My 10 Favourite Things About the Empire Strikes Back

empire strikes back ending
Luke with a classic side hug move…

10 Favourite Things About Empire Strikes Back

I think the first time I learned that there was as sequel to Star Wars was when my older cousin played for me the cassette story version of it. There was lots of big epic battle sounds at the start which is of course the Battle of Hoth but what kid knows that at the time.
I can’t remember when I then saw the movie but I’m pretty sure it was by way of video on our Tv that only got two channels. Channel One and Channel Two. But who needs TV when you have Star Wars?
Here’s my ten favourite things about Empire – a mixture of the wonder you only have being a kid and now a thirty something adult.
1. Luke Skywalker is back! And he’s in a snow cave there’s a scary creature and then Han had to put him in that smelly animal!

2. Luke visits Degobah. Who is that green goblin, why is he so funny, oh wait, he’s for real!

3. Luke visits a cave, oh noes, it’s Vader!

4. Three words: Giant Worm Escape.

5. The Falcon drifting off as rubbish was just totally awesomeness from Han.

6. Vader grabbing Han’s pistol.

7. Lando’s not a bad guy after all!

8. Woah, Luke is Vader’s son. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING AS A KID.

9. Luke gets a new hand

10. Awesome closing screen shot, one of hope…

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