Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: Do the Ollingers really own Blind Frog Ranch?

Blind Frog Ranch duane

While Duane Ollinger seemingly owns the majority of Blind Frog Ranch, he often neglects to mention that he only  partially -owns the property.

If you have been following  Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch and the Ollingers’ quest to locate the mysterious treasure which is rumored to be hidden somewhere on the property since the very first season of the show, then you will likely know the Ollingers’ backstory with the property.

In fact, the first episode of the series opens with text that reads “In 2018, Duane Ollinger bought a 160 acre ranch in Utah’s Uinta Basin” and with Duane explaining that he had only “bought into it” when they found evidence of the cave system underneath the property.

Duane also explained that his son, Chad, had invested a considerable amount into the project and even sold his crop-dusting business and home before the filming of the show had started.

The questions surrounding Blind Frog Ranch’s ownership

However, it seems to some longtime fans of the series that just like many of the other mysteries which have been uncovered on the series so far, there may be more to this story.

Beyond the ever-ongoing online debate over whether or not everything in Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has been staged for the cameras, there is also a new debate about whether the Ollingers truly own the ranch to begin with.

This debate originally erupted after Duane was served with a mysterious lawsuit during the second season of the show.

One Facebook user chimed in with their take on the lawsuit confrontation, stating “So Duane is a minority partner and is squatting, got served eviction papers, and the other guy is a freeloader?.”

Another user on Reddit seemed to agree with this theory in a totally unrelated thread, commenting “It was one of the owners. There are 3 of them. There's a lawsuit with more info coming.”

The truth behind Blind Frog Ranch’s ownership

Though there is certainly more to the story than what the Ollingers have shared publicly, it seems like Duane’s ego may be the only reason why there is so much confusion about who truly owns Blind Frog Ranch.

To understand this, it is important to understand that while Duane frequently presents himself and Chad as the property’s sole owners (since he maintains that he took over all operations at Blind Frog ranch), he actually explained in a panel at the UFO Mega Con in 2022, that he is just part-owner of the property.

The actual ownership, according to Duane, is as follows:

Stake in the property Owner
66% Duane Ollinger
34% And unknown silent partner

Some things are still not adding up

Even though Duane’s explanation of how the ownership of Blind Frog Ranch works on paper has helped to shed some light on what is going on behind the scenes, it has also brought up some new questions.

For a start, Duane has never explained why he now has the majority stake in the property if what he said about him and the blind partner each contributing 50% to purchase the land was true.

And this still does not explain where Chad’s contribution comes into the mix.

What we know about the lawsuit

And, as if all the details about Blind Frog Ranch’s ownership were not confusing enough, this “lawsuit” with which Duane was served in season two complicates matters even further.

Besides a rather cryptic Instagram post from Duane in which he shared that “The lawsuit is getting good!” and that “The truth will be revealed”, there has still not been any update about what this lawsuit is about.

Nor has it been clarified why these so-called “freeloaders” or “claim jumpers” think they have a valid claim to this land.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: Do the Ollingers really own Blind Frog Ranch?

What Duane Ollinger does own

Since BlindFrogRanchOutpost LLC (the company listed on Blind Frog Ranch Outpost’s website) is a privately-owned company, it can be difficult to find information about its shareholding and financial activity online.

However, what we do know for certain is that Duane (the individual) owns the trademark to the name Blind Frog Ranch, which can be described as follows:

Detail Description
Serial Number 90328277
Status (as of 2021-09-07) 688 – Notice Of Allowance – Issued
Filing Date 2020-11-18
Classification Information International Class: 025 and 041, US Class Code: 022, 039, 100, 101 and 107 (which covers both apparel and educational uses)
Current owner Duane Ollinger

But unfortunately, at this point, this fact only engenders yet another discussion about whether the entire show has just been a clever way for the Ollingers to turn Blind Frog Ranch into a tourist attraction, all along.