Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: What are they trying to find at Blind Frog Ranch?

All about the gold bar found on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch

Duane Ollinger, Chad Ollinger, and the rest of their team from Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch are trying to find Aztec treasures, which are rumoured to have been hidden at Blind Frog ranch.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is a treasure hunting show with a twist. Duane and Chad Ollinger have to contend with both the paranormal and the ancient mysteries surrounding their property.

Fortunately, focusing on the vast amounts of Aztec gold and silver that they believe to be buried underneath Blind Frog Ranch has helped to keep the team focused on their treasure-hunting endeavours.

Why Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is so different from other treasure-hunting shows

Treasure-hunting shows like The Curse of Oak Island, Expedition Unknown, Gold Rush, Billion Dollar Wreck and many more, are by no means new additions to the regular television line-up.

However, Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has managed to stand out by combining several paranormal mysteries with the property’s ancient mysteries.

The main focus of the show is to watch Duane Ollinger, his son, Chad Ollinger, and the rest of their team  hunt for ancient treasures on their ranch in Utah. But the rumours that the property may be cursed tends to complicate this search.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: What are they trying to find at Blind Frog Ranch?

While the urban legends surrounding the Ollingers’ Blind Frog Ranch add an interesting twist to the show, Duane and Chad see their quest to uncover all of the mysteries on the property as part of a greater mission.

This mission was established by Duane’s father, who was the first Ollinger to purchase the property with the assistance of several investors.

If you have recently started watching the show and you are wondering what exactly Duane and Chad are trying to find at this ranch, which could prompt them to invest their own money and hire a whole team to investigate, you would not be alone.

The legends about which kinds of treasures could be hidden on Blind Frog Ranch range from Aztec gold and silver, all the way to hidden Mormon mines.

When the team discovered a wooden box inside one of the mysterious caves on the property, which was carbon-dated to about 1510 to 1555, it became evident that what Duane and Chad were really searching for was some of the ancient Aztec treasure that was rumoured to have been left by Montezuma in the Uintah Valley of Utah.

This was as a way to hide his riches from the Spanish Conquistadors back in 1520.

Duane, Chad, and their team have yet to discover any real, solid Aztec gold on the property thus far. But the team and many of their devoted fans are still holding out hope that they will eventually find something truly valuable buried at Blind Frog Ranch.

Does Montezuma’s treasure actually exist?

At the end of the day, stories about vast hidden treasures always seem unrealistic until they are found. This also seems to be the case with the rumours surrounding Montezuma’s treasure.

Richard Paine, associate professor of anthropology at the University of Utah, recently confirmed that experts are fairly sure that large quantities of Aztec gold do still exist and have likely remained hidden to this day.

Though he did add that there are many different stories about where this gold might have ended up.

Does the team have enough experience to find hidden treasures on Blind Frog Ranch?

Although the search for treasure at Blind Frog Ranch has now spanned multiple generations of the Ollinger family, Duane and Chad are by no means expert treasure hunters.

Fortunately, Charlie Snider (a former sheriff’s deputy) took control of security and the investigation.

Furthermore, Eric Drummond (who is an expert geologist) took control of and managed the scientific side of things and joined the Ollingers’ team to help with the investigations on the ranch.

Have they found anything on Blind Frog Ranch?

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has only been on the air for a total of two seasons and, although the team has not yet stumbled upon a cave filled with ancient Aztec gold and silver yet, their investigations have uncovered a few unique artefacts.

In the first season of the show, the team managed to uncover a few Spanish coins, as well as some other coins that dated back to 1845.

They also found a metal bracelet on the property. The wooden box that had been dated to about the same time as when Montezuma’s treasure would have been buried in Utah, turned out to be less conclusive than the team was expecting.

When they finally got this box open, they found gallium inside, instead of Aztec gold.