Wealth of Geeks’s Annual Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is less than a month away, do you have a gift for your mom yet? Don't panic, you still have plenty of time to find a meaningful gift for your mother! Especially since we've compiled a list of some of the coolest new products and gadgets that are sure to impress your mother this year. Whether you're looking to treat her to a new cookbook or a boozy treat, fuel her taste of adventure with new binoculars or help her travel in style with a new backpack — we've got you covered.

Wealth of Geeks's Annual Mother's Day Gift Guide

Solo New York

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The Re:vive Mini Backpack by Solo New York is the perfect gift for a Mom on the go. Each backpack is made from ocean-bound PET bottles, including the recycled biodegradable hangtags and stuffing. The light, durable heather grey material is both eco-friendly and trendy! The best part of this purchase, aside from treating your mother to a sweet gift, every bag purchased from the Re:cycled Collection will help Solo plant trees in partnership with the National Forest Foundation. You can check out our full review of this street smart backpack here.

Re:vive Mini Backpack | Buy Now: $25

Delicora Mother's Day Set

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Show your mother that you care, by treating her to beautiful jewelry set from Delicora. This set is 14K gold and features a pair of Santa Cruz Hoops with a seed pearl embellishment and a Sonoma Pearl Necklace. Pearls are known to attract good luck and gifting someone with a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry is meant to show that they're generous and loyal. That sounds like a mother, doesn't it? If pearls aren't your mother's speed, Delicora has many different styles of jewelry that are sure to impress the special mother in your life.

Delicora Mother's Day Set | Buy Now: $65

NEFT Vodka

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Our NEFT Vodka recommendation is taste-tested. If you have a mother who loves a good cocktail, then NEFT Vodka is going to be a hot pick for your mother this year. Not only is NEFT Vodka delicious, but the presentation is unlike any other vodka on the market currently.

NEFT Vodka | Buy Now: $37

Geek Out!

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Family game night is about to get a lot more fun if you pick up Geek Out! The 80s Edition for your mother. Do you have a mother who lives and breaths the 1980s? Then she's bound to get a kick out of this 80s-themed game. There are a lot of different board games on the market right now, but Geek Out! The 80s Edition is a lot of fun — so much fun, we just had to try it out for ourselves! You can read our full review here.

Geek Out! 80s Edition | Buy Now: $12

Nocs Prosivions Binoculars

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If your mother enjoys going on nature walks, then this is the perfect gift to give her this year. The Nocs Provisions binoculars are a sleek and charming re-envisioning of what most think of when they picture binoculars. They come in an array of beautiful colors, which guarantees you'll find your mother's favorite color. The binoculars are also light — weighing only 13 ounces, which makes them perfect for quick nature walks or lengthy mountain hikes. Find out why these binoculars are the perfect gift for mom this year!

Nocs Provisions Binoculars | $90

Betty Crocker Snacks Cookbook

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Does your mother like collecting cookbooks? Or perhaps she has expressed an interest in trying out new quick and delicious recipes? Then you should pick up the latest Betty Crocker Cookbook for her. Betty Crocker Snacks: Easy Ways to Satisfy Your Cravings is a delightful cookbook that provides scrumptious easy-to-make snacks that anyone can create! From fancy appetizers to kid-friendly snacks, your mother is bound to find a new favorite in this cookbook! Check out our full review here.

Betty Crocker Snacks Cookbook | $18

Drinkmate Home Carbonation System

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If your mother is a fan of carbonated beverages like La Croix, Bubbly, or sparkling wine, you may want to treat her to the gift that keeps giving this Mother's Day. The Drinkmate Home Carbonation System makes it easy to add carbonation to water, juice, liquor, and so much more with just the touch of a button! The Drinkmate system is sleek, light, and easy to store on a countertop and it's battery-free and cordless, so you can start making carbonated beverages within seconds of setting up the machine! If you're not sold on this pitch, check out our full review of the Drinkmate Home Carbonation System. We're big fans.

Drinkmate Home Carbonation System | Buy Now: $110

Jew-ish Cookbook

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Jake Cohen's Jew-ish: A Cookbook: Reinvented Recipes from a Modern Mensch is filled with so many delicious treats. If you have a mother who loves to try out new recipes, then this is the perfect gift for her! Jew-ish isn't just a collection of recipes that Cohen has compiled from his Ashkenazi heritage, he has reinvented many classics and infused them with traditions from his husband's Persian-Iraqi traditions. Whether you're Jewish or a goy, this is a fun cookbook to explore! Check out our taste-tested review of Jew-ish.

Jew-ish: A Cookbook | Buy Now: $24

The Sip Society

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The Sip Society is a luxury bi-monthly subscription box that features delicious sparkling wine. For just $60 every other month, you can treat your mother to a year-long experience to show her how much you care about her this year. The subscription includes either one 375ml bottle or two 1845 ml bottles of sparkling wine. The Sip Society is a great way to try out new brands, different taste profiles, and explore a variety of new champagnes and sparkling wines.

The Sip Society | Buy Now: $60

Savino Wine Carafe

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Now that your mother is getting fancy with Sip Society, perhaps you should improve her wine storage and preservation by picking up a Savino Wine Carafe for her. The wine carafe limits the oxygen from getting into the wine and it also limits the contamination of odors from the refrigerator. What could be better than having a pretty presentation for your wine and a convenient tool for keeping your wine fresh? This is perfect for the woman who loves to entertain herself and her friends with a nice glass of wine. Not sure if the Savino Wine Carafe is right for you? Check out the full review here.

Savino Wine Carafe | Buy Now: $50

VinoAir Wine Aerator

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If you are treating your mother to a wine lover's Mother's Day, then the VinoAir Wine Aerator is a must-have purchase. This aerator does everything: it delivers the perfect pour, eliminates frustrating wine drips, and completely aerates and oxidates your wine to maximize the flavor. This would also be the perfect bring-along on a picnic or party. There's no need for fancy decanters when you can simply pour the wine and decant it in the process. We tested the VinoAir Wine Aerator to ensure it's the right gift for you!

VinoAir Wine Aerator | Buy Now: $16.50

Cheese, Wine, and Bread Cookbook Geek out 11

You may have noticed that we have a rather wine-themed gift list going and this book is the pièce de résistance of our gift guide. This is the perfect gift for a mother that loves good cheese, good wine, and good bread. The book reads like a whimsical story, crafting an engaging narrative that reads like a travel log exploring these three exquisite staples. This is the perfect book to gift your mom with if she's looking for new ways and places to enjoy her favorite dishes.

Cheese, Wine, and Bread | $24

Braid & Wood Plant Hanger

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Does your mother have a green thumb? Then she's bound to love Braid & Wood. The brand delivers high-quality modern indoor plant decor, that will brighten up any room, with unique and beautiful designs. These plant hangers range in size and style, but they won't break the bank. The plant shelves, which come with different colored pots, are only $59, and the smaller v-shaped hangers range from $44 to $54, depending on the size.

Braid & Wood | Price Varies

Sperry Mother's Day Bundle

Geek out 12 If you're looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for your partner and your daughter, look no further than these adorable Mommy & Me styles from Sperry. They have made it even easier to pick out the perfect gift with their Mother's Day Bundle that includes: Crest Vibe Mommy & Girls, sneaker cleaner, a seersucker pouch, and signature liner socks.  We love Sperrys and if you aren't convinced that they're right gift for your mother this year, check out our review here.

Sperry Mother’s Day Bundle | $120

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