The Most Disturbing Scenes in Film That You Won’t Believe Made It to The Screen

There are movie scenes that are just too heartbreaking to watch. Scenes where you close your eyes and hope it passes by fast.

Most scenes from Me Before You are too hard to watch – I just skip right through!

Recently, someone in an online movie forum asked, “Which movie scene is really hard to sit through and watch?” And these are the scenes in these movies that Redditors can't stand or sit to watch.

1. Trainspotting

“Specifically, the scene where they wake up from their drug-induced haze to find the dead baby. The decomposition effect made it look like they neglected to check on her for DAYS… Then their best and only response is to shoot up and get high again—dull the pain. Just tragic,” someone shared.

2. Hereditary

u/Arcon__ shared, “That movie is not only a great horror movie, it simultaneously validates and hits home in an extremely uncomfortable if accurate way for me as someone with serious mental illness in the family.”

“Just the deep seeded fear you pass these things down to your kids. The feeling as a kid when your parents are not stable.”

“Horror gets a bad rap as not being as intelligent or profound as other genres. But the truth is it often has some of the greatest statements and highlights of everyday troubles in society when done right.”

3. I Am Legend

“When Will Smith has to smother the dog as it turns in I Am Legend,” a Redditor said.

Another replied, “I lost my dog the same week I went to watch that in theaters. That scene d–n near broke me.”

u/BondraP also said, “I could barely handle that scene before I ever had a dog. Now that I've had one, and she passed away last September, I feel like I couldn't watch that scene even now, and that must have been really hard seeing it the same week as losing your dog.”

If you love animals, skip this dog movie.

4. Saving Private Ryan

u/LackOfStack said, “When the German soldier is plunging the knife into Mellish.”

“For me, it is when the medic is dying after attacking the machine gun nest. All those soldiers standing around absolutely helpless,” DramaticWesley replied.

u/Secret_Map replied, “Yep, that's the one that makes me cry every time. Like, sob, lol. His reaction to realizing he was hit in the liver and he's going to die, then his requests for more morphine, then him calling for his mama. Gosh, just typing it out is making me a little teary.”

5. Green Mile

u/Publandlady posted, “I leave when Mr. Jingles chases the thread bobbin, and again for the execution scene gone wrong. I've seen both scenes once. Don't need to see that again.”

“I was looking for that comment,” someone said.

6. Nocturnal Animals

“The kidnapping scene. It left me dizzy and stressed out. The most amazing build-up of tension I’ve ever experienced. Never wanna see it again,” u/AlanZero said.

u/RedWestern replied, “The fact that it was so drawn out, and you knew something bad was going to happen but not entirely sure what it would be… that was what made it so good.”

7. City of God

A Redditor posted, “The scene with the eight-year-old boys. The drug dealer is forcing one to shoot the other.

(I’m having trouble typing this because of thinking about the scene).”

“Yeah, I was going to comment on this. The hand or foot scene and what follows in one of the toughest scenes I have ever seen,” u/Pops4Pizza said.

8. Avatar: The Way of Water

“The sequel starts with a quick 2-minute narrative overview to get us “caught up,” and then the entire first act of the movie, which is like 45 – 60 minutes long, is almost meaningless to the overall movie,” u/egnards wrote.

“Had Way of Water instead opened with a 10-15 minute narrative overview, and the movie proper started at roughly the time that our “heroes” meet the water clans – it would have been a far stronger movie and had a more reasonable 2 1/2 hour time.”

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