25 Movies That People Wish They Never Watched

Have you ever been excited to watch a movie, only to leave the theater disappointed? Either the acting wasn't great, the film had poor editing, or something was just too frustrating to look past. Movie lovers on a popular online forum discussed the films they wished they never watched. Here are the top 25 movies they counted as disappointments.

1. Tusk (2014)

Tusk Johnny Depp
Image Credit: A24.

Wallace is a podcaster trying to collect crazy stories from people to tell his audience. He goes to Canada for an interview, but it falls through. He then comes across an adventurer and decides to go to his place. Upon arrival, he listens to a story about a walrus and a shipwreck. Wallace then blacks out and wakes up bound to a wheelchair.

He is then subjected to a weird medical procedure that will transform him. Several movie fans found this whole premise to be idiotic and absurd.

2. Martyrs (2008)

Martyrs Xavier Dolan
Image Credit: Wild Bunch.

This film is about a young woman's quest for revenge. As a child, she was kidnapped and tormented. Her friend is also a victim of child abuse, and this movie is a look into their life of depravity as a result. Some film fans found it so disturbing, they said they wished they had never seen it.

3. Salo (1975)

The 120 Days of Sodom Dorit Henke
Image Credit: United Artists.

A highly controversial movie, Salo is set in World War II. In Northern Italy in 1943-44, some senior government members kidnapped young men and women. These captives are held for approximately four months and are subjected to unspeakable horrors. This film was initially banned in Australia for 17 years. In some people's opinion, it should never have been released anywhere.

4. Free Guy (2021)

Free Guy Ryan Reynolds, Lil Rel Howery
Image Credit: 20th Century Studios.

The main protagonist is Guy, a bank teller living an everyday life. One day he discovers that he is a non-player character (NPC) in an open-world video game. He then tests his limits and tries to become the story's hero. One commenter claimed the movie was an insult to gaming culture. 

5. Irreversible (2002)

Irréversible Monica Bellucci
Image Credit: Mars Distribution.

This feature takes place over the course of one night in Paris. Everything is shown in reverse chronological order, giving it a bit of a different feeling than your standard movie. Unfortunately, this concept isn't used well, as the film is about a young woman being brutally attacked in an underpass tunnel.

6. 365 Days (2020)

Michele Morrone, Anna-Maria Sieklucka 365 Days
Image Credit: Next Film.

A young boss in the Sicilian Mafia must step up after a family tragedy. One way he decides to do that is to kidnap a woman for one year. He will hold her captive and tell her she has one year to fall in love with him. One film fan said this was one of the worst movies to ever exist. 

7. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023)

Ant-Man and the Wasp Paul Rudd, Kathryn Newton
Image Credit: MARVEL.

In this movie, Scott Lang is trying to juggle a double life. He has his “normal” life and then his life as Ant-Man. A device his kid built malfunctions and sends a group of people to the Quantum Realm. They are forced to adapt to survive, and it becomes up to them to try and ensure the safety of the multiverse. One movie lover said it was overall a terrible film.

8. Threads (1984)

Threads Karen Meagher
Image Credit: BBC.

This movie was marketed as the most terrifying film of all time. It showcased the effects a nuclear holocaust would have on Sheffield, England. This event resulted from escalating tensions between the U.S. and Russia after Russia invaded Iran. One person stated they won't be able to watch Oppenheimer because Threads scared them off of movies involving nuclear weapons. 

9. The Snowtown Murders (2011)

The Snowtown Murders Lucas Pittaway
Image Credit: Madman Films.

Based on a true story, Jamie joins a group his mother's new boyfriend, John, belongs to. They are a group of men who take the law into their own hands. John becomes a mentor to Jamie and as time goes by, Jamie starts to take on some of John's characteristics. When Jamie finds out what is happening, he must decide what is most important. 

10. Be Cool (2005)

Be Cool Uma Thurman
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

A former mobster and now a movie producer, Chili Palmer returns in this sequel to Get Shorty. He is trying his hand in a new business this time, trying to make a name for himself in the music business. He deals with gangsta rappers, Russian mobsters, and more along the way. It didn't seem to do as well as the original movie, with some people saying it was too cringey to sit through. 

11. Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021)

Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard Salma Hayek, Samuel L. Jackson
Image Credit: Lionsgate.

The Hitman's Bodyguard characters Michael Bryce and Darius Kincaid reunite and continue their interesting relationship as they try to save Darius' wife, Sonia. They find themselves in the middle of a global plot. While the original movie had a bunch of charm and humor, some felt this sequel lacked what made the first movie special.

12. Eternals (2021)

Eternals Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Ma Dong-seok, Brian Tyree Henry, Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keoghan, Lia McHugh
Image Credit: Marvel Studios.

Not everything Marvel touches will be great, and this is one of those instances. The Eternals are a race of immortal beings that live here on Earth with us. An unexpected tragedy occurs and now it is up to them to fight humanity's most ancient enemy. One movie fan mentioned that the film had no impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was a waste of time.

13. The Last Airbender (2010)

The Last Airbender Nicola Peltz Beckham, Noah Ringer
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

This is a story about the four nations of Earth living in harmony until one of them decides to shatter that peace. One hundred years later, that peace remains shattered, and it is up to an Avatar named Aang to restore balance once he discovers he can control the four elements. Many people saw this film as a slap in the face to fans of the popular animated show.

14. Sharknado (2013)

Sharknado Aubrey Peeples
Image Credit: The Asylum.

The absurdity of this premise is something that divides viewers. Thanks to Mother Nature, sharks now rule the sea, land, and air in Los Angeles. Shark-infested tidal waves endanger the lives of former surfing champion Finley “Fin” Shepard and his family and friends as it is literally raining sharks.

15. Wolf Creek (2005)

Wolf Creek Cassandra Magrath
Image Credit: Roadshow Entertainment.

A psychotic individual in the Australian outback discovers three backpackers stranded at Wolf Creek Crater. He offers them help but it turns their vacation into a nightmare when they need to try and find a way to escape the torture he is putting them through.

16. A Quiet Place (2018)

A Quiet Place Millicent Simmonds
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

The planet has been overrun by predators of an extraterrestrial origin that seem invincible. The slightest bit of noise will attract these new creatures, so you need to be absolutely silent or face the consequences. The Abbott family needs to learn how to survive in this new world where making a sound could cost you your life.

17. Gravity (2013)

Gravity Sandra Bullock
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

This is a tale about two astronauts who are stranded in space. They are the only two left alive after an explosion, and one is running out of oxygen quickly. They need to get to another satellite before things get any worse. One film lover remarked that some plot roles ruined the experience and that it resulted in the worst ending they'd ever seen. 

18. The Emoji Movie (2017)

The Emoji Movie
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing.

This is a bit more of a light-hearted answer. Some people feel like this movie should have never existed. You have one emoji named Gene that is a little different from the others, and this is his journey to try and become just like everyone else. Along the way, he faces possible deletion and the only way he can avoid that is by finding someone who can work with the emojis app.

19. Speak No Evil (2022)

Speak No Evil 2022
Image Credit: TrustNordisk.

This is a story about a couple invited to a country house by a Dutch couple for a weekend. Unfortunately, the experience isn't quite what they hoped it would be. It doesn't take long before the hosts try to test their guests' limits in a continually escalating situation.

20. An American Carol (2008)

An American Carol Kelsey Grammer
Image Credit: Vivendi Entertainment.

The Fourth of July is an important day in the United States. This film is about a filmmaker named Michael making a documentary about someone trying to eliminate the Independence Day holiday. This gentleman refuses to celebrate the holiday at all. One night he has a vision where three ghosts visit him, trying to show him the error of his ways. Meanwhile, some terrorists want Michael to help them with a propaganda film.

21. Love Actually (2003)

Love Actually Andrew Lincoln
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

This story follows eight couples and showcases how they deal with their love lives. The tales are intertwined and take place in London during a frantic month leading up to Christmas. One disappointed viewer stated that every single character was toxic and annoying. 

22. Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

Thor Love and Thunder Natalie Portman
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Thor is retired, but his retirement must be placed on hold when Gorr the God Butcher shows up and wants to wipe out all of the gods. Thor needs to enlist the help of some friends and go on a cosmic adventure to unravel the mystery of Gorr's vengeance. One film fan said he felt “dumber” after watching this movie.

23. Come and See (1985)

Come and See
Image Credit: underDOC Film.

This movie takes place during World War II. It showcases the experiences and horrors a young boy witnesses after finding an old gun and joining the Soviets. His childlike innocence is crushed in a moment as he is forced to confront the atrocities of war.

24. Signs (2002)

Image Credit: Touchstone Pictures.

A priest loses faith after a horrific car accident that claimed his wife. He moves out to the country to be with his family. Approximately six months later, mysterious crop circles begin appearing in his fields. As unexplained events start taking place, the situation becomes volatile as paranoia, denial, and grief set in.

25. Splice (2009)

Splice Sarah Polley, Delphine Chanéac
Image Credit: Les Films Séville.

This movie is about two genetic engineers trying to mess with DNA. They hope to become famous by taking the DNA of some different animals and splicing them together, thereby creating brand new animals that can be used for medical testing. One movie lover stated that he was still mad that he spent money to watch this.

Source: Reddit.