Where to Find the Pokémon Move Relearner White 2

Pokémon Black 2 & White 2

In Pokémon games, your main objective is to become the very best. You can achieve that by making your Pokémon as powerful as possible. That would sometimes require you to talk to the Move Relearner to remind your Pokémon of a move it has forgotten. Here’s what you need to know about the Move Relearner White 2 & Black 2

The Move Relearner is in every Pokémon main series game. In Pokémon White 2 (Generation 5), you can find this NPC in the Pokémon World Tournament Facility. It is the girl on the leftmost stall.

Keep in mind that the move relearner's service is not free. You must have a Heart Scale in hand if you want her to do her thing.

What Is the Move Relearner in White 2?

Pokémon can only have four moves in their move set. If they already have four and it learns another one, you would need to delete a move to have a room for it. Or, you can choose not to include that move on your Pokémon's move set.

However, you may soon realize that you do want that move in your Pokémon's move set. It may help it come on top of any battle.

Without the Move Relearner, you would need to raise another Pokémon. Competitive battlers breed their own Pokémon with 6 perfect IVs, and they EV train them to maximize stats. Starting that process from the very beginning is so much of a hassle.

Thankfully, the Move Relearner exists because it brings quality-of-life improvements for the players.

Where Is the Location of a Move Relearner in White 2?

In Pokémon Black and White, the Move Relearner is in Mistralton City. However, many things changed in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. That includes where the Move Relearner is located.

The Unova map is huge, and there are plenty of NPCs scattered around. If you don't know where to look for the Move Relearner, you would need to talk to each and every one of these NPCs to find out.

That would be painstakingly long. To shorten the journey, you can use this guide:

Step 1. Unlock Driftveil City

Move Relearner White 2
Where to Find the Pokémon Move Relearner White 2 6

To access the Move Relearner, you must first unlock Driftveil City. That would require you to beat the Nimbasa City Gym and then cross the Driftveil Drawbridge.

If you already have this City unlocked, you can simply Fly to get here.

Step 2. Head South and find the Pokémon World Tournament building

Move Relearner White 2
Where to Find the Pokémon Move Relearner White 2 7

Once you reach Driftveil City, head South and search for the Pokémon World Tournament (PWT) area. The building has a dark blue roof and red and blue banners positioned opposite each other on either side of the entrance.

Step 3. Go to the leftmost stall

Move Relearner White 2
Where to Find the Pokémon Move Relearner White 2 8

You don't have to enter the facility to access the Move Relearner. South of the building, just before the dock, there are four stalls. 

Go talk to the girl on the leftmost stall – the nearest one to the tunnel where you came out from. That NPC is the Move Relearner.

What Does Move Relearner Teach Your Pokémon?

The move relearner teaches your Pokémon moves that they have forgotten to make room for a new one. Moves in their learn set that never made it to their move sets are also included, so long as your Pokémon is already above the level where they would supposedly learn the move.

For example, you have a level 50 Samurott. He already has four moves when he hit level 45 when he was supposed to learn Aqua Tail. The four moves were invaluable to you at the time, so you chose to keep Samurott's move set as is.

Even if Samurott never really “learned” and “forgotten” Aqua Tail, the Move Relearner can teach it to your level 50 Samurott.

How Much Will It Cost You to Use Move Relearner in Pokémon White 2?

Since Generation 3 games (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald), you have to pay the Move Relearner one Heart Scale every time you use her service.

Move Relearner White 2
Where to Find the Pokémon Move Relearner White 2 9

You can find Heart Scales in White 2 in the following locations:

  •  Route 6
  •  Route 13 (With Dowsing Machine)
  •  Route 18 (With Dowsing Machine)
  •  Castelia City, Desert Resort
  • Relic Castle (With Dowsing Machine)
  •  Moor of Icirrus
  •  Undella Town (With Dowsing Machine)
  •  Undella Bay (With Dowsing Machine)
  •  Route 20 (With Dowsing Machine)
  •  Route 23, Castelia Sewers
  • Join Avenue (Souvenir)
  •  Seaside Cave, 
  • Humilau City, 
  • Humilau City (With Dowsing Machine)

In places where you can find Heart Scales using the Dowsing Machine, you can get one every day. 

What Are the Teachable Moves of a Move Relearner?

Again, the Move Relearner teaches your Pokémon all the moves that their species can learn in the game naturally. Some moves can also be taught to your Pokémon via the Move Relearner.

What Are the Restrictions of a Move Relearner?

The number one restriction is, of course, the payment requirement. You have to farm Heart Scales if you want to use the Move Relearner repeatedly.

There are also restrictions on what the NPC teaches your Pokémon. It can't teach your Pokémon moves that are exclusive to their pre-evolutions.

Also, if the Pokémon forgot the move before they evolved to their present form, the Move Relearner cannot make them relearn that.

Last, the Move Relearner cannot make a Pokémon relearn TMs.

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