29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money

make money with profitable crafts to sell

Are you looking for the most profitable crafts to sell and make money? Do you find yourself creating all kinds of things for fun in your spare time?

Or maybe you have a good eye for vintage styles and know where to find them for cheap. Why not put your talent to use by selling money-making crafts? 

With the proliferation of digital tools and the growing popularity of local craft fairs, it now easier than ever to turn your passion into a legitimate money-making opportunity.

Knowing crafts that make the most money can be confusing, so this article will discuss the most profitable crafts to sell and where to sell them. 

We’ll cover everything from jewelry to scarves and cute child bows. Trust me; you’re going to fall in love with these crafts!

If you’re super excited to put your hobbies to work, let’s do this! 

Places to Sell Crafts that Make Money

Few things feel as good as working from home and getting paid for doing what you LOVE. Running a crafts business can be immensely satisfying (and lucrative).

I have been a longtime enthusiastic supporter of craft businesses, and some of my friends run small craft businesses, so this topic is near and dear to me.

Wondering where you can sell your crafts? Whether you’re a jeweler, a potter, a knitter or some other craft maker, here are some places you can sell your pieces:


Arguably the biggest online crafts marketplace (over 45 million active virtual shoppers), Etsy, is a wonderland for those who want to make, sell, buy and collect everything under the sun that’s handmade. This can include vintage items, soaps, craft supplies, and so much more!

What started as a way for arts and crafts enthusiasts to earn extra income has quickly turned into one of the hottest markets in retail.

You don’t pay any membership fees, but Etsy charges 20 cents for each item you list for four months or until it sells. Once you sell the item, Etsy deducts a 3.5 percent fee from the sale price. For this fee, you’ll receive tons of support guides free tools to help you grow your business.

As such, you must sign up with an active mailing ID and a valid credit card to facilitate the transactions. 

So what happens when my item does not sell in 4 months? The item will no longer be listed. You will be required to pay another 20 cents to relist it. 


Shopify is a big name in the eCommerce world. If selling on a marketplace isn’t exactly your thing, try Shopify. You can use the platform for just about anything, and they have room for crafters and DIYers. 

The various business tools, professional templates and integrations make it easy for you to set up your business and track your progress. 

You’ll be charged a monthly fee for using Shopify, but your subscription will grant you access to 24/7 support and other perks. 

Your Own Website 

If you make unique, one of a kind crafts, one of the best ways to sell them is using your own website. Thanks to WordPress and powerful tools like WooCommerce, you can get a fully functional online shop up and running in hours.

A website takes just a few minutes to set up, and it makes it easy to start and launch an online business based around your brand or products. It also gives you complete control over everything.

No middleman? Yes, please! You will keep all proceeds, plus you won’t have to pay fees to list your items. 

Advertising on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is a cost-effective way of getting your name out there. Having a page will help you find new customers where they spend a great deal of time. You can run contests and giveaways to create a buzz about your business. 

There are Facebook groups for people who are interested in both buying and selling crafts. Notable mentions include 

To get even more traffic, sign up for Pinterest and become an active member. Share your crafts along with a purchase link, follow other people and re-pin their crafts.

Craft Shows

If you prefer more traditional sales channels, craft shows are great platforms to showcase your thinking, creativity and ability to make unique designs.

Knowing your target market allows you to charge more for your work, hence higher profit margins. Know who typically attends the shows, the turnout to expect, and the approximate cost to exhibit. 

Use the internet to look for craft fairs and festivals near where you live. Databases like FestivalNet and FairsandFestivals.net will help you explore.

These events will allow you to showcase your crafts in front of potential customers at a little cost. Some people may allow you to sell your crafts in retail establishments. Ensure you have a stack of business cards available.

If you have many crafts, bring along an assistant to help you work the booth and attend to customers. You can spice things up by creating artwork live. 

Besides drumming up more business for yourself, you can meet some amazing artists and share ideas with like-minded crafters.

Read on to learn the most profitable crafts to sell. 

Crafts To Make And Sell

Are you on the hunt for unique crafts to make and sell from home? Consumers are ready to pay for crafts made by real people. If you have a need, chances are, someone else also does too.

You may have a hard time being successful if you’re selling the same thing as everyone else. Successful sellers offer something unique.

The following ideas are the best way to get started with your crafts business. They appeal to both enthusiasts and amateurs and don’t require a lot of skill to create.

If you really feel ambitious, you might also consider buying additional things to sell to make money.

If you hate wasting time making stuff that won’t sell, the links below lead to wonderful DIYs that you can use to make handmade crafts today!

1. Braided Bracelet

The Crafting Nook

crafts to make and sell - DIY braided bracelet
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 36

Even with the constant changes in fashion, bracelets are popular with customers of all age groups. This braided bracelet is a great DIY idea to earn from.

It makes the perfect gift idea for special occasions such as birthdays and graduations.

The supplies are readily available, and there are many different colors and designs you can make to accessorize any person or any outfit.

2. Mason Jar Flower Vase

Sustain My Craft Habit

Cheap things to sell for profit
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 37

This farmhouse-inspired mason jar flower vase is perfect for small spaces. As a confessed flower addict myself, I can confirm that people LOVE cute flower vases! You can offer to customize the design to suit the needs of your customers. 

3. Clay Diffuser Necklace 

The Rising Spoon

best selling etsy shop ideas
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 38

A necklace can completely transform an outfit. You only need a handful of supplies to make this exquisite essential oil diffuser necklace.

The oil scents gently diffuse with the warmth of your skin. This cute necklace will sell well at craft fairs and on Etsy and other online platforms. 

4. Reading Pillow

Happiest Camper

most profitable crafts
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 39

Reading pillows are so popular right now! It’s easy to learn how to make them, and by the end of it, you will have an elegant idea that every reader will love.

They also make great gifts. All that is needed is a high-quality fabric, scissors, thread, sewing pins, pillow stuffing, and some creativity.

If you use fancy fabrics, it could increase your price. 

5. Eyeglass Case

Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom

most profitable handmade items
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 40

I’ve witnessed many successful Etsy sellers doing well by selling eyeglass cases in their shops. Any glass wearer will appreciate this thing of beauty. They’re small and light, making them easy to ship.

6. Scrunchies 

Apple Green Cottage

most lucrative crafts scrunchies
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 41

If you want a sewing project that will fetch you good money right now, look no further than Scrunchies. They are pretty cheap in terms of supplies needed, and you can make them in your free time.

Just too adorable to pass up.

7. Microwave Bowl Cozy

Happiest Camper

most profitable diy crafts bowl cozy
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 42

A good number of the most profitable crafts to sell are related to products for your home. If you are looking for creative ways to make money, this is another handmade project to consider.

You can’t go wrong with a microwave bowl cozy. They are super easy to make. You can learn to make them on your own in an afternoon at your kitchen table.

8. Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

Strength And Sunshine

most profitable handmade products mugs
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 43

DIY projects don’t get easier and more practical than nail polish mugs. Who wouldn’t want a fancy coffee mug, especially if it looks as stunning as this one does?

It’s a relatively new idea, and if you start today, you’re sure to land many customers. If you want to redo a design, a nail polish remover is all you need.

9. Birthday Balloon Wreath

Money Wise Moms

wreath is most profitable crafts to sell 2020
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 44

Here’s another festive craft you can make and sell online. No tools required for this one, and you don’t need any special artistic talent; you won’t want to miss giving them a try!

The wreath will have people knocking on your door to buy it.

10. Hair Bows 

Apple Green Cottage

hair bow is most popular crafts to sell
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 45

The best part about hair bows is that they’re items people will use daily and be thankful for, which is vital when you’re selling crafts online.

Also, hair bows don’t require countless hours to pull off. They’re super simple to sew.

11. Tassel Earrings 

Pretty Delightful

best selling crafts in jewlery
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 46

Earrings are always a hit and sell extremely well. If you get earrings that define your style and taste, you will buy them for sure.

These upcycled tassel earrings look like something from an expensive fashion store. They look modern and elegant but are easy to upcycle and market.

You can find old earrings from garage sales, local thrift stores, and your jewelry box.

12. Yard Dice

Drugstore Divas

lawn dice is most profitable wood crafts to sell
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 47

This is so creative! Who wouldn’t love this catchy and cute yard dice? They will give your backyard a bit of style and class. Starting this business doesn’t require a lot of capital.

13. Elderberry Soap

Two Kids And A Coupon

most profitable craft business with soap
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 48

Mmmh, I can almost smell this soap! Perfect for people that are conscious of what they use on their skin, making homemade elderberries soap is not as hard as it may seem.

It’s the easiest DIY you can make, even for non-crafters. You can bet they sell well too!

14. Hand Warmers

The Typical Mom

diy hand warmer
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 49

If money-making crafts are your thing, then you should try making hand warmers. These little heating pads for your hands are surprisingly easy to make, even your little ones can join in the fun.

You shouldn’t have any problems selling them. Just devise ways to make yours more unique than your competition.

15. Peppermint Soap

Confessions Of An Overworked Mom

29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 50

DIY peppermint soap, anyone? Even if they use other soaps, people who want moisturized skins won’t be able to resist this peppermint soap.

It also helps to soothe itchy skin and calm irritation caused by acne, blemishes, and bug bites. You can put it in your Shopify or Etsy store, and the minimal shipping fees will keep your profits high. 

16. Poppy Seed Soap

Socialite's Closet

poppy seed soap
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 51

Are you as thrilled as I am about this cute handmade poppy seed soap? It smells delicious and helps to exfoliate away dead winter skin!

The best part is that poppy seed soap only takes minutes to make with the tools you already have. Have fun making this and sell it for good profits.

17. Sports Themed Christmas Ornament

In Our Spare Time

sports ornament
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 52

Here is a cheap way to make a craft that you can sell for money. This sports-themed Christmas ornament will bring any Christmas tree to life.

If you make these ornaments near the holiday season, they will probably sell like hotcakes! You can choose the sports theme you want. 

18. Lemon Shea Butter Soap

Simply Stacie

diy lemon shea butter soap
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 53

Everyone showers or bathes, so with this lemon Shea butter soap, you have ready customers. With only a few steps to make lemon Shea butter soap, how can you resist not giving it a try? And they are super gorgeous too!

19. Travel Bag

Celebration Generation

29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 54

Overnights, weekend trips, vacations. Everyone loves a cute but practical toiletry/makeup bag travel set. Designing travel bags that resonate with people is a brilliant idea.

People are always looking for personalized travel bags, especially when they’re short on time. They are really easy to make and won’t take too much of your time.

20. Heat Pack

Crafting Nook

DIY Heat Pack 1
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 55

There are many things you can make if you open your eyes and start working.

This is probably another surprise item in this list, but you might be surprised at how easily you can make these heat packs in bulk with the right tools. They will sell fast during winter and in cold areas!

21. Wine Bottle Bag

Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom

wint bottle tote bag
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 56

Oh my, this wine bottle tote bag is just the cutest thing. I can’t get enough of it. Any wine lover would love it, I’m sure.

You will be able to create a wine bottle bag in literally no time.

22. Acrylic Paint Pouring

Homebody Hall

29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 57

Acrylic paint pouring is a stunning DIY project that will bring any room to life and sell fast. The idea might sound a little bit complicated at first, but you can easily learn the craft.

If you love this idea, consider adding a section of DIY acrylic paint pouring to your next craft show.

23. Mason Jar Planters

Honey I'm Home DIY

Wrap twine around mason jar
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 58

People love succulent planters because besides being beautiful, they’re easy to care for. These DIY twined wrapped mason jars are so effortless to make!

There are various ways to spruce up plain mason jars. This makes them a great little DIY project you can start to sell for profit. 

24. Wood Bead Necklace

Sustain My Craft Habit

Painted Wood Bead Necklace
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 59

This is a fun, creative, and stylish DIY craft you should consider making and selling at craft fairs or online. Painted wood bead necklaces are among wood crafts that sell at flea markets.

They will be a hard choice to go wrong with. Lots of women, young and old, would love to have this as a gift.

25. Tile Coasters

Joyfully Treasured

29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 60

These cute ceramic tile coasters will steal the heart of many handmade goods lovers. You won’t believe how fast you’ll create these gorgeous tile coasters using decorative napkins.

Add a dash of customization to make your tile coasters more personal.

26. Mason Jar Luminaries

Eating Richly

most profitable crafts to make and sell
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 61

How about making mason jar luminaries Christmas centerpiece? There are tons of ways you can make them. These mason jar luminaries take less than 5 minutes to make, making them a great DIY project!

And they’re so beautiful anyone will buy them!

27. Lavender Soap

Feast For A Fraction

soap is best craft ideas to sell
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 62

We all love the smell of lavender when we walk by. Not only is lavender soap an essential in the bathroom, but it’s a really simple DIY project. Homemade gifts are the best kind of gifts to receive.

28. Bath Salts

Ottawa Mommy Club

profitable diy projects like bath salts
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 63

Scented bath salts are another idea for something you can make and sell from home too. They are used to relieve aches, pains, and stress. They will also add a special touch to your customers’ bathrooms.

29. Rudolph Hot Cocoa

Ottawa Mommy Club

most profitable items to sell at craft shows
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 64

Isn’t this adorable? This simple beauty may not sell for lots of money, but everyone will love it! It makes an adorable gift to co-workers, bus drivers, teachers and neighbors.

Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit

Not all craft businesses make money. When I say “make money,” I don’t just mean selling what you make, but rather making a profit.

To make a profit, it makes sense to start your business selling money-making crafts. Crafts that people are willing to pay a premium price for.

Before you even start, envision what you want your margins and profit to be. If you are spending $5 for materials, ask yourself how much your time is worth and price your crafts accordingly.

If you’re ready to transform your hobby into a full-time craft business, here are the most profitable crafts to sell. These crafts tend to have lower costs and the ability to charge higher prices.


how to price crafts to sell
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 65

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath before bed? Not me! Products that make us look and smell better are always in demand. (#selfcare). 

Homemade soaps are a trend that is not stopping anytime soon. Consumers are always looking for natural products for themselves and their families.

There are different ways of making soap. You can buy a soap base and melt it, add scents and remold, make cold processed soap (using oils combined with Lye) or use Melt and pour soap.

Soap making business may not be that profitable initially. Still, once you master the process, know where to source ingredients in wholesale and do clever packaging, the money will start coming. 

Most bath and body businesses push profits through volume. The best platform for selling high volumes of soap is craft shows.

Beyond soaps, you can make lotions, bubble bath and bath bombs.


best profitable products to sell
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 66

We all love a room that is well lit and smells good. With the rise of electric candles, handmade candles with descriptive ingredient labels and the right packaging will sell.

There’s just something about lighting a candle that you can’t compare to other light sources. 

Just like in the soap-making business, there’s a cap on how much consumers are willing to pay for a candle. So keep that in mind.

But with the low-cost nature of candle-making supplies, you can make money. You won't need expensive equipment or a big studio, which further pushes costs down. There are also several niches to explore.

Just melt your wax, mix ingredients, and pour the mixture into containers with wax. Pick non-irritating scents that are pleasant smelling. Offering different scents will appeal to a wider market. 

Remember to use safety labelling to avoid the risk of injury or damage from fire.

Plush Toys

plush toy profitable crafts to make and sell
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 67

Plush toys may not be at the top of your list when you brainstorm for the most profitable crafts to sell. 

Your creativity is the limit when making plush toys. You can try out different designs and color combinations. 

There always seems to be a constant demand for plush toys. YouTube video tutorials will guide you on how to make them.


mugs one of most profitable products to sell online
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 68

No list of profitable crafts to make and sell from home would be complete without mugs. Mugs are beautiful creations that can bring good profit. 

They make wonderful gifts for any occasion, making mugs a market you want to tap into.

Considering the various national and religious holidays and observances in the United States— Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, to name just a few—you’ll never run out of holidays as themes.

If you remain with deadstock, the mugs can still be sold when the holiday comes around again.

Baby Blankets 

most profitable products to sell is baby blanket
29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money 69

Baby blankets are all the rage right now. The materials are affordable, it’s easy to make them, and they have a decent profit margin. 

Making those delightful, little blankets takes very little learning time, and they sell surprisingly well. They make the perfect gift idea for baby showers. 

Top 5 Successful Etsy Shops

Sometimes, all we need is a little motivation to get us started. Every crafter started somewhere. 

Most people lack someone to look up to. The following top Etsy sellers started from scratch and then grew day by day.

They have done their homework well, learned the ropes and have all the tricks up their sleeves. You can learn a tip or two from them and apply them to your shop. 


Owned by Kate Antesberger, PlannerKate1 and her daily planners are top sellers on Etsy in 2 categories: Handmade, and Crafts and Supplies.

Kate had humble beginnings. She started by posting pictures of some stickers she had made for her planner on Instagram, and the rest is history. 

She now boasts a team of creatives that help her cater to her ever-growing customer base. After six years, she’s made more than 1.2 million in sales!


As the name suggests, this seller’s main focus is on gemstone beads, rosary chains, crystals, charms, and more. There are over 6800 products listed. The shop has 732k sale transactions and 32k admirers.


Topping the Wedding and Handmade category is ModParty. The shop primarily sells bridesmaid gifts, wedding favours and decorations for birthday parties and baby showers. 


Next on the list is Yakutum. Hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, this shop has been selling jewellery supplies on Etsy since 2008. With over 16k listed products, Yakutum specializes in gold and brass-plated crafts, 925 sterling silver, chains, tubes and more.

Nicole de Bruin Charms

Nicole and her charm collection have sold over 630k pieces since 2009. The shop also offers beads, findings, buttons and custom engraved tags. 

The list above is meant to create a spark of motivation for you.

Top Etsy Craft Ideas

There are truly several great craft ideas to consider making. But some crafts sell better than others. Knowing what items are on demand is important when you are starting an Etsy store. You’ll want a crowd hungry for what you produce.

You can spend a lot of time making your favourite crafts, but if they are not crafts that consumers want, you’re probably not going to make a lot of money.

After researching trending things to sell on Etsy, I rounded up 5 of the best-selling products on the platform.


This is one item that is constantly on this kind of list. 

Custom or handmade stickers sell like candy online. Reason? Stickers have unending customization possibilities and low shipping costs.

Stickers give a vibe of personal touch and uniqueness, and people love unique things. 

You know, that sweet feeling when someone asks you, ”where did you get that?”


Making and selling homemade jewellery is a great idea to start your online craft business. 

When working with jewellery such as basic necklaces and bracelets, material costs can be kept fairly low. Startup costs can be high if you plan to use precious metal or stones. The good news is, jewellery is among the crafts that make the most money.

Some of the most sought after jewellery items include:

  • promise rings,
  • letter pendants,
  • friendship bracelets,
  • locket necklaces
  • and pearl earrings.

Buyers feel more connected to jewellery when it’s customized and hand-crafted. That’s why jewellery is one of the top-selling items on Etsy.

You should, however, be aware of techniques that can drive labour costs up. Don’t spend hours devising new designs that need a learning curve.

Cute Child Bows

If you are a fashion lover and all you want is to live around fashionable items, then Etsy is the right place to satisfy your cravings.

Kids’ products are a niche that you can get as creative as you want. This is an area that Etsy dominates in, and a good one to start selling your crafts under.

Child bows sell on Etsy as quickly as lemonade sells in summer. Sewing can take time, but with the right product idea, you can bring sales in.


Etsy is a hive of creativity, and it proudly holds a distinction in this field. Art is one popular must-have item in many homes and offices. Why not fill that demand, make quick money and have fun while at it?

Buying art without first checking Etsy is a mistake art lovers avoid. Art invokes strong emotional responses in consumers.

People tend to love art that reflects them. It’s advisable to build a name for yourself to be able to charge a premium price.

You can choose from drawings, paintings, digital prints, and illustrations.

I should mention that art supplies are not that cheap, and creating a unique abstract or realism-based painting may take you longer than other forms of art. 

Print and digital copies allow you to sell one piece of art over and over again. 


From a necktie scarf to a blanket scarf and everything else to wrap around, scarves are a trending category on Etsy. Whether it’s a fashion statement or warmth, scarves serve multiple purposes.

To lower costs, buy materials in bulk from local suppliers and use simple to repeat patterns. There’s no shortage of DIY tutorials for novice scarf makers.

Avoid using materials that require special care. Along with clear photos, buyers prefer conversational yet straightforward product descriptions.

As your brand grows, you’ll know what sells best in your shop and make more original items that your customers will love!

Happy crafting!