12 Movies With Seriously Dumb Premises That Weren’t Trying To Be Silly

National Treasure 2

While movies can be dumb and silly fun, there are some film premises that are downright stupid — even if it wasn't the intention. Someone in a popular online forum asked, “Which movies had the worst/dumbest premises (that were not trying to be silly)?” Here are the top 12 responses.

1 – Face/Off

face off
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One movie fan named Face/Off, starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. “Guy ‘arrives home’ to his wife and not only does the other guy’s face manage to fit on his, but she doesn't notice him having an entirely different body, mannerisms, voice, or behavior,” they pointed out.

Another agreed, saying, “Yeah, this answer is one of the best.” A third shared, “The voice changes to match the face in the movie I think, but yeah the body thing people always point out.”

2 – Wonder Woman 1984

wonder woman 1984
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Some found the premise of Wonder Woman 1984 rather silly. “Just why, why that movie even exists is beyond me,” one film lover shared.

Another pointed out, “Didn’t she say after 1917 she went into hiding for like 100 years and before the Justice League, modern people knew nothing about her? And since Bruce never knew who she was and we know he was a kid in the 80s, wouldn’t he have known about her?”

3 – Teen Wolf Too

Teen Wolf (2011)
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Before the MTV television show in 2011, Teen Wolf was an 80s film franchise starring Michael J. Fox in the first film and Jason Bateman in the follow-up. One person noted, “Teen Wolf is a dumb but passible premise, but then extending it to college one-on-one boxing is just insane. Nobody would box a werewolf for college sports.” Another film critic added that sparring with a werewolf is likely, but not boxing with one.

4 – Jurassic Park/World

Jurassic Park/World
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“Honestly, as much as I love Jurassic Park, the premise IS pretty silly. Most of the arguments about how Jurassic Park can't work would apply to zoos in general, yet lions aren't mauling people every week at the San Diego Zoo. If they just built the park as a zoo with normal safeguards, nothing bad would have happened,” a film enthusiast shared.

5 – Snakes on a Plane

Snakes On A Plane Samuel L. Jackson
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A few cinephiles claim Snakes on a Plane is a lousy premise considering most snake venom takes hours to affect a human. The film follows a witness, assassin, and FBI agent aboard the same plane. When the assassin releases the venomous creatures to disrupt the fate of the upcoming trial, the passengers try to avoid the serpents.

6 – Looper

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Several film fans despise Looper.

“It was a load of nonsense! Whenever a movie knows it is stupid but wants you to ignore the fact, I always reference Looper and the Bruce Willis diner scene where he outright says, ‘Look, I know this makes no sense, but just roll with it and don't ask questions,'” one movie lover said.

7 – Space Camp

Space Camp Kelly Preston, Lea Thompson, Kate Capshaw, Joaquin Phoenix, Tate Donovan, Larry B. Scott
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When several aspiring astronauts attend space camp, somehow, they end up in space. Many individuals find it hard to look past the fact that an established astronaut made that grave mistake.

8 – The Maze Runner

maze runner death cure
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The Maze Runner stars Dylan O'Brien and focuses on a group of teenagers in ever-changing mazes with no recollection of how they got there.

“Considering the insane level of technology and planning to develop those astonishing mazes and traps… in order to identify potential leaders after a world-ending societal collapse… Why didn't they just use that to save the planet in the first place?” a film buff asked.

9 – Tusk

Image Credit: A24.

Tusk is one of those films that you adore or can't stand. Justin Long tackles the role of a misogynistic podcast host tasked with reporting the story of someone interesting after the subject of his initial story passes away. He discovers a flyer that piques his interest and ends up in a secluded mansion in Northern Canada. Soon, Long's character learns the man in the estate planned something sinister about a walrus.

Some viewers can't get past the body horror aspects of this film, while others think the movie needs to understand which genres it lies in and communicate a moving story.

10 – The Purge

the purge
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In The Purge franchise, the law doesn't exist for one day out of the year. Those who've seen the films don't believe people would abide by the law for 364 days to break it on the day there aren't repercussions. One person suggested that if they break the law, they won't listen to the rules that allow them to break said laws.

11 – National Treasure 2

National Treasure 2
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Who doesn't love Nicolas Cage? National Treasure 2 stars Cage as a man determined to cleanse the negativity surrounding his name.

“The entire story was about him trying to disprove that his ancestor was involved with the Lincoln assassination in order to clear his family name. The reason that’s funny to me is that he was willing to risk his life to disprove something that literally no rational person would have ever held against him since it was something one of his ancestors MIGHT have done 140 years ago,” someone opined.

12 – The Day After Tomorrow

the-day-after-tomorrow (1)
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The Day After Tomorrow centers around climate change that chases you.

“I think that movie has actually set back climate change activism. Everyone who doesn't think climate change is real watches that movie and sees all the sci-fi and it reaffirms their belief,” one person wrote. “And they're not wrong. Climate change is real, but it won't happen like that. So if you're already not on board with believing climate change, The Day After Tomorrow isn't going to make you any less of a nonbeliever.”

Source: Reddit.

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