Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2: Is It Confirmed?

While it is probably less popular than other anime created by Kyoto Animation, some fans have been eagerly waiting for the Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2. Known as Musaigen no Phantom World in Japanese, it is a fantasy anime series adaptation from the light novel of the same name. The light novel is written by Soichirou Hatano and illustrated by Shirabi.

Under Kyoto Animation's novel imprint, KA Esumo Bunko, Soichirou Hatano published the first volume of the series on December 20, 2013. After that, they released two more volumes, making a total of three volumes.

The first volume received an honorable mention of the fourth Kyoto Animation Award, an annual award to recognize prominent works. Some works mentioned in the award have received anime adaptations, so does the Myriad Colors Phantom World.

The anime adaption, produced by Kyoto Animations, was directed by Tatsuya Ishihara (Nichijou, Free), with Kazumi Ikeda handling the character designs and acting as chief animation. The first season aired between January 7 and March 31, 2016, listed with 13 episodes.

With the combination of the charm of Kyoto Animation's visual and heartwarming story, the series gained many fans worldwide. But is it enough for Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2? Here is everything we know about it.

Will there be Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2?

Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2
Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2: Is It Confirmed? 2

To be honest with you, we probably won't get Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2. Like some anime sequels that fans want, the source material is one of the problems.

Just as we mentioned before, the series has a total of three volumes. The good news, Kyoto Animation only adapted the first volume of the light novel for the first season. The bad news, there is a shift change in the story starting from the second volume. We won't give any detail about the changes, but to summarize, it goes from the happy-go feeling to a dark and edgy story.

Then, we link the transformation of the story with its studio animation, Kyoto Animation. Just like other anime made by Kyoto Animation, it has plenty of moe elements and an original story. The first season ended with a good ending, too. It will be a challenge for the studio to make Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2 because of changes in tone in the story. In short, it might not suit Kyoto Animation's style and principles.

In addition, after the 2019 arson attack, Kyoto Animation is still recovering and not producing many anime television series. This year alone, the studio only has one anime series, Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S.

The expectation for Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2 is low, but men can only hope.

Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2 Release Date

With those problems that we mentioned above, there is no official release date for Myriad Colors Phantom World Season 2. Unfortunately, this is the pill truth that we have to swallow, at least for now.

It's been only five years since the series concluded, so that the possibility could vary. We can only pray for Kyoto Animation's complete recovery, and then they are brave enough to make the second season. Or we could probably get the same treatment as the Amagi Brilliant Park series, which also doesn't have a sequel.

The Plot of Myriad Colors Phantom World

The story follows Haruki Ichijo, a student at Hosea Academy. In the world that Haruki lives, there are Phantoms, supernatural entities which can be seen because of the virus outbreak that infects the human brain and perception.

Hosea Academy is a private school for children with special abilities to deal with Phantoms. Enjoy Haruki and his friends in Phantom-hunting club everyday life, including their struggle to seal harmful Phantoms.