Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: Have they found anything at Blind Frog Ranch?

All about the gold bar found on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch

In Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, they have found various old coins, a bracelet, and some gallium on Blind Frog Ranch, but they have not found Aztec gold yet.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is a treasure-hunting mystery show, with a paranormal twist.

So far, Duane Ollinger, his son Chad, and their team of treasure hunters have found various promising artefacts including old coins, a bracelet, and the mysterious “cavern box”. However, they have not found any of the solid Aztec gold which they believe is buried on the property just yet.

What is Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch about?

Some people may think that treasure hunting belongs in children’s make-believe stories, but for people like Duane Ollinger and his son Chad Ollinger, treasure hunting is a way of life.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch follows Duane, Chad, and their team as they investigate a fortune of Aztec gold that is rumoured to be hidden on their property.

While hunting for a mysterious ancient treasure is already quite difficult, their journey is made all the more perilous by the strange and unexplained occurrences that often interrupt their search.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: Have they found anything at Blind Frog Ranch?

Duane’s father was the first Ollinger who was hell-bent on finding the rumoured Blind Frog Ranch treasures when he originally purchased the property. The family’s search for buried riches now spans three generations.

Although the show has helped to make Blind Frog Ranch somewhat of an urban legend in the treasure hunting and paranormal investigation communities, the rumours that there are various kinds of precious metals buried on the ranch have been circulating for years.

These rumours have been spurred on by frequent lightning strikes on the ranch and a range of mysterious caves hidden around the property.

Throughout the course of the first two seasons of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, Duane, Chad and their team have already unearthed some impressive ancient treasures.

So far, the team has found a metal bracelet and several different types of coins while metal detecting at different locations across the property.

Unfortunately, none of the coins that were found on the property so far have turned out to be the solid gold Aztec coins that Duane and the team are convinced are hidden somewhere on the property.

However, the team has discovered that the mysterious “cavern box,” which has been one of the most promising leads in their investigation so far, contained cylinders of liquid gallium.

Why does the team think that Aztec gold could be buried on Blind Frog Ranch?

The idea that ancient Aztec gold could have made its way to the Blind Frog Ranch goes all the way back to a Utah legend about the Rhoades mines.

As the legend goes, the Spanish conquistadors arrived in Utah as early as the 1600s and set up vast mines for gold and silver as they travelled.

However, The Ute Indian tribe proved to put up more of a fight than the Spanish conquistadors were expecting and managed to defeat large groups at a time.

They would then bury them along with their silver, gold, and unfinished mines. The team likely believes that the Blind Frog Ranch could have been the site of one of these Rhoades mines.

The controversies surrounding the Blind Frog Ranch treasure

While the team at Blind Frog Ranch has found some significant pieces throughout the first two seasons of the show, some people feel like these treasures may have been staged or faked for the show.

There is even a Reddit thread posted by an anonymous user where people discuss the similarities of the show with another treasure hunting show called The Curse of Oak Island. None of these rumours have been confirmed though.

All about the “cavern box” found at Blind Frog Ranch

The so-called “cavern box” has been one of the most promising and mysterious finds so far on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch.

In fact, Duane, Chad, and their team sent the liquid metal that they found inside the cylinders in this box for extensive scientific testing to confirm that it was gallium.

Gallium is often extracted as a by-product in the smelting process, and it is commonly used in things like electronic circuits, semiconductors, and LED-panels, because of its high voltage-carrying capabilities.

However, identifying this metal seems to have only stirred up more questions for the Blind Frog ranch team.

This is because they now need to work on figuring out why the (assumed) Aztecs would have gone to the trouble of hiding this metal in a box in a cavern and how it is connected to the other treasure on the island.