Re-experience The Thrill: Movies People Wish They Could Watch Again for The First Time!

Have you ever come across an old favorite film while casually browsing, or seen someone watching it and wished you could experience it for the first time again?

Some movies are so good, they can leave you with a momentary sense of emptiness as the final credits roll. Here, online users share films that have made them feel this way.

1. Stardust (2007)

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“I just watched it for the first time last year! I couldn't believe how good it was after scoffing that it looked like nonsense for years…such a fool I was! It just works,” u/cloverthewonderkitty said.

Another Redditor added, “I’m surprised that a fantasy romcom can be so enjoyable, for a straight guy. It’s just the right balance between fantasy, comedy, drama, and romance. Most of the female cast are very easy on the eyes too. I swooned when Yvaine glows while dancing on the ship, and when she talks emphatically to the mouse in the caravan. This movie has a lot of A listers, and they deliver. I’m not gonna lie, I have probably watched it half a dozen times.”

2. The Matrix (1999)

Image from the movie The Matrix
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

u/rickyhatesspam wrote, “Dang. I did not expect to find The Matrix all the way down here in the comments. The original was truly groundbreaking when it was released.”

“Probably one of the first movies to keep the true plot under wraps. What a great movie!” u/brunicki agreed.

3. Reservoir Dogs (1992)

reservoir dogs scene
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u/FreekyDeep shared a funny story:

“Saw it when it first came out. Loved it. Went a few years later when they put a screening of it on at midnight. There was a lone girl sat 2 seats away from me who rocked back and forth during ‘that' scene.

“Me and my best mate (also male and taller than my 6′) sat watching her in pretty much fear for the remaining movie. The credits went up and she's still sat there rocking…. We climbed over seats to get out.”

4. Alien (1979)

Alien 1979 20th Century Studios 2
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“Aliens, in my case,” u/Alexbmac said,

“I actually saw it first, before Alien, and it wasn’t even my choice. A horror movie about monsters? Please. We aren’t children! I reluctantly caved just to be agreeable.

“I was deliciously, thunderously and ridiculously wrong. Never been so happy to be wrong.

“Every once in a while, it reminds me to push my own boundaries, because if I’d been slave to my own tastes, I’d have missed one of my favourite movies ever.”

5. Fight Club (1999)

fight club brad pitt
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“If you haven't yet, read the book. It's amazing because it's different enough from the movie it's like a slightly new experience of the same story,” u/Malaise_Tangerine104 said.

u/ViolentQuiet23 shared the experience of “reliving” the feeling of watching the movie again: “This one! I only saw it for the first time a few years back and somehow managed to avoid spoilers for all those years. Went into it blind and when the twist hit, my jaw was on the floor. Ah, to relive that feeling!”

6. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Shawshank Redemption Castle Rock Entertainment
Photo Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment.

“A great nominee. Will never forget gasping when that rock went through the poster, and again when the warden pushed his arm through and ripped it down…. wow,” u/GalavantingRhino said.

Someone added: “I have seen Shawshank Redemption probably a couple dozen times, and still cry at least once at some point during the movie. Sometimes I'm able to make it through Brooks and everything just to happy-cry at the ending! Completely deserving of the #1 spot on imdb.”

7. Spirited Away (2001)

Spirited Away
Image Credit: Studio Ghibli

“Every single Studio Ghibli film but Spirited Away especially! I’ve still watched it a million times though, and it’s always special. If I’m in a bad mood that film always cheers me up!” a Redditor said.

8. Back to The Future (1985)

back to the future
Image Credit: Universal Pictures

“I somehow didn't see back to the future as a kid and avoided spoilers, so the first time I saw it I was 18 and just felt like a little kid having so much fun. Amazing movie with a super underrated soundtrack,” u/Accomplished_Dance49 posted.

9. Shutter Island (2010)

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u/LordTwatSlapper shared, “I think it's the only movie I've ever watched where the second it finished I immediately restarted it and watched it again. It was like watching 2 completely different films.”

“Shutter Island was an absolute mind blow at the end. Completely agree,” someone added.

10. The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Harrison Ford Films The Empire Strikes Back LucasFilm Ltd
Image Credit: LucasFilm Ltd

u/Fearless_Thought8267shared this:

“This is a great answer. In lieu of me seeing again for the first time, I got to watch my little boy watch it for the first time. We showed him Star Wars several times before ESB. It was magic! He was so focused and breathing hard during the saber battle. Then at the reveal, his mouth dropped open and he was just stunned. One of my best memories of his childhood.”

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