One and Done: 25 Movies That Left Audiences Satisfied with Just a Single Viewing

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We watch so many forms of entertainment on repeat for comfort, excitement, or repeated laughs. However, there are some movies that even one watch seems like more than enough. Have you seen any films you wished you’d never watched or would never watch again? These films were listed by movie lovers who think one watch was plenty.

1. Mother! (2017)

Mother! Jennifer Lawrence
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

The user who listed this movie said it gave them intense anxiety and panic in the theater. It's hard to feel nothing but dread and anxiety the entire film. As someone who tried to get through it and couldn’t, I can’t agree more due to the same feelings.

2. Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Requiem for a Dream
Photo Credit: Artisan Entertainment.

This film was listed several times and for understandable reasons. Due to the potentially triggering subject matter and very realistic portrayal by the actors, one might not want to replicate the feeling after watching this movie.

3. Schindler’s List (1993)

Schindler's List Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Even though one user has a friend who watches this movie every year on the same day, this is not a film you see on most people’s rewatch list. Some people in the comments argued that it’s an essential film for others to learn about the Holocaust. However, I would still say that one viewing is plenty. 

4. Tusk (2014)

Tusk Johnny Depp
Image Credit: A24.

Tusk is often talked about as one of the most disturbing movies people have ever seen. While some people enjoyed the film’s comedic aspects, others found it quite upsetting, and some even cried with discomfort. 

5. Martyrs (2008)

Martyrs Xavier Dolan
Image Credit: Wild Bunch.

Due to the disgust and use of expletives, I can’t even repeat what most people in the comments said about this film. However, viewers clarified that this movie should not be on your repeat list. 

6. Prince of Tides (1991)

Prince of Tides
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.

The top comment about this movie was an entire play-by-play of how badly it went for him to watch it on a date in the theater. Apparently, the film was so bad that it led to a verbal yelling match, a physical altercation, and tears.

7. I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

I Spit on Your Grave
Image Credit: The Jerry Gross Organization.

Dozens of moviegoers agreed that this movie was disturbing, especially the opening scene. One person mentioned that they were talked about watching it and told that the payoff was worth it. Sounds like that was a promise that never got fulfilled!

8. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Grave of The Fireflies Tsutomu Tatsumi Ayano Shiraishi Akemi Yamaguchi
Image Credit: Toho Company.

Animated movies like this one are well-loved, but this one was tough for even the biggest fans. A lot of people agree that this film was beautiful and well-made, and they did not want to watch it again based on how sad and heartbreaking it is.

9. Smile (2022)

Smile Sosie Bacon
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

I’m not sure what people expected based on the premise and movie poster alone, but people were quite upset with Smile. One comment mentioned that it wasn’t as scary during the movie as it was afterward, saying they were terrified of seeing the creepy smile for weeks.

10. Promising Young Woman (2020)

Promising Young Woman Carey Mulligan
Image Credit: Focus Features.

The movie’s premise alone seemed like a great revenge film, especially if you’re a woman tired of seeing justice not being served. However, many people who participated in the discussion were not expecting the disturbing twist – and neither was I!

11. Precious (2009)

Precious Mo'Nique
Image Credit: Lionsgate.

One person said that watching Precious is like a punch in the gut. The movie has a lot of dark themes and it's just full of heartbreak and pain. You want nothing more than to jump in a help Precious.

12. Trainspotting (1996)

Image Credit: PolyGram Filmed Entertainment.

Another movie that I watched once and only once was Trainspotting, and I must agree. Although people in the comments said it’s a good film, and they’ve seen it a few times, the subject matter is quite triggering for some. Some would argue that it was one of Ewan McGregor's best acting roles, but that does not negate the fact that the movie was really upsetting.

13. Hereditary  (2018)

Hereditary (2018) Kathleen Chalfant
Image Credit: A24.

This well-made film had incredible acting and cinematography, but like most horror movies, it had mixed reviews. Plenty of people said they’d never want to watch Hereditary again. Conversely, some commenters mentioned that despite making them uncomfortable, they’ve watched it several times.

14. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Michel Gondry, Kate Winslet, Jim Carrey
Image Credit: Focus Features.

This is one of my favorite movies, but I can understand why people wouldn’t want to watch it again or add it to their favorites list. Several people stated that they confused this film with A Beautiful Mind, which explained much of the discomfort from viewers in the comments.

15. Old (2021)

Image Credit: Phobymo/Universal Pictures – © 2021 Universal Studios.

One person said they wanted their money back; another said it was one of the worst films they’ve seen in years. Fans were not happy with the plot or the twist in the movie.

16. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Million Dollar Baby Clint Eastwood Hilary Swank
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

People in the comments agreed that while it was a brilliant film, it’s not for the faint of heart, and most wouldn’t want to see it again. This was especially true for those who hoped to see an uplifting boxing movie only to endure a tragedy. 

17. Avatar (2009)

Sam Worthington in Avatar (2009)
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Referring to this movie as “the blue people one,” one user said that they hate Avatar because their ex made them watch it whenever they came over. A lot of people claim they just couldn't get into the movie or figure out what was going on.

18. The Notebook (2004)

The Notebook Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

The Notebook is a beloved romance movie for some, with a lot of people watching it over and over again. However, some people hope to never see it again. Perhaps there is something about an intensely emotional romance movie that makes people feel uncomfortable.

19. A Serbian Film (2010)

Jelena Gavrilovic in A Serbian Film (2010)
Image Credit: Unearthed Films.

There is no good reason to ever watch this film. Most people see this movie after a long night of drinking or after being convinced to check it out for the shock value. However, this movie has correctly earned a reputation for being one of the most horrifying films out there – and you shouldn’t watch it once, let alone a second time.

20. Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017)

luke the last jedi
Image Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Unlike most movies on this list that are being rejected for a second watch due to disturbing and upsetting, people thought this one was bad. From the writing to the entire plot line, people found it boring and not a great movie in the Star Wars franchise.

21. The Elephant Man (1980)

The Elephant Man
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

This movie is about a man living as a “side-show freak” with a disfigurement that has left him being treated like a monster despite his intelligence and kindness. This is truly a heartbreaking movie.

22. Knock Knock (2015)

Knock Knock Keanu Reeves
Image Credit: Lionsgate Premiere.

Knock Knock is a movie about two beautiful young women who claim to be stranded, and the series of unfortunate events that take place once they arrive. There was plenty of discourse in the comments about whether this movie showcased Keanu Reeves’ acting skills. The consensus, however, was that the film was disturbing.

23. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

Artificial Intelligence
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

It’s interesting to think back on this movie now when A.I. is at the forefront of emerging technology. However, most people in the comments were disturbed by this film at a young age. One mentioned that it sent them into a depressive state of existential dread. Another said it messed them up for a long time as a kid.

24. Teeth (2007)

Teeth 2007
Photo Credit: Roadside Attractions.

Apparently, it was common for people to watch this film without knowing the subject matter. More than one person in the comments said that they would avoid watching it a second time and wouldn’t have seen it the first time had they known.

25. Buried (2010)

Ryan Reynolds in Buried (2010)
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

If you have claustrophobia, users do not recommend this one. Watching it can literally just cause you to panic.

Source: Reddit.

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