Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 2: Everything We Know

Nazo no Kanojo X, the Japanese name of this series, is a romance anime with a unique relationship. Because of its unusual plot, no wonder there is a petition to make Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 2.

It is based on the manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Riichi Ueshiba. The author first wrote the series as a one-shot chapter published by Monthly Afternoon magazine in 2004, before serializing it in the same magazine two years later.

Hoods Entertainment (Drifters) produced the anime adaption in 2012. It had some excellent staff too. The director was Ayumu Watanabe, who now is known as the one that directed After the Rain and Komi Can't Communicate. There was also Shigemi Ikeda, an Emmy-nominated art director because of his work on Afro Samura: Resurrection.

The first season is listed with 13 episodes, and since the last episode aired, there has been no update about Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 2. So, is it out of reach? Here is everything we know about it.

Will there be Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 2?

Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 2

Let's be honest here, the probability of Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 2 is very low. We will explain to you why.

The first thing that you need to look at is the source material. Riichi Ueshiba ended the series with 12 volumes, with the last book coming in 2014. That is not a good sign, especially when the first season concluded nine years ago.

The second thing that we need to consider is the studio that produced the anime adaptation, Hoods Entertainment. The studio is not well known to make a series's second season if we look at its portfolio. So far, two series have a sequel from Hoods Entertainment, Seikon no Qwaser, and 3D Kanojo: Real Girl.

There is also the case of Drifters, another anime project by the studio. Since the announcement of its sequel in 2016, Hoods Entertainment has not fulfilled its promise.

We will move to the good news. Not a lot, but it might hold our hope for Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 2. While the manga has already ended, there is still plenty of content to be covered if Hoods Entertainment wants to pick the series again. From the information that we gathered, the first season adapted only 36 chapters from 96 chapters. So it's worth considering creating a second season.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 2 Release Date

As you can see, there is no official announcement about the Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 2 release date. From what we discussed above, there are many reasons why we might not see the update that we hope for.

The nine-year gap is too long for the anime sequel, and the end of the manga couldn't help it either. There are some rare cases, though; for example, the announcement of The Devil is a Part-Timer sequel. In this case, another studio takes over the project, which may happen with Mysterious Girlfriend X.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Visual

Mysterious Girlfriend X Visual

Mysterious Girlfriend X Characters and Cast

Mikoto UrabeAyako Yoshitani
Akira TsubakiMiyu Irino
Yoko TsubakiMisato Fukuen
Ayuko OkaRyou Hirohashi

Plot of Mysterious Girlfriend X

The story is focused on the unique relationship between Akira Tsubaki, an ordinary high schooler, and Mikoto Urabe, the transfer student who sits next to him. Urabe is known as a weirdo. She started laughing loudly without reason in the middle class on her first day of school, does not like to talk with other classmates, and likes to nap at her desk.

One day, Tsubaki sees Urabe sleeping and drooling on her desk. After she goes home, Tsubaki impulsively tastes the drool and gets a fever a few days later. Then, surprisingly, Urabe visits his home, confirming that Tsubaki was indeed tasted her drool that day. She declares that he got a fever because of lovesickness and addiction to Urabe's drool.

Thus, begin their strange relationship.