Night Raid

Akame Ga Kill is a very popular anime that was published in White Fox C-Station. It tells us about a group of assassins attempting to take down their corrupt government, and those assassins band together under the name Night Raid. With the theme of action-adventure, each member of Night Raid plays a fairly critical role in its operations, and all of them have a Teigu or an Imperial Arms.

A Teigu is a powerful weapon that belongs exclusively to the person wielding it. Together, the members of Night Raid form a highly effective team. Now we will rank the 10 Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Characters of Night Raid. Can you guess who is the most powerful character?

Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Characters Of Night Raid

10. Najenda

Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Members of Night Raid, Najenda

Najenda as the leader and Head Assassin at Night raid deserved a spot on this list. She has several years of military experience, and so she served at the position of a general at The Empire and became one of the top members in Akame ga Kill. Najenda is powerful in terms of strategizing and using her influence over others to her advantage.

Her personality is calm, a little sly, and clever which together make her an amazing leader. Judging her dressing, she reflects a mighty masculine appearance and a firm aura which is the justification for his title “The Hunk of the Rebellion”. 

9. Sheele 

Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Members of Night Raid, Sheele

Sheele is one of the first Night Raid members to die in both the manga and the anime, and so fans don't get to see her in action all that much. We do get one or two scenes, however, that show off her strength, and you'd certainly have a hard time defeating her when she's wielding her Teigu, a huge pair of scissors that she seems to have no problem using as a weapon.

Outside of using her scissors, though, Sheele does not appear to have any particular affinity for combat. Sure, she's quick and strong just like everyone in Night Raid is but her physical combat skills are nowhere near characters like Leone. 

8. Chelsea

Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Members of Night Raid, Chelsea

Much like Najenda, Chelsea is a difficult member to place when considering Night Raid's power scale. While Chelsea could be considered average in terms of physical strength, her Imperial Arms allows her to shapeshift and that's an impressive and handy power if there ever was one.

Unfortunately, her shapeshifting seems to be Chelsea's only true ability, and it's something she's entirely dependent on during her ownership of the series. Without the element of surprise, Chelsea doesn't manage to do much damage because she has little combat skill to back up her actions.

7. Lubbock

Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Members of Night Raid, Lubbock

Lubbock is another member of Night Raid who doesn't especially stand out for his combat skills alone, but he does have a rather useful Imperial Arms. He uses the Imperial Arms to his advantage on multiple occasions throughout the series. His Teigu, which is called “Infinite Use: Cross Tail”, forms a series of wire threads that could be used both offensively and defensively in battle.

Lubbock’s threads get the groups out of quite a few pinches over the course of the series, and they do help him when it comes to one-on-one fights. That said, without his Teigu, it’s questionable just how powerful Lubbock is. But Lubbock seems pretty confident with his Teigu

6. Bulat

Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Members of Night Raid, Bulat

Bulat is ranked amongst the highest placed Imperial Officers because there is no question that he is the strongest and quickest Night Raid assassin. Along with this, he is popular as the “100-Man Slayer” because of his superhuman strength, invisibility, dexterity, and durable armor.

Also, we see that Bulat has no need to go to the gym and build his body because all he needs to do is to summon his armor-type Teigu sword. His body transforms into full-pledged armor. Before he passes his place in the group, Bulat takes on and defeats some of the Empire’s most skilled warriors, and he does this while poisoned and struggling, managing to prove his skill even in his final moments.

5. Leone

Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Members of Night Raid, Leone

Leone is one of the strongest fighters in Night Raid. Her Imperial Arms, which is a belt she wears, gives her enhanced speed, strength, reflexes; basically everything you could want on the battlefield. Leone's Imperial Arms also grants her the strength to regenerate, and there's really no more powerful ability than that.

Leone excels at gathering information due to her quick thinking and talent for fooling people. She also has a calm judgment in other possibilities. Leone is often the one who’s seen confirming the validity of the targets which Night Rais is assigned to assassinate.

4. Mine

Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Members of Night Raid, Mine

Mine has a tsundere personality and this is the reason for her popularity. However, along with this, she is a heroic girl and the strongest female assassin after Akame from Night Raid. Being a “genius sniper”, her pride relies on her spirit Teigu gun named Pumpkin. This weapon is special not only because it can fire lethal ammunition but also because it has the ability to reflect the emotions of the user.

However, when Mine unleashed her most strong and passionate emotions during a fight, this sword overheated and became useless. However, she was still able to retrieve control of the Teigu. Mine proved herself capable of handling strong opponents.

3. Susanoo

Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Members of Night Raid, Susanoo

Most of the members of Night Raid depend on their Imperial Arms to grant them power or at least boost the abilities they already have. Susanoo, on the other hand, is an Imperial Arms, one of the rare Teigu that is simultaneously an organic being. Another rare character in this anime.

And, being a living weapon, it's probably no surprise that Susanoo ranks so high when pitted against the other members of Night Raid. Even Esdeath acknowledges his strength after defeating him, and that honor isn’t something to take lightly. Don’t mess up with him guys!

2. Tatsumi

Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Members of Night Raid, Tatsumi

Tatsumi is the Night Raid male rookie protagonist but not only this he is the strongest in his Final Incursio Evolution form. Once he is in the dragon form, there is nothing that can stop him from destruction.

Before Tatsumi began training with Night Raid, he already had an impressive talent for fighting many amazing battles. He even takes down a huge monster during the first episode of the series, demonstrating speed and strength even before he arrives at the Capitol. Later, Tatsumi’s body has adapted to the reptilian feature of the Tyrant’s dragon and defeated the Emperor. 

1. Akame

Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Members of Night Raid, Akame

As evident, Akame is the female protagonist and is shown as the strongest member of the Night Raid in the series. Her major appearance in the series is seen when she made the final blow towards Esdeath’s heart! Akame from the start has been trained to be an assassin in the shadow of one of Gozuki. She is the master of swordsmanship, especially firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

As she has been dealing with poisons from a very young age she had immense knowledge on the topic of medicinal herbs and had her way with all the wilderness. “Red Eyes” is the meaning of Akame and hence we see the crimson eyes. She surely is the strongest member.

That is our Top 10 Most Powerful Members of the Night Raid in Akame Ga Kill! What do you think?