15 Films That Should Have Ended Hours Ago

A well-paced movie makes for an incredibly satisfying watch. Whether the story demands 90 minutes, two hours, or otherwise, a film should end with the audience thinking, “that was just the right length.”

However, that doesn't always happen, and viewers are often left wishing the movie they're watching would finish (or at least expecting it to). Here is a list of 15 movies fans wish

1. The Sound of Music (1965)

u/Davicitorra answered, “The sound of music. They get married and I said “that was a nice ending” and my wife says “the Nazis haven’t arrived.”

This prompted u/Booklady1998 to respond by saying, “Some people didn’t realize that The Sound of Music had an intermission. They only watched half the movie.”

2. Pearl Harbor (2001)

u/Snoo-35252 suggested “Pearl Harbor.”

“There's the climactic attack on Pearl Harbor. It's explosive and tragic. So many people getting hurt and killed. And then … the movie slows down. And keeps going. For another hour. UGH.”

u/High_Stream followed that up by quoting the late, great Roger Ebert:

“”‘Pearl Harbor‘ is a two-hour movie squeezed into three hours”

-Roger Ebert”

3. Titanic (1997)

u/Hot_Task1408 remembered watching the epic movie at home and said, “Titanic, when you put that second tape in the VCR.”

There was complete agreement from u/LadybugCalico, who followed up by saying, “Yes! That's how I saw it and couldn't believe there was still a whole tape to go.”

4. Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Some users responded with movies they were happy had more time than expected to go, with u/masma1313 saying “Full Metal Jacket,” before following that up by clarifying, “In an excellent way.”

u/DreadedChalupacabra responded by saying “Full metal jacket f****d me up the first time I saw it, the tone shift was so drastic that I thought someone changed the movie when I went to the bathroom.”

5. Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

u/EliseOvO answered, “Transformers age of extinction, that movie was so awful I never even finished it.”

u/Toiletdisco responded by saying, “My husband won free tickets. We went to the cinema together. I was actually enjoying it, I found the whole thing ridiculous and not-believable but I enjoyed myself. Then there was a loooooong time of explosions. And then the movie ended, I thought. I was like, great, 90 mins is a good length for a movie. And then they went to f***ing China en it took another hour to end. It was so incredibly boring which could all be avoided if they just cut it off at 90 minutes.”

6. The Irishman (2019)

u/firecow745 suggested, “The Irishman 3.5 hour run time was a little long for one sitting.”

There was full agreement from u/Max_Rocketanski who replied, “Came here to find this. I knew the film dealt with the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. Jimmy Hoffa “disappears” and there is still an hour to go.”

7. Black Adam (2022)

u/Logical_Garlic_4548 said “Black Adam. I know it was only 2 hours, but to me it felt so much longer.”

u/bitchfacevulture responded in agreement, saying “My husband and I thought the same thing. I paused it saying god damn how much longer do we have? And then saw it was two hours total. Felt like a glitch in the matrix or some s**t.”

8. Blonde (2022)

u/Senior-Sharpie simply suggested “Blonde.”

People agreed, with u/unluky10 replying, “First movie in years I couldn't make it through and had to turn off.”

u/PrinceKitsune went into more detail, saying “I’m a sucker for art films so I liked it as I was watching it at first but it’s so unbearably slow and it’s just tragedy after tragedy shot beautifully, but the pacing and the torture p*rn nature of the movie makes it unfinishable. Cut it in half and don’t call her Marilyn Monroe and I think it would be fine.”

9. Babylon (2022)

u/jkhabe said “I watched Babylon last night and I was like, “Holy s**t, there is still 2 hours left?”.”

u/Big_lt responded by saying “I had no idea it was so long. It wasn't a good movie at all and I ended up leaving the theatre early.”

10. The Batman (2022)

u/Match_96 said, “Batman (2022) after the Riddler gets caught.”

u/justinsroy agreed, saying “I was trying to think which recent movie was like this, and this was it. I paused to grab a drink or something and my immediate thought was “How the HELL is there still THIS much movie left?””

11. Eternals (2021)

u/Kytti_Korner simply said “The Eternals.”

There was widespread agreement, with u/CWRules replying “It would've been better as a Disney+ show. Even at such a long runtime, it felt like they tried to cram in too much” and u/Megalopath agreeing by saying “Literally watched this while building a desk, the desk was more interesting, tbh. :(”

12. Australia (2008)

u/afwaltz suggested “Australia, but it was more like 90 minutes left. Still enjoyed it, though.”

An enthused u/YEEyourlastHAW responded with “Yes! This is a good movie for thinking you were at the end then wait! Bonus plot!” and u/masterventris agreed, saying “It really does feel like two movies glued together!”

13. Cats (2019)

u/-Gigi_the_cat- simply replied with “Cats” before adding “Edit: I thought it would be fun-bad like Birdemic but it was BORING-bad like The Last Airbender.”

u/TieOk1127 replied in agreement, saying “I can't believe this is the only mention out of thousands of comments. This film is excruciating. I felt like time had literally slowed down, maybe that is what hell really feels like,” after which u/iraragorri quipped “It's because no one else watched it.”

14. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

u/videoman7189 answered “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. When Bats and Supes are done fighting and you know that the fight with Doomsday was still going to happen. The name of the movie was the first clue that it was going to be an overly long slog.”

u/Dragon_King3199 was in full agreement, saying “They could've made the whole doomsday topic into a separate movie, but NOPE, gotta combine it with a literal god going against a guy wearing a coke can.”

15. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022)

u/INI75 replied with “Black Panther Wakanda Forever, it was just a lot of filler.”

u/Dynamic2390 responded humorously, saying “At least the title of the film is honest.”

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