25 Most Powerful Fire Force Characters (RANKED)

Fire Force has always been one of the most interesting action anime for me. The plot, the combat system, the soundtrack, and most importantly, the animation (kudos to David Production for making such an exquisite animation for the series), are all really amazing and worth discussing. 

So today the main topic of this list would be 25 most powerful Fire Force characters. As I said, the combat system of this anime is really interesting because they all consist of using fire as their main skill. It is completely different from the author of Fire Force, Atsushi Ohkubo, previous' big hit creation, Soul Eater. 

And it needs to be mentioned that since the anime has not finished, their strength is not fully completed yet and I hope I can update this list when the upcoming seasons air. And of course I would not talk about their power from manga, because as always, spoilers. 

Before we truly started (no really we are going to start after I finished this), I want to apologize if there is an inaccuracy about the characters' placement and their true skill. I promise you all that I did my research, but I may have made a wrong decision because their power is not at their peak yet. So, if you can understand those things, we can start from our number 25:

Most Powerful Fire Force Characters (RANKED)

25. Son Nataku

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Son Nataku

As one of the pillars, and also the 3rd generation, Nataku most definitely has immense firepower. We can see from the 2nd season when his nuclear attack almost destroyed the whole of Japan. Yes, the whole of Japan. Like if that does not convince you, I have no idea what will. 

I am not sure either how the other characters survived. However, Nataku has not yet been able to control his power. We can expect him to have better control and of course more fire power for the next seasons. 

24. Giovanni

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Giovanni

Giovanni's strength does not lie in some sort of fire power, despite being a 2nd generation. He is however one hell of a scientist. Giovanni modified his body into some weird mechanical stuff that allows him to attack his opponents. 

And in the last season, we have seen Giovanni having an insect body that made him even more dangerous, and arguably weirder than before. Who knows what kind of experiment he will do in the upcoming seasons. But whatever it is, I do not think it is going to be pretty. 

23. Sagamiya Konro

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Sagamiya Konro

If Konro did not use too much of his fire power, he would probably be among one of the strongest characters in the series. Sadly it probably could not happen. As it is right now, Konro's main strength is pretty much his swordsmanship, since he is from Asakura, a place that has a long Japanese tradition.

But apart from that, I think it would be a long shot for us if we want to see his fire action like back when he killed that horn infernal. I could be right, I could be wrong. 

22. Kotatsu Tamaki

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Kotatsu Tamaki

Tamaki is more known for being a fan service character rather than being a fighter like Maki for example. As it is right now, I can safely say that she is a capable fighter, but that is all about her. At first, her Nekomata form is… Decent. 

She can fight other infernals with it. But when fighting against stronger characters, Tamaki will struggle. At the 2nd season finale however, she received a buff in the form of completion of her Nekomata form. Let us see how strong Tamaki will be in the upcoming seasons. 

21. Huang Kayoko

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Huang Kayoko

There is very little information about Kayoko's strength. I can only assume that since she is one of the captains of the Special Fire Force, she must at least have some skills. But the only demonstration we got here was when she healed Shinra after he got stabbed by Sho.

By that we got information that Kayoko is a 2nd generation, and she can heal using her flame. Since I personally always appreciate the existence of “support” characters, I can say that Kayoko is strong in her own way. 

20. Akitaru Obi

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Akitaru Obi

Spoiler, Obi is the only character who cannot manipulate fire and is able to manage to get into the list. In the series, Obi is portrayed as some sort of heavy armored knight who can tank hits with his brute strength. 

Obi is incredibly resilient and tough to crack thanks to his muscular body and mental strength. Even he got respected by some of the strongest characters in the series because of it. Sadly, it still is not enough to put him higher on the list because there are more monsters who are stronger. 

19. Arrow

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Arrow

And after having one of the most respected figures in the Fire Force, here we have I think the one of the least respected. I still remember how Arrow disrespect Hinawa's skill and think that she is superior, only to find she got obliterated by him. 

I mean, she got really nice stuff, being a 3rd generation who is able to manipulate arrows, just like her name. But I doubt after such a humiliating loss, she will ever get her redemption. Arrow even got memed back when Haumea electrocuted her. And those memes are quite nasty. 

18. Pan Ko Paat 

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Pan Ko Paat

Some of you may ask, who is this guy? Well if you still ask that kind of question, you may need to re-ask yourself whether or not you are a true Fire Force fan. Because lieutenant Pan is known for one of the most unique powers in the series. 

Being a 3rd generation, Paat is able to buff a certain person's heat resistance. While that may look weak and trivial, that power is extremely useful and it has been demonstrated when Pan helped Hague fight Shinra. And as I said, I really appreciate the support. 

17. Hinawa Takehisa

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Hinawa Takehisa

If we talk about some of the cooler sides of power rather than being powerful itself, I think Hinawa would be some of the contenders for it. The fact that he is able to control the trajectory of his bullets one by one is so exciting in my opinion.

Of course I have to admit that his power is rather pale in terms of raw firepower. Especially compared to other names who are above him. However, Hinawa is also quite intelligent, and he certainly knows when and how to maximize the output of his technique. 

16. Oze Maki

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Oze Maki

We can safely assume that Maki is among the strongest female characters in the series, and also the strongest 2nd generation. Her ability to control and manipulate fire is nothing to sneeze at, and she has shown that her pyrokinetic ability exceeds even some of the 3rd generation. 

However, it needs to be said that up until this point, the characters on the list have a monstrous strength thus making them have a higher rank than Maki. So yeah, Maki is not weak, it is just that others are way too strong. 

15. Kasugatani Inca

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Kasugatani Inca

Inca's power has just recently awoken, yet she already possesses a dangerous threat towards our main characters. Her ability to create flame bursts out of nowhere simply by moving her hands is already annoying and difficult to handle. 

More than that, Inca is also able to sense a fire, the reason why she worked as some sort of dark hero who pillaged money in order to save the fire victims. And let us not forget that Inca is also a pillar, which means that she will be able to get an extra boost as the chosen one. 

14. Noto Takeru

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Noto Takeru

When it comes to fire power, Takeru can be considered as a big deal. His 3rd generation power allows him to create some sort of missiles that attack people. And those missiles are quite heavy and difficult to tank.

Sadly Takeru is shackled by his fear of fire, which is ironic considering he is a Fire Force. I know that he joins them to remove his fire manipulation ability, but still, if Takeru is able to control his fear of flames, he would be an unstoppable juggernaut, just like in the season 2 finale. 

13. Ogun Montgomery

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Ogun Montgomery

At the normal time, Ogun's pyrokinetic ability allows him to create a flame tool like hover board or spear, something like that. But there is an explanation, or rather, a rumor, that Ogun's power can rival captain Burns when the gear kicks in. 

We already saw it when he gave that weird talking Infernal a hard time when he used that power. It boosts his strength and speed and a lot of characters would definitely struggle against him in that state. Honestly, I cannot wait to see more of Ogun in the future. 

12. Arthur Boyle

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Arthur Boyle

The natural check of Haumea who is able to manipulate a plasma, something that is rare even among the most skilled 3rd generation. Arthur uses his power to create plasma swords to fight his opponent with melee. But there is more when it comes to Arthur.

The fact that he gets stronger when he stops thinking also matters. It sounds ridiculous but hey, it is what it is. And in the upcoming season, we can expect that Arthur will show his power even more, since he already received training from Benimaru. 

11. Kusakabe Shinra

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Kusakabe Shinra

It is not rare that the main character is not the strongest character in the series. Well, at least not now. Because we know that Shinra will be able to exceed some of the stronger characters, and the series has foreshadowed it.

Starting from the fact that Shinra is a pillar, that allows him to get a blessing to boost his fire power even more. We have seen that Shinra can move at a light speed when he actually got one. And just like Arthur, he already got himself training from Benimaru. It only matters of time before we see Shinra's true power. 

10. Karim Flam

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Karim Flam

Karim, despite being a 2nd generation, has proven why he became a lieutenant. His ability allows him to freeze an opponent's fire using these complicated mechanics. That could maka the game in a pinch.

Even a skillful opponent needs to be wary of his technique because he or she cannot carelessly throw attacks to him, or otherwise it will get frozen. And in this case, being a 2nd generation is completely in Karim's favor because he can use his opponent's attack to do a reverse uno card to them. 

9. Charon

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Charon

I can say confidently that Charon is the strongest 2nd generation. Well at least by the time when the 2nd season ended. Charon has deceived some of us, making us think that he is a 3rd generation. 

In reality, he used his power to store up flame from external sources and use it to create massive blasts. And I have not mentioned it since Obi, but Charon is also really durable. He is called a Gorilla by a lot of characters after all. And he truly lives his reputation as one. 

8. Yuuichirou Kurono

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Yuuichirou Kurono

One of the most recent characters who have been introduced in the middle of 2nd season. Despite that, some of the fans, including me, believe that Kurono is among some of the most skilled pyrokinetic users in the series. Kurono is not the strongest, but he can use his ability surprisingly well. 

He is able to manipulate black smoke and form them into something dangerous to attack his opponents. While it may seem cool and all, it needs to be mentioned that I do not think Kurono will showcase his power that often, since he hates fighting anyone stronger. 

7. Honda Gustav

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Honda Gustav

I think of all characters on the list, Gustav is the only one who will be filled by mostly an assumption. The only time he fought was back in 2nd season when he easily K.O'd his opponents. 

He defeated his enemies by headbutting them using his seemingly hard skull and also a flame on the top of his head. With that kind of demonstration, I think it is safe to say that Gustav is a powerful fighter. I mean if he is not, then he would not become the Captain of 2nd Division. 

6. Hibana

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Hibana

Similar to Giovanni, Hibana is also something of a scientist herself. She has knowledge of various things related to the world of Infernal and pyrokinetic. But unlike Giovanni, Hibana has quite an amazing ability. 

She is a 3rd generation who is able to control people's body temperature. It may cause dizziness and inability to fight properly. And since a lot of Fire Force troops are all pyrokinetic users, it should be easy for her to manipulate them. And that power will be pretty dangerous if it was left unchecked. 

5. Joker

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Joker

I do not know whether this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I personally do not think that Joker's power is anything special. Well at least for now. The reason why he is ranked this high is because Joker knows exactly how to use his ability well. 

Another reason is perhaps because Joker has not fought any strong characters so we cannot measure his true power yet. Despite that, I can feel that Joker will be, or maybe even is, among the strongest characters in the series. 

4. Haumea

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Haumea

Arguably the most annoying opponent that the Fire Force needs to face. Haumea's power allows her to manipulate electricity. It does not look like that it is related to some sort of fire and flame stuff, but its mechanic is quite complicated so it is what it is. 

More than that, Haumea can control other people's minds with her electric waves. The worst part is almost nothing can stop it. Almost because it can be cut down with Arthur's plasma, hence having him when facing Haumea is a must. But she already made a testament to how strong she is. 

3. Leonard Burns

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Leonard Burns

Burns has not shown his full power yet, so you can expect that he will demonstrate his true strength when the time has come. Despite that, I am really sure that you can sense how powerful Burns actually is.

What we have seen based on the season 1 finale is that Burns is able to enhance his strength and speed using his pyrokinetic ability, quite similar to Ogun's. But here I am rather sure that he has definitely more than that in his arsenal. He is the Captain of the 1st Division after all. 

2. Shinmon Benimaru

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Shinmon Benimaru

As it is right now, Benimaru is the only character who is a 2nd and 3rd generation simultaneously. That means he can create fire and control it at his will. It resulted in him having an immensely high amount of fire power. We have seen Benimaru destroy a horn infernal with his flames. 

There is a reason why he is nicknamed as the mightiest Fire Force troop. Even Burns admits that he is the strongest. However, I believe there is one more character in the series who can surpass Benimaru's ridiculous strength. 

1. Kusakabe Sho

Most Powrful Fire Force Characters: Kusakabe Sho

There is a debate on which one is stronger, Benimaru or Sho. And people say that Benimaru is more powerful than Sho if we do not count the fact that Sho is not blessed by the Adolla. Well that might be true, but the reality is that it is impossible to separate Sho and that stuff.

You can struggle with your opinion, but I do not think it will change the output. When a person can momentarily slow down the time, you know how immensely powerful that person actually is.