10 Movies You’ll Never Believe Were Hiding Jaw-Dropping Twists

Have you ever seen a film that is nothing like the previews made it appear to be? You've got company. Recently someone asked, “Is there a movie that Hollywood marketed misleadingly to hide a plot twist?” The internet delivered these top-voted responses. Warning, spoilers ahead!

 Seven  (1995)

Image Credit: New Line Cinema

One Redditor noted, “The trailer and poster of Seven intentionally did not include Kevin Spacey.” CaptainToothbrush911 replied, “Also, his name is missing during the opening credits sequence.” “And they put his name first in the end credits to make up for it,” said another commenter.

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

BrotherKanker admitted, “The trailers for Million Dollar Baby made it look like a typical inspirational rising to the top sports story. No way anyone was prepared for what happens in the last quarter of the movie just based on the marketing.”

Jarhead (2005)

Image from the movie Jarhead
Image Credit: Universal Studios.

BudgetStorm said, “Jarhead. The trailer made the movie look like an action movie, but the twist was that it was not. So the action and glory shown in the previews was false advertising and cleverly reflected the audience's disappointment.”

Scream (1996)

Image Credit: Dimension Films

Ty10drope mentioned, “They marketed the original Scream as a slasher flick starring Drew Barrymore. Unfortunately, her character was an early casualty within the film's first few minutes.” Another user noted, “Right? And it's her face on that initial piece of art too.”

Suicide Squad (2016)

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Several people agreed that Suicide Squad had amazing trailers but didn't deliver the awesome. Fit_Doughnut added, “It also hinted that Joker was the main villain. Not only was he not a character of any importance, but they also made a dancing witch the main baddie.” Several people agreed The Suicide Squad (2021) delivered. 

Barbarian (2022)

Barbarian Is an Intense and Shocking Thriller
Image Courtesy of Twentieth Century.

ILoveBigLamp answered, “Recently, they marketed Barbarian as a cautionary tale of trusting strangers. However, what you get is much more bizarre.” “As soon as the 2nd act kicked in, I was like, whoa, this is a different kinda movie,” agreed a second commenter. 

Marley & Me (2008)

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

One Redditor expressed, “This movie singlehandedly ruined animal movies for me. I don't watch movies that feature a pet anymore. Like that Channing Tatum movie that came out recently. Nope. I am not watching it.” “I 100% check doesthedogdie.com whenever a dog even briefly appears onscreen. Life is too short for that emotional trauma,” said another.

Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

A user said, “They marketed Bridge to Terabithia as a classic fantasy movie where children discover a real magical kingdom.” Jota769 asked, “Are kids not required to read this book in school anymore? We were intentionally traumatized by our teachers with this one.”  

Kangaroo Jack (2003)

Image Credit: Warner Brothers

EMPulseKC said, “Kangaroo Jack was marketed as a family-friendly film about a talking and rapping kangaroo in a hoodie. But it was a dark comedy movie involving the mafia that is for adults, and the rapping kangaroo was just a dream sequence in one part of the movie.”

Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl
Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

AFrenchTrouDuc said, “Gone Girl had to sell the entire film in its first 45 minutes not to spoil the twist. David Fincher talks about it in the movie commentary.” Another user replied, “I'm so glad I knew nothing about that movie when I first saw it.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is something significant missing from this list?

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