10 Secretly Amazing Singers Who Are Ready to Take Over Your Playlist

Is there a musical artist who you enjoy but believe they don't get enough play? You've got company. Recently, someone asked, “Who's the most underrated singer?” The internet deliberated to deliver this excellent list of musicians.

1. T-Pain

“T-Pain…everyone thinks it's all auto-tuned, but YouTube his NPR Tiny desk concert. Dude can sing,” one user announced. Another said, “Also, check out his performances on The Masked Singer. He won season one.”

2. Jack Black

“I think Jack Black deserves more credit even though people know he's got pipes. The dude can sing,” one user suggested. Another agreed. “Tenacious D – Master Exploder. If you look at the behind-the-scenes for the movie, he ACTUALLY sang all of that himself. So he does have that kind of range of pitch control. Because they're a comedy band, people give Tenacious D a hard time.”

3. Roger Taylor

“Roger Taylor. The drummer of Queen. Listen to “I'm In Love With My Car.” By the way, he usually sang the highest parts of the 70s Queen songs. He had an epic falsetto,” another Redditor stated. 

4. Echo & the Bunnymen

One person said, “Echo & the Bunnymen. Check out these songs: “The Killing Moon,” “Over the Wall,” “Lios Like Sugar,” “Bring On the Dancing Horses,” “Ocean Rain,” “Do it Clean,” and lots more!”

5. Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith. Check out ”Only Love Can Hurt Like This” or “New York.” Also, She does an awesome cover of “Never Tear Us Apart,” another Redditor expressed.

6. Lancashire Hotpots

“I'd have to go with a band called the Lancashire Hotpots. I know it's not technically a singer, but you should listen to some of their music. It will lighten your day. P.S. you probably won't get some of the references unless you are from the U.K. My favorite song is “Beer Olympics,” advised another Redditor.

7. Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley. He was a massive influence for many modern bands these days, including Radiohead muse Coldplay and many others. He is an incredible performer, and his guitar skills match his insane vocals,” suggested one person. Another argued, “I don't think he's underrated, just not well-known. It seems most people familiar with him acknowledge his greatness.”

8. Rob Halford

“Rob Halford of Judas Priest. The band belongs in the Hall of Fame. And he's one of the greatest singers ever. How Jon Bon Jovi and that awful warbler from Def Leppard got in but not him is beyond me,” a confused Redditor confessed.

9. Louis Tomlinson

“Louis Tomlinson, people only talk about him in One Direction, but he's so much more. He has such a unique voice, and he's a great person. When Covid finished, he put on a free festival, which he paid for out of his pocket. He does so much for charity, etc. Anyway, he's fantastic,” a user informed.

10. Faith No More

“Faith No More. People know this band for their song “Epic,” but they had many other great themes and covers. In recent years their cover of “Easy Like Sunday Morning” has been getting a lot of play in commercials,” a final user stated.

Honorable Mentions: Wesley Willis, Jazz Emu, Zoe Johnston, Layne Staley, and The Darkness. We hope you enjoyed this Reddit-picked list of underrated singers that deserve more play.

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