MultiVersus Tier List – Best Characters (August 2022)

Here's the list of best characters in MultiVersus tier list. These iconic heroes from fictional worlds are worthy warriors in the battle arenas.

MultiVersus continues to expand its reach on various platforms. The platform-tighter has amassed more than 10 million players as it is getting closer to its first month. In the process, it also introduced new characters like Rick, Morty and LeBron James. While the amazing character roster of the game is sure to expand in the future, we have prepared the tier list for all MultiVersus characters.

In the list below, you can find MultiVersus tier list that includes all characters in the game. The list categorizes the iconic heroes into four tiers. There are four tiers with S being the best and followed by A, B, C.

MultiVersus Tier List

Before we proceed with the tier list, it is important to note that the categorization can differ based on your playstyle. While indeed some characters have distinctive play styles that can give you the upper hand, note that the list can change in the upcoming seasons.

S Tier Characters in MultiVersus

multiversus s tier characters

S Tier consists of the best MultiVersus characters. These famous heroes are the most capable and versatile fighters in the game. Some of them are especially great in knockback attacks whereas others revel in aerial combat.

  • Bugs Bunny – It is safe to say that the famous bunny of Looney Tunes is clearly one of the best fighters in the game. Thanks to his hybrid playstyle, Bugs Bunny is a top-tier character that comes with basic ground and aerial attacks. Thanks to his special Delive-Rocket, you will see that it is quite difficult to best him in a fight.
  • Batman – Gotham's dark detective depends heavily on his grapple in the arena. He has a set of effective bombs and attacks that gives him the upper hand. Batman is also great at projectile attacks as he comes with Batarangs.
  • Superman – The Kryptonian is one of the best characters in MultiVersus. he comes with a great move set that includes Armored Attacks. He can also burst out extra damage thanks to his versatile abilities.
  • Velma – Scooby Doo's mystery expert comes with great abilities and damage potential. Especially with the Fast Thinker attack, Velma offers an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master playstyle.
  • Finn the Human – The tough and merciful hero of Adventure Time is in Assassin class. He can burst out solid damages when his special attacks are boosted. With the right team member, Finn can do wonders in the arenas of MultiVersus.

A Tier

  • Harley Quinn – The henchwoman of Joker and the clowness of Gotham comes to bamboozle her enemies in the MultiVersus. Thanks to her great aerial attacks, Harley Quinn is a great character for those who favor a fast-paced playstyle.
  • Tom and Jerry – As the wildest duo of the game, Tom and Jerry come with a highly explosive playstyle. You might find it difficult to get a hold of the iconic pair. But they are clearly one of the best and most versatile characters in the game. Unlike the show, they work together in MultiVersus and offer solid attacks with Jerry often being a projectile.
  • Wonder Woman – As one of the first characters you will get to play in MultiVersus, Wonder Woman is a tank class fighter that comes with a simple move set. She often serves as a human shield for her teammate as she can even block projectiles thanks to her special ability.
  • Iron Giant – Iron Giant has certain abilities that allow him to attack multiple enemies at once. But due to his colossal size, he is also prone to most attacks because of his larger hitbox. Do not worry though, as his massive size also comes with various advantages. Iron Giant is the only colossal-sized character of the game.
multiversus tier list

B Tier

C Tier

Do note that this MultiVersus tier list is for Season 1. With the upcoming updates, the balance between characters is sure to change. The characters often get buffed or nerfed. On the other hand, MultiVersus will get a ton of new characters in the future that will change the tier list for sure.

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