Naruto vs Thanos

Ever since the advent of the digital age and the recent cultural zeitgeist, people have grown fond of various cultures and enjoy many types and interpretations of media and entertainment. As a result, many fans often fantasize about crossing their favorite characters over to another universe of their choice.

The answer to whether Naruto could beat Thanos is a resounding NO simply because Thanos has strength and powers that even Naruto can't match at his strongest.

Naruto vs. Thanos

Before letting our combatants fight against each other, we first have to know a bit about who they are and what abilities, skills, and powers they possess to make an objective calculation on the winner of this bout.

First, we have the wonder boy of the Hidden Leaf Village, who eventually grows to be the Hero of the Hidden Leaf, Naruto Uzumaki. Many anime fans knew his story by heart: a young boy unfortunate enough to be cursed as a host for the Nine-Tails and was therefore shunned by his community.

His coming-of-age adventures with his peers culminate in him taking down every single threat to his village and loved ones and, in the process, earning him the title of Hokage and Hero of the Hidden Leaf.

Thanos is one of the most prominent villains in the worldwide blockbuster “The Avengers” and is one of the most challenging adversaries our heroes have faced thus far. He is a warlord who hails from Titan, and his prime objective is to bring balance to the universe by using the Infinity Gauntlet to grant his wish.

Our heroes eventually stopped this scheme, but not until Thanos gave them a taste of what it would be like if he succeeded in halving the entire galaxy's population.

Now that we've learned a bit about our contestants, it is time for them to battle until one victor emerges.

Can Naruto Beat Thanos

As much as people love an underdog story, our orange-haired ninja stands no chance against a titan capable of destroying an entire universe. According to the comics and films, Thanos is firm even without the infinity gauntlet. So strong that the whole team of Avengers was almost not enough to bring him down when he launched a full-frontal assault.

If Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet, he would then be nigh-omnipotent and has any number of ways he can kill or neutralize the orange-haired Hokage. That being said, why don't you get a bit more detailed?

Regarding strength, Thanos has this one in spades, even without the Power stone. He is comparable to Hulk in size and strength, but as many anime fans know, Naruto ddoesn'tjust relies on strength when it comes to beating his opponent.

So let's talk about speed. The gauntlet Thanos wears makes him everywhere and nowhere at the same time, which sounds much faster than moving at lightspeed. Naruto does have this one, which may give him an edge if he can weave in and out of the fight while wearing Thanos down… until Thanos uses the Infinity Gauntlet.

Can Naruto Beat Thor

Now suffering a defeat at the hands of a near-omnipotent titan with a big glove fitted with gems, Naruto then looks for another contender and comes face to face with Thor, the God of Thunder, brother of the mischievous Loki and son of the One-eyed God, Odin. And so we ask, who would win?

The victory this time will have to go to the God of Thunder. Thor has a strong resistance to energy-based attacks and can almost render them useless with the help of his hammer, Mjolnir. That, unfortunately, is a fatal handicap for Naruto since a lot of the techniques he is familiar with are our chakra and energy-based assaults.

And so it comes down to close-quarter combat, but Thor also has Naruto beat on this front. Being an ascendant and a resident of Asgard, the realm of gods, Thor is naturally blessed with a powerful physique and can tank any punches and kicks from Naruto if he so wishes.

Thor is just too bulky and muscular for Naruto to be able to overwhelm them. So, our orange-haired shinobi would be suffering another devastating loss from the God of Thunder himself. Naruto doesn't down without a fight, though, and gets a few good licks at Thor, but at the end of the day, a defeat is a defeat.

Can Naruto Beat The Avengers

The Avengers movie art | This image is property of the Walt … | Flickr

Our orange-haired shinobi has suffered another loss and is now at a devastating score of 0-2. Why don't you give him one last shot, put him against the rest of the Avengers, and see if the ninja can drag out a win somewhere?

Iron Man

Iron Man would give Naruto a hard time with his incredible machinery, but this match must go to Naruto. When it comes to speed, Iron Man would be able to keep pace with Naruto, but the ninja has much more raw damage compared to a suit that relies on nuclear power to pump sporadic energy blasts. 

Captain America

Captain America would also go down swinging, but Naruto can overwhelm the super soldiers with ninjutsu and various other techniques at his disposal. Sure, Captain America is genetically engineered not to feel fatigued, but Naruto can match the capcaptain'samina when he was four, so you can see where this battle is heading.

Black Widow and Hawkeye

I’mI'mre there is no need to elaborate further, but for the sake of the few who dondon'tow, Black Widow and Hawkeye are a tag team composed of a rogue assassin and trained vigilante. They do not have superpowers, just above-average senses. Naruto takes the win versus these two as well.


Of all the Avengers members, this matchup would be the most interesting, and the winner here would not be determined by strength or damage output. NarNaruto'sn condition here would not be to overwhelm the opponent (because there is no chance of that happening against Bruce Banner) but to be able to talk and soothe the Hulk since the Hulk is only ever big and green when he’s angry.

In conclusion, he wins if Naruto cannot deduce that he can beat the Hulk by ending the battle as quickly as possible and soothing him. If Naruto drags the struggle out, he loses the war of attrition, and the Hulk takes the victory.