My Unfair Advantage Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

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In this digital era, every person, whether in business or not, has learned to adjust to being online for the countless opportunities there.

It could be online marketing or having online business platforms so as to access a wider range of customers.

Being online has also created new ways of making money through different platforms. It has also become increasingly popular to work from home because if all my work can be done on a computer, why must I go to an office?

The world has become more flexible. It is therefore surprising that even when the world is living mostly online, it is still hard for people to make money online.

There must be numerous ways how people can make money online today. Some people do not know what to do exactly though in order to tap into this whole “making money online” thing. What are they doing wrong?

What must they do to move past this nightmare? It is important that any person struggling with making money online gets all the help they can get.

My Unfair Advantage is one of the ways to get help and ensure that you move past this hurdle which affects your ability to make money online.

I am going to shed more light on what My Unfair Advantage is so as anyone looking for information knows what exactly it is about.


What is My Unfair Advantage?

My Unfair Advantage Review

It is pretty simple actually. My unfair advantage is a course. It is an online training course that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing business.

I need to caution you though. This is just a learning course. Doing the course does not guarantee your success in affiliate business. You need to put in the work yourself while using the tools and skills provided by My Unfair Advantage.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement where an online retailer pays commission to an external website for the traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

An example of this would be referring a product or service by sharing it on a blog, social media platform(s) or website and when someone clicks that link to actually view or purchase that particular product or service, the owner of the website that referred it is paid in commission for every single referral.


Who Are the Creators of My Unfair Advantage?

My unfair advantage was created by Omar and Melinda Martin. It is one of their many products. The creators of the site state that they were doing badly at a point in their life before they created these tools to help them build a successful online business.

Omar was a struggling paramedic. It is not stated what Melinda did at the time. They decided to create My Unfair Advantage and then luckily, it all fell into place.

The two have been internet marketers since 2007 and they have earned millions of dollars doing exactly that.

They generate an income of over 50,000 US dollars per month by running their websites from their home in Orlando, Florida. So, this is all information you can get from their site. I cannot ascertain their actual income so I take their word for it.


How Does My Unfair Advantage Work?

my unfair advantage review

On their website, they do claim to share something with you that can immediately boost your online profits.

Omar and Melinda claim that the business is lucrative and you won’t ever have to work again in your life.

Technically, the affiliate marketing is still work but you get what I mean. The commutes, alarm clocks, yelling by bosses and all the usual catastrophes of formal employment.

Anyway, they do state that some months are better than others. There was a time they made only about 12,000 US dollars a month and there are times when they made it big, 200,000 US dollars. So, expect good and bad days.

Here is how it works. The course provides you with three major categories of information. One. They give you the core products, the training and the tools you need to make it in affiliate marketing. Two.

They give you expert live guidance on anything you need. They make monthly webinars that are 3 hours long available for members where they talk to them live about the changing dynamics in the market and what to do in given situations.

Three. They give you unlimited access to an information product library so that you can find out more about what to do when you need to.

All of this is of course accessible at a fee. What kind of internet marketing teachers would they be if they cannot make money online themselves? You wouldn’t be convinced.


My Unfair Advantage Subscriptions.

They advise that it is better for one to become a member of My Unfair Advantage (MUA) because the products and services are usually cheaper or even free for members.

So, about the subscriptions, the website has so many products with different pricing depending on the product or service.

I am going to mention some of them here for you so that you know the price range and decide whether it is affordable for you and thus financially accessible.

They attach the production cost of the same so that you know how costly it is to make them yourself. Some of these products are-

  • The Funnel Boss Training course and 26 DIY Funnels are 388 US dollars. The production cost of the same was 39,000 US dollars.
  • Internet selling for Newbies video training course is 51.95 US dollars. The production cost was 2,500 Us dollars.
  • Content Nitrous video course & software plugin suite is 88.95 US dollars. the production cost was 14,000 US dollars.
  • Six tailored custom mini courses at 47 US dollars each. These include the step by step product creation course, the List bolt course, the Kick Ass Sales Pages course, the Membership site mini course and the Launch superstar affiliate superstar course.

If you are to buy all these products individually purchasing one by one, you’d spend over 26,000 US dollars in total.

Anyway, maybe you might not need them all. But, you never know. However, if you are to pay for subscription, you have access to all these products and services from then onwards.

The subscription fee is 37 US dollars per month or in the alternative, 297 US dollars for permanent access.

You can pay the subscription using PayPal, with your Visa card or MasterCard or Amex (American Express) and you will have instant access to all of these products and services.

One must note though that there are two upsells of the course. The first one is 697 US dollars while the second one is 197 US dollars.

For those of you who do not know what upselling is, it is a sales technique that encourages customers to spend more money by purchasing an upgraded or premium version of the product they originally intended to buy like YouTube premium or Spotify premium.

Everything sure does have an advantage or disadvantage or possibly several of them.

So, here is my opinion on the pros and cons of My Unfair Advantage.


Pros of My Unfair Advantage.

It does have an active Facebook group for those that use the App. It includes numerous subscribers from all over the world from whom one can get advice and share experiences so as to get better solutions to the day to day problems that come with affiliate marketing.

You can get a refund of your money within 30 days of purchasing the course.

That is a good sign at least for me because it does not feel like a trap. This shows me that these people trust their products and I respect that.


Cons of My Unfair Advantage.

The course does not discuss some of the important information that one might need to succeed while doing affiliate marketing.

What happens when I do not draw the necessary traffic on my site? No information on this whatsoever which makes it hard to trust this course because any internet marketer knows that this is a very important part of business.

Omar only talks about it in his webinars where the concept of what he does to draw traffic might not work for beginners who have close to no traffic at all.

Some of the webinars are outdated. Why would there still be a webinar from 2010? We all know that the internet changes drastically from day to day.

There must be a lot of changes that have happened in 12 years and some of the advice that was helpful back then is useless now.

On the website, they say that subscribers have access to 55 PLR bonus items but guess what? These are still the webinars but in PDF form most of which are outdated anyways.

It has upsells. Don’t you just hate them? I mean tell me once and for all the exact money I should be paying instead of providing “premium access”.


Conclusion: My Unfair Advantage Review

I have given you the information I acquired doing my research on My Unfair Advantage and whether they are worth it or not.

You can then decide on whether to purchase the course or not. If I had the money, I would give it a try because online is the way to go in the world today.

If it doesn’t work out, you have thirty days to click the “Nope, not for me” button.

I hope you found this review of My Unfair Advantage helpful.

Let me know in the comment section below if you are planning to give Unfair Advantage a try.

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