15 Jaw-Dropping Movies with Twists That Will Leave You Stunned

Some of the best movies are those that end in unexpected ways. Redditor u/therealbobcat23 was on the hunt for recommendations on movies with crazy twist endings. But not just any twists; they were looking for movies where the twists “completely change what the film is about.”

Here are the best responses.

1: The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)

One movie with many votes was 2012's The Place Beyond the Pines. According to one Redditor, the movie is like “three in one.” Which we can understand why. Starring Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, The Place Beyond the Pines spans multiple decades, exploring the consequences of our choices and the impact they can have on future generations.

2: The World's End (2013)

u/FloridaFlamingoGirl shared, “The World’s End.”

“The twist is so completely out of nowhere, it’s so good!” added u/Bar_Har.

3: From Dusk til Dawn (1996)

u/SlantLogoEPU answered, “From Dusk til Dawn.”

“I remember watching this movie back in the day and really wanting more of the first part of the movie,” replied u/Amadeus_Ray.

4: Parasite (2019)

u/ForidaFlamingoGirl suggested, “Parasite.”

“My immediate first thought. Great film,” added u/cakesdirt.

5: Gone Baby Gone (2007)

u/Fluid-Ideal-7438 recommended, “Gone Baby Gone.”

“This is Ben Affleck's best job as director, IMO,” added u/SherbertEquivalent66.

6: Cabin in the Woods (2011)

u/meat_strings said, “Cabin in the Woods (majorly).”

“Every time I see a variant of this question here I always click to add cabin in the woods. Not trying to over hype it up I just was definitely enthralled by it,” replied u/wowyouregood.

7: Barbarian (2022)

u/Enriquez77 responded, “Barbarian.”

“My first thought. That movie was a wild ride,” added u/The_Original_Gronkie.

8: Gone Girl (2014)

u/an-amusing-username shared, “I'm surprised no one has said Gone Girl yet.”

“I love how it changed from a normal crime thriller at first to a procedural revenge movie from the second half and everything Amy had established had turned completely upside down,” added u/keerthanaa_.

9: Psycho (1960)

u/Signal_Lie_6785 suggested, “Psycho (1960).”

“I feel like this is a classic example,” replied u/iJon_v2.

10: Sorry to Bother You (2018)

u/Batman0127 said, “Sorry to Bother You (2018). Thematically you can see where it's going if you're keen but plot-wise it's a total surprise. And a terrifying one at that. Love this movie.”

11: Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

u/tPTBNL recommended, “Little Miss Sunshine (2006). Recently watched it for the first time in a while and was struck by how much it changes halfway through. It’s also really entertaining.”

12: Click (2006)

u/OldPolishProverb answered, “I came here to recommend Click. It goes from a goofy comedy to something dark very quickly.”

13: The Big Lewboski (1998)

u/jang859 said, “The Big Lewboski changes genres like 3 times.”

“I think of it being more an absurdist stoner comedy AND a noir AND a western all the way through….but that’s just, like, my opinion, man,” replied u/gregorsamwise.

14: Stripes (1981)

u/WishieWashie12 responded, “I always thought Stripes could have been split into two movies. One for the basic training and one for the RV adventures.”

15: Lost Highway (1997)

u/mikep120001 replied, “How has nobody written Lost Highway? It's like 2 completely different movies with arguably one of the best soundtracks ever.”

Source: Reddit.

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