12 Reasons to Move to Portugal from USA in 2023

There has never been a better time to consider a move to Portugal from USA than now.

Much as America is a land of many opportunities, there are many social issues and an imbalanced economy where one needs to be very reach to thrive.

Those who do not have much money in America find it hard to survive. On the other hand, though the economy of Portugal is not as big as that of America, the conditions of living are generally better and benefits are more evenly distributed.

You might be considering the choice of relocating from the United States of America to Portugal.

There are many reasons in support of relocating from the United to Portugal. Portugal is indeed worth the choice.

It is a country you can relocate to and generally not feel any remorse for taking the decision. Actually, it can turn out to be the best decision.

Moving to a new country is a tough decision to make that requires prior considerations to be made.

This article will provide you with the information to help you assess the suitability of Portugal for this relocation.

Located in the South Western end of Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula and neighbouring Spain, is a country called Portugal. Full of many attractive features, both natural and artificial establishments, Portugal is irresistible as both a tourist and immigration destination.

It is one of the most habitable countries to immigrants.

Portugal is a European country with an interesting historical background and a strong status in the present in terms of economic standing, technology and innovation, political importance and many other outstanding features.

In recent times, migration to Portugal from the United States of America has become a common occurrence.

It is well known that more and more people are flocking to Portugal from the United States.

To this end, not only has Portugal become a popular tourist destination in the past years, but additionally, many U.S citizens have entirely migrated to Portugal, with some attaining duality of citizenship.


1. Peace and Security

One of the most important assets a country can ever possess is peace. Peace is the driver of personal and national progress.

It is therefore important to move to a country that has an assurance of peace for safety of life and property.

A peaceful country provides favourable ground for undertaking business. Accompanying this and equally important is security and freedom.

No country can ever develop, and is worth inhabiting without the mandatory atmosphere of peace.


If you consider moving to a country, a background check on the standing of the country in matters regarding peace is highly important.

Portugal is one of the remarkably peaceful countries in the world. In addition to being ranked sixth on the Global Peace Index in 2022, Portugal's citizens demonstrate peacefulness in everyday life.

Most visitors in Portugal commend the friendliness of people in Portugal. It is always a better choice to move to a welcoming country.

When you move to Portugal, you will feel welcome, and unlike in many other countries, you will not feel out of place in a way that would make it hard for you to adjust.

The American atmosphere is more or less that of personal independence with less community.

Even if you would just like to have a break from the noise and commotion in cities in the U.S., Portugal is the right choice.

Portugal is endowed with calm and quiet places like Aveiro which additionally has an aesthetic beauty to it. You can be certain that you will be secure in Portugal.


2. Tourist Importance

Staying in Portugal is a beautiful experience that gives one fond memories and interesting stories.

Portugal is a country with lots of features that are worth the sight. If you are someone who loves exploring, Portugal should come on top of the list of your priority countries.

Moving to Portugal will make it easy for you to tour the various places at a good pace, giving you opportunity to deeply appreciate the beauty of the country.

From over 800 kilometres of coastline exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, the Island of Madira, prominent historical buildings like Mosteiro dos Jéronimos, Lisbon’s oceanarium which has a broad diversity of marine life, Lisbon's Torre de Belém which is a historical icon, a number of pilgrimage destinations, the Gerês mountain ranges that are a good ground for hiking, Portugal is endowed with many beautiful sights to behold, many of which have a historical connotation.

The aesthetic sights with a historical view will make your stay in Portugal worth the while. It is always a great idea to move and not stay in the same place for eternity.

Portugal is a great country where you could break the monotony of the noisy life of the city from while additionally enjoying touring this richly aesthetic country.

When you relocate to Portugal, you can be able to enjoy fun in the beautiful beaches and hotels of Algarve.

Portugal is a good choice of a country to have a luxurious stay in. In addition, Portugal’s numerous aesthetic beauty spots are great places to spend time with family and friends.

The sights are highly therapeutic.


3. Cost of living

Cost of living is an important factor that determines the feasibility pf one's stay in a certain country.

Generally, the cost of living in the United States of America is very high. Much as some people in the United States are paid more, the expenses that take the money are more and higher, forcing many to work for more hours, take up more part-time jobs and generally have a low quality of life.

In addition to the many bills to foot, the expenses are generally high. One needs to pay for literally everything including medical care, education, food and everything that pertains to life.

In most cases, one can hardly survive in the U.S. unless they have a stable and well-paying job that can be able to sustain them and cater for all the many bills.

This has made many Americans to relocate to other countries with a lower and more favourable cost of living.

Inarguably, Portugal is one of the most favourable countries in Europe in terms of cost of living. Life is over 40 percent more expensive in the United States of America as compared to Portugal. Life in Portugal, on the other hand, is highly affordable.

Prices are lower in Portugal as compared to the United States, and interestingly, the quality of life is almost the same and in some cases better in Portugal than in the United States of America.

Much as some things like electricity, high-end designer brand clothing and others may be more expensive in Portugal than in the United States, the basic things that sustain life are less expensive.

Therefore, it is comparatively not so hard to survive in Portugal. Generally, groceries are cheaper in Portugal because of the many local-produce markets in the country, meals in local restaurants and eating locations traditionally known as tascas are cheaper, drinks like alcohol are cheaper, transport is also less costly compared to the U.S.

When these factors are added, life becomes more affordable in Portugal compared to the United States of America.


4. High Quality of life

In relation to the affordability of life in Portugal, the country’s citizens and visitors enjoy high quality life.

The affordability of the cost of living in Portugal has no negative effect on the quality of life. The generally peaceful atmosphere, secure environment, friendly communities, accessibility to organic food, verdant therapeutic lands all add to the quality of life.

Generally, Portugal has a high quality of life because the country is a blend of modernity and conserved natural environments.


5. High Quality Healthcare

The quality of healthcare accessible within a country to a great extent defines the quality of life enjoyed by the inhabitants.

Countries with good healthcare provision offer assurance of a sustainable living. Portugal is one of the countries with the best healthcare systems in the world.

The healthcare system in the country is highly supported by the government. In comparison with the United States of America, Portugal has cheaper healthcare services.

In Portugal, the government-supported public healthcare system is remarkably good, accessible for everyone and affordable.

The state funds the public healthcare system and offers the opportunity for free medical care for children below 18 years of age and the elderly above 65.

Most of the medical services in public hospitals are free of charge. Even instances whereby someone is required to pay some money, this amount is generally low.

On the other hand, the cost of healthcare in the United States is very high. To add fuel to the fire, there is absolutely no universal healthcare in the United States of America.

The government does not offer this benefit to any category of people in the United States. The mandatory bill of healthcare adds to the relatively higher cost of living in the United States of America compared to Portugal.

This is a good reason to move from the United States to Portugal, because it is relieving to know that you will at least be able to access most healthcare services for free.

This helps you free up your budget so that you can focus your financial resources on other undertakings.


6. Affordable and Quality Education

Success in the 21st century is to a large extent tagged to the quality of education one attained. Studying in a top university opens for one doors to opportunities across the world.

However, this comes at a financial cost that has landed many in debt. Portugal has one of the highest quality education systems in the world. In addition to remarkable quality of learning is affordability.

In comparison, Portugal’s education is more affordable than that of the United States. Even private schools in Portugal are less expensive and most international schools in the country are generally affordable.

Public schools in Portugal are free of charge for all nationals and foreign citizens in Portugal. This factor adds up to the overall affordability of the cost of life in Portugal.

With a variety of top-quality universities in Portugal, like the University of Lisbon, one can be sure of attaining quality education.

Amongst all countries in the European Union, Portugal offers the most affordable university education.

On the other hand, university education is highly expensive in the United States of America. Many students in the United States graduate with students' loans amassing to thousands of dollars.

In Portugal you can be sure to acquire high-quality education at an affordable cost. Adding to this benefit is the affordability of college living expenses in Portugal.

College life in the United States is relatively expensive partly due to the numerous expenses like accommodation and food that greatly add to the basic tuition budget.

The overall expenditure can turn out to be overwhelming.


7. Environment Performance and Conservation

Environment and climate is one of the matters of global importance in the 21st century.

The interplay between the economy and the ecological standing is an important factor that determines the habitability of a country.

Countries that attach importance to climate issues offer higher chances of a healthy living because by conserving the environment, there is less risk for diseases arising from pollution.

Much as Portugal is a country with modern infrastructure, many areas are more or less in their natural state and have less pollution.

There are efforts in Portugal to establish a green economy by factoring in the consideration of the environmental impact of products while assessing their credibility.

Many companies in Portugal are producing products with less negative impact on the environment and supporting the carbon offsetting campaign.

On the other hand, the high modernisation in the United States has created a large shift from nature to heavily polluted cities which poses a threat to human health.


8. Sustainable Development Goals

The Portuguese government is focused on ensuring comfortable life for the natives in the country.

This is highlighted in the country’s Sustainable Development Goals and legislative efforts focused on combatting poverty, social exclusion and all other factors that could make life hard.

On the other hand, America has not had much focus on conditions of life as demonstrated by the lack of universal medical care in the country.


9. Levels of freedom

Freedom is the level of inclusivity and extent of respect for human rights in the country. Countries with less freedom are characterized with abuse of human rights, torment and a generally tense atmosphere that makes certain categories of people feel oppressed and marginalised, in most cases on grounds that are not justifiable.

Racism is one of the major evils of marginalization affecting various parts of the world.

Compared to America, Portugal is more welcoming and integrative of people from different backgrounds.

Much as racism may prevail sometimes in Portugal, the level of racism is lower in Portugal as compared to America.

America has for centuries suffered from attitudes of racial prejudices. However much laws, strikes and protests are instituted against the vice, it seems to proceed in operation at least at a subtle level.

Portugal is a good haven for escaping the relatively explicit racial prejudice in many parts of America.

This additionally puts Portugal higher than America in matters regarding peace.

Racism has in the past fanned protests in America, notably recent of which includes the Black Lives Matter protest. Portugal could be a good country to have a break from all that commotion.


10. Economy

Much as Portugal has a smaller economy than America, the economy of the former is more favourable to the citizens.

The United States has a large debt that has affected the economy and service provision to the public. There is actually more homelessness in America than in Portugal.

This means it is easier to stay in Portugal than in America.


11. Work Benefits

The best countries to inhabit are those that have the most favourable working conditions. Working in Portugal is less demanding as in America.

By necessity of the higher cost of living in America, one who is self-employed finds themselves working without enough rest.

The duration of paid vacation is longer in Portugal than in America, for the case of a few American employees who actually get paid vacations especially those in senior positions.

Many employees in America do not get the benefit of a paid vacation because it is not a mandatory requirement by law.

In Portugal, most workers are given paid vacations and an extra paid month towards Christmas holiday.

Additionally, Portugal has more paid holidays, both religious and government as compared to the United States of America.

The work conditions in Europe are generally better than in the rest of the world, and Portugal, being a European country accrues this benefit.


12. Climate

Portugal has a more favourable climate as compared to America. Portugal experiences warm sunshine conditions for the most part of the year, winters are more brief and less severe as compared to those of America.

This in effect reduces on the electricity expenses as compared to the necessity of more heating during the severe winters of America.