10 Most Disgusting Movies To Make You Cringe

The best movies elicit strong and complex emotional reactions from their viewers. But what happens when those feelings are disgusting, disturbing, and vile? From Pink Flamingos (1972) to Philosophy of a Knife (2008), these are the most vomit-inducing films ever made.

1. The Human Centipede (2009)

Human Centipede Dieter Laser
Image Credit: Bounty Films.

When two American women vacationing in Germany end up with a flat tire in the middle of the woods at night, they head out on foot to find an isolated house where a man welcomes them in for the night. But when they awake the following day, they're strapped to makeshift hospital beds, and the man tells them they will be the subjects of his next experiment. He aims to create a “human centipede” by sewing three people together in a chain, linked by their mouths and anuses.

2. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Cannibal Holocaust Robert Kerman
Image Credit: United Artists Europa.

This gory Italian horror film follows an anthropology professor on a rescue mission in the Amazon rainforest. A group of American filmmakers went missing after deciding to visit a native tribe that was rumored to be cannibalistic. But when the professor discovers the film crew's lost footage, he's horrified to learn that the crew assaulted a young girl, causing the tribe to grow angry and gruesomely kill the film crew on tape.

3. Inside (2007)

Inside Alysson Paradis
Image Credit: La Fabrique de Films.

Inside is a home invasion horror film about a single pregnant woman alone in her home at night. She hears a knock at her door, and a strange woman asks to use her phone. But the pregnant woman is suspicious and doesn't let her in. Hours later, the pregnant woman wakes up to a knife stabbing her baby bump as the woman looms over her, claiming she will do anything to harvest the woman's baby to take for herself.

4. We Are The Flesh (2016)

We Are the Flesh María Evoli
Image Credit: Arrow Films.

During the apocalypse, a brother and a sister do their best to survive on scraps and stay out of harm's way. When they meet a man offering them food, water, and shelter, they promise to do whatever he asks. Initially, his requests are simple and harmless but quickly devolve into asking the siblings to engage in incest while he watches.

5. Deadgirl (2008)

Deadgirl Candice King
Image Credit: Dark Sky Films.

When two teenage boys skip school to visit an abandoned psychiatric hospital, they discover a young woman chained up in the basement. While one friend decides to take advantage of the woman, the other tries to dissuade him. But when the boys learn the girl is a member of the undead, their plans become even more sinister.

6. The 120 Days of Sodom (1975)

The 120 Days of Sodom Dorit Henke
Image Credit: United Artists.

In an exploration of the gruesome nature of fascism, Salò, or The 120 Days of Sodom, is an extremely disturbing and gory horror war film about a group of powerful men who capture eighteen young people and force them to endure brutal torture for 120 days before killing them all in the most horrific ways imaginable. Only watch this film if you want to be scared for life.

7. Pink Flamingos (1972)

Pink Flamingos Divine, Danny Mills
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

This dark comedy takes disgusting to a whole other level. When the terrifying and unhinged criminal's title as “the filthiest person alive” is challenged by a disturbing criminal couple, she does everything she can to retain her title. To do so, she and the couple compete by undergoing increasingly disgusting scenarios like cannibalizing police officers at a birthday party.

8. Nekromantik (1988)

Nekromantik Beatrice Manowski
Image Credit: Leisure Time Features.

When a crime scene cleanup technician steals a decaying dead body from work, he and his wife use it to feed their disturbing sexual fantasies. This German film is filled with highly gory moments and is just as psychologically unsettling.

9. Philosophy of a Knife (2008)

Philosophy of a Knife
Image Credit: TLA Releasing.

This docu-drama recounts the terrifying and tragic events in China during World War II at Unit 731. While all the footage is a reenactment, the gore is intense and gratuitous, mainly because this film tells the story of actual events that happened to real human beings. Unit 731 is famous for being a site of disturbing experimentation by the Japanese, primarily testing biological warfare on their Chinese victims.

10. Dogtooth (2009)

Dogtooth Angeliki Papoulia
Image Credit: Feelgood Entertainment.

This creepy film is about sadistic parents who keep their three adult children trapped in their home, using physical and psychological abuse to keep them in their place. The siblings are forced to abuse each other and become intimate as the eldest daughter begins to plot her escape.

What other deranged films belong on this list?

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